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Kevin Rudd Swearing Kevin Rudd is a Happy Little Vegemite

by SisyphusTwo • 203,972 views

Kevin Rudd Swearing - Gillard without a doubt has been the most incompetent PM in the history of this nation. Dillusional Dudd has been the second most incompentent PM. The Labor Party is dictated...

Geez, anyone would think he's trying to speak Chinese the way he's acting.
Detailed programmatic specificity
Brandon Howarth Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I don't get that people are Crete creeps. some are barbaric because life progress allows them the law does what ever it choose targeting innocent people into doing or saying things . without notice you'll get into trouble the law is rediciously rude embarrassing people get off on people in pain in life they way the law treats you and makes you do one day it'll be illegal to wear cloths or naked nude. or one day let children smoke at 5 years wrong and if the don't the get arrested because the get sucked into doing things they say but the government politics and people changing things to allow wars and block others people say they ignore and knows their and don't want to know. they just stop or ban things because they please so because of money or to hurt people in a mercy way for no reason people make mistakes so will never learn even if they put to die they still continue to do so punishing or discipline doesn't work on all. life takes to long should save things not all things should be illegal because the community wants it be created. and with playstation 1 and 2 memory card ulitity should copy all content regardless if same copy move or exact should all be copy to usb drive and games on ps3 data and games of the net. and one day have rights to send text messages on tv with a service to go through just mail to tv and send videos to be on news if allowed they will do anything i the laws theme one day they will have a show called daiper messing on tv at 9.30pm because they can no ages under 17 are allowed to enter. male and female and up to 85 years old. 18- 85 years entry competetion daiper messing on tv ten news. Why? CANT THEY BE COPY ON USB DRIVE FROM memory Card utility even if copyeid or not Brandon Howarth Youtube Progress and moving Foward Sucks because we won't know our past because we are slack because we can't have it use it access it. people are their to tease and tempt you in this world to get emotions out of you or sorrow and mercy so you'll beg and cant get. life a misery and people make it that way. 123456789+ A People Just Let It Go and runout to tease people about what they can't have in a time copyrighted likes that people are populating and lossing like look at the world we created worlds man mistakes populating we runout of likes maybe dislikes haveing nothing because people put on people to start something just letting them know people aren't bothered and they sometimes lazy when theirs more risk in the world they just sit their do nothing where the world coming at progress to nothing ruinudio Text Converter Longer Life people bothered your not alone in the world theirs always some one that knows someone nothings private in this world is displayed. i'm trying to get famous but i can't get you famous because it could be against the rules of youtube but i may let others know like when i was younger and in the same situation Brandon Howarth Youtube 123456789+ Audio Text Converter Audio Book Context Longer Life Look At Lights-{mlp fans By Kay Sis 1 VIEW NOW 2 VIEWS LOOK AT MY SITE Brandon Howarth Youtube look up 123456789+ Audio Text Converter Audio Book Context Longer Life Big Brother Australia 2013-2014
Publicly swearing is against the law in Australia, something good old Ruddy should know. And while it might not be in a public place, the fact that he was knowingly filmed shows that he was aware that it could be broadcasted across Australia. He should know this. He is PM. Also he could start killing people or starting wars and all you labour supporters will say is that 'everyone acts like this when they get pissed off' Stop licking their asses and grow a brain for yourself
All labour supporters copy and paste this and watch. "Heiner Inquiry Labor cover-up revisited by Alan Jones." They are all criminals and should be in prison. Wake up Australia before it is too late.
Difficult not to inflict someone so popular back on the workers who have already revolted because of his behaviour as leader. I feel very sorry for anyone who has t o work under him, he obviously handles stress very badly. What would he be like if he was faced with a war ? He is obviously extremely competent, but you can't lead on competence and ego alone. If you cannot control yourself . . . . ?
He's a career bureaucrat and narcissist. Thankfully he's nothing like true-blue typical Aussies who work hard every day to put food on the table. You're a moron if you think there is anything typical Aussie about him.
lol who cares Big Kev's a fuckpot anyway
I'm surprised that they can't figure out that the camera man and his studio leaked it. That's what happens if you hire a Liberal voter to film you.
I see Kevin has been getting lessons from Samuel L. Jackson.
Hilarious! Enjoyed this thoroughly.
@acotrel1 nice to know that you handle stress like a robot, but stress in us normal people can sometimes lead to the occasional little frustrated moment, that's not ego...
Kev,you saved Australia !! HaHaHa GOOSE V
Haha, I love seeing the eminence of stupidity from Government leaders. It makes me sleep at night :P
Omg he was giving me a pedo stare .
Fair shake of the sauce bottle mate
Geez man!!! You aussies in comment thread fuxking suck..dont you know nothibg about politics?!!!..cant believe how ignorant some of you are..Kevin i hope you come back mate!!
Some of the people commenting here are so fucking ignorant and stupid, it makes me ashamed to think your Australian. Anyone who votes for this sociopath bastard again simply because Tony said it was his belief that abortion was wrong dont deserve an opion
wow this is being aussie? People want this guy back as PM? This country really is full of idiots.
Perhaps you should take a look at the sexist pig in the opposition before you make a judgement. This guy is the lesser of two evils.
Your not a true Aussie unless you drop the F bomb..shows he is human & normal not a red haired idiot that sounds like a bogan speaking goat.
S, sp, dpi, spit, spit it out fool
Ok, i agree with MOST of what youre saying, but may I just add. THERE WILL NEVER BE AN HONEST LEADER, you know why? Because aslong as there are promises to be broken, people will break them. Simple as that. Human Beings will always break promises and lie, PMs, infact ANY leader, are still all just Human Beings, don't wish for PEOPLE to be anything more than just PEOPLE.
Douche or a Turd sandwich? Australia needs another option... As much as i dont like gillard who is pm but is terrible at public speaking, only other option here is abbot. What are we ment to do?
Candid camera. Kev was set up.
This video does not make him a worse prime minister, he's just a human with emotions like anyone else.
Gillard got in ( but not voted in by the people) because she slept with Simon Crean. Then when the election came around she had to sell her sole to stay there. Because once again the people did'nt vote her in. And to make it a hatrick, the people will kick her out in the next election. The voters don't like lies.
@SgtRaaaa The stunned silence incident was a reaction to the Channel Seven reporter completely miscontruing what Tony Abbott said. Channel Seven apologised to him at the end remeber ? Perhaps Tony Abbott is not the most elequent speaker but the evidence establishes that he is a man of his word- unlike Gillard who has flip-flopped on almonst everything she said.
@chewyonyourboot are you rudds gay lover mate? you must be giving him head at the very least... geeez he is a gutter rat
@blobie802 Credible scientific evidence exists which proves there is no connection between extreme weather conditions and concentration of CO2. The UN is controlled by a bunch of power-hungry meglomaniacs. It is controlled by a bunch of mainly Jews who are so greedy, they want to own the entire planet. Answer to your main question: When the the planet went through an ice age the atmosphere had a higher concentration of CO2 than we have today.
Meaningless drivel in the comments, in response to a meaningless vid. The intellectual content of most commentary in this countrey is abysmal. Utterly heartbreaking, how mind-dead and indoctrinated people are to use this sort of language about people who are out there having a crack. Your posts are nasty, pointless and personally abusive, all under pen names. You wouldn't know 5% of what politicians actually do, or how the system works, or how to make a difference. You vile cowards.
Rudd was just trolling everyone. Here is the proof for you ignorant Liberal supporters: Mylazysundays. c0m
yep cause politicians have no reason to swear at all. especially those who are running the country.
honestly u douche bags, everyone acts like this when they get pissed off, stop thinking there is some sort of jesus or something. shut the fuck up and vote labour, before liberal puts us all in jail
What? I wouldn't really call that a courageous reply. It was more like me stating that the comment you made was pretty dang lame. Hey I could be ugly. Or I could be fucking hawt shit. Just like you could be some fat guy with his dick hanging out taking a wank. Or you could be decent looking. Can't really tell, it's the internet where everything is anonymous and we can all be huge dick heads to each other. Darn i've met some repugnant people on this here interwebs, but you sir are an asshole!
good to see this as it shows he was never good enough to be PM, glad Gillard stabbed him... he obviously wasn't "moving forward" ....
i knew a guy from australia. this barely qualifies as swearing.
The rudd con,had enough,we do have brains us little fish.I'll send ya a Grammy.lve triple
Sorry mate; But your paragraph is full of different ideas, that all seem to be out of sequence; which makes it hard for me to understand whether you are agreeing with me or having a go at me. cool are you hey??..
yes it is good to see this; he is human after all! But, at the same time, it is a bit wrong for our national leader to be caught telling the Embassy off, swearing and carrying on like Monday morning.
^ I know!! I'm working on being even more of a jerk? You seem to be fairly good at it (re: the 'courageous' response from behind your screen). Any pointers on how I can get to your level are welcome. And I didn't want to make it personal but I bet you're fucking ugly.
This really humanises him for me, I like him more now.
@gaozhi2007 haha fistly - fuck you too you moronic wanker. Its a big thing here because rudd was knifed in the back by his deputy, who became PM, now, he is back wanting the job again. Its just so pathetic and in the middle of the whole thing - no one is running the country - the labour party is a den of snakes all biting eachother. I hope they all die! Bring back the honourable Howard I say..
my god we should never have tried to fix what wasn't broken - bring back Howard - look at what we have now - gillard and rudd are simply hopeless - australia is the political laughing stock of the world..
the old Australian saying of give him a go, how about we give Tony a go at being prime minister, we already have seen kevin give it go and he stunk his own party knifed him, if kevin was good it wouldn't have happened but it did and talk about kevin's ego to except the job, the man mustn't have all his cups in the cupboard, he is a nut job
Well i have watched this,and will admit i am surprised to see and hear our PM this way. I am also aware this was done a couple of years ago,and the persons who filmed this were the same ones who stabbed Mr Rudd in the back, real mature werent they? Fair go, Mr Rudd is only human , and his reaction to whatever he was reacting to was so obviuosly due. You and i react in much the same FUCKING way! Get a life!
If you think of all the awful things that have happened or are happening in the world, none were caused/started etc via bad language. It shows laziness re language etc, but it's not a crime. I'm often amused by the 'high moral values' of critics? In their own homes????Ahem! Yes, just as I thought! I include myself in this - but not in front of the kids! All against are fine upstanding, self righteous god fearing people no doubt? He didn't do this on purpose! If he stops Abbott???
ada boy kev. good bloke. that's cheers
i dont understand what the big deal is this man is the reason we arnt like america and in trouble with our economy from the economic financial crisis, and was backstabed by people he trusted because he made them accually do their jobs, and what is honestly wrong with him getting angry i think its good to show that he is human and like everyone else who has felt fustrated at a time kevin rudd has my vote
hahahaha that description really brought the lols. Every part except the climate change part was way off. People like you are what's wrong with this country mate. You have opportunities many people would only dream of, yet squander them by believing in conspiracy theories. You really need your head checked bud
Gags363-youhad more money in your pocket, not because of Howard and how good he was of a PM you fool, its because the world was not suffering economically..Unfortunately shortly after Kevin became PM the exonomic crisis started all over..and yes KEVIN saves us from being just like or worse then the US. people like you vote for the sake of it and not for what is best for the country!! Kevin had great ideas to boost economy and make Oz a more balanced country but he was backstabbed
This is awesome. Show's that he's human just like the rest of us and loves to say "FUCK". What was he trying to do though?
I thought he understood Chinese and didn't need an interpreter? Another lie?
kevin 07 ahahahah back in the days
This is hilarious but real. Personally I wish he was more real like this in public. Like it would be great if he turned into Peter Finch in the Network where he woke the world up with his angry man revelations. & btw why hasn't the govt outlawed bikies yet as we were all told or do we have to wait for innocent people to get shot whilst the NSW police force gets the biggest pay packets in Australia. Are the police or the Govt on the take? Now I see channel 10 want to glorify them like underbelly
true representation of our aussie culture! i know who i want leading us
He saved us from the Financial crisis providing Australians with 950$ to spend to boost the economy back up. I think its great watching a prime minister swear and get frustrated because it shows us we are all same behind all that mumbo jumbo talk.
O____O He's staring into my soul.....
@SisyphusTwo So your saying that global warming doesn't exist?
this makes me like him more, lol
Let's say FUCK one more time He only said it 5 times. True Aussie good on him
its more than that, he is a loon, with a potty mouth and all you idiots adore him, what will convince you that he is nuts, when he starts screaming at hostesses, he has done that, when he makes ridiculous policy decisions like opening the borders, he has done that, don't you remember all his stupid policies like the pink batts disaster and carbon tax he tried to ram down our throats, are you all that stupid to elect this mad man
This makes me want to vote for him more!
He swears he is true aussie
Actually, contrary to what you believe, I'm not an arsehole. You swung the first punch "sir"(yet I'm the arsehole) and I retaliated...probably a pathetic move on my part considering i might have more important things to do...looks like I might not which isn't all that thrilling. I'm sure you're not going to accept this but I'm sorry I was a prick. I'm not a big Rudd fan. Can we kiss and make up? If you're last comment to me is anything to go're one hell of a charmer! ;)
wait what this only just made the news?!?
@matthewho1992 Your a bit of a tool aren't you? This video got caught on tape because he was recording a speech at the time that would later be released to the media. Its very obviously NOT a webcam, as an AV Tech I can promise you that it's been framed up by a professional camera man with a high quality camera. did you not notice him talking about how he wished they'd 'give him easy sentences' and 'I fucked that last word up', he's talking about a speech he'd been given and was trying to record
@SisyphusTwo .block people for unacceptable language?....... guess you better remove your own vid
I implied neither as I was mainly talking about KRudd, But Gillard is a F*&KWIT where ever she goes...
Oh wow.. politicians are human as well.. there ya go..
So the guy swears at work? So do I.
@SisyphusTwo Its not about trying to reverse global warming its about slowing it down and how do you slow it down? you do the right thing and reduce co2, it takes longer to reverse a car traveling at 200km/h then stopping it.
Some people dont know what they are saying, only say it for the sake of annoying..Kevin took over starting a world wide recession, give him credit that Australia still standing after all this time..Thanks Kev
@etherform66 Fuck you, my friends for we Americans claim that banner all for ourselves. We are Costanza, lord of the idiots. BTW can you please explain to me why this clip is such a big controvery in Australia or if it is at all? shank you berry much.
sounds like that time of the month...
@SisyphusTwo "Sorry but scientific evidence fucks theory ANYDAY, and there happens to be a cock load of evidence that fucks your theory right up the ass" - KRudd
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