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by Strawburry17 • 54,299 views

Lips: FACE: Eyes: Eye cream: Corrector: Concealer: Body: Hair:...

i love everything u mentionef
im eating one right now
I've been dying to go to Lush. I say you have a Lush giveaway...for realz.
psst... chap stick is a brand name. or maybe you're talking about Derek "Chap Stique" Mount of Family Force 5
I'm at the office doing something really stressful but hearing you at the background talking about beauty products and stuff you liked this month really helps me to relax.
haha. no tomboy ever would say that they love chapstick...
I try the eos lip balm and I love it!!!
i have the pink eos its soooo yummy :) I also really want to go to lush but i cant find one near me :(
i wanna see ya with curled hair (:
woah so many contradictions in this video :)
applesauce in the background.... i want some
best favorite video i have ever seen! keep doing them!
Lets get some more product placement up in here
oh my gosh i think you have cartoongirl7's spirited away fanart in your background!
I have the lemon eos and it works really well. I have also tried her favorite snack and I totally agree with her.
I know it sounds crazy, but I think if we met, spent time together, we would end up friends. And I know it's unlikely, but I think I'll be fine, cuz unlikely things happen all the time :)
This was so good and so well thought out and planned :D I'm looking forward to more!
I love the style of this favorites vid
Great job (: yuh should rlly continue these (:
I know how you feel about your hair. My hair is naturally wavy and I dont like it but everyone else does.
omg spirited away and lights poster in the backround :ooooo amazing
At first, I thought you were naked aha
I am SO jealous of your natural beauty. like forreal. the fact that you barely wear any makeup and your skin is just flawless makes me super jealous!
I would love to watch your video but the buffering on the Ad keeps me from it...GRRRR!!
Try leaving your hair curly every once in a while. I straightened my hair all the time and then I left it curly one day because I didn't have time to straighten it and I got so many compliments. cousin works at lush and when i go to her house its EVERYWHERE!
I love Rockstar soap! I started off with loads and after a few day I was like, Where's it gone? I used loads because it smelt SOOOO NICE!
I hope you keep doing favorites videos!
@TadewiiBird there is a video on her second channel. It is called Strawburry17 Hair Tutorial. Hope this helps!
Omg my birthdays in April wahhhh
can u do a room tour? looks like you collect strawberries? and cool drawings. :)
i love this more more more more !!!
Haha you look naked for a good portion of this video :P
I don't use that REDKEN cream but I use to use the REDKEN shampoo and conditioner until my conditioner ran out :| But it's good stuff and I can imagine that cream working well. Also I like my hair straight too ;) And also my friend has those apple juice things and her bro and maybe her love them, I thought they were stupid but I rethought my opinion and might try them. :)
I have the exact same type of skin as you. Taking all of your advise!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😘😘😘😘
I have naturally curly hair like yours and i use bed head manipulator and it smells really amazing. you might wanna check it out :3
looks like she just got her birthday suit on in first shot
I was putting on my sweet mint eos when she started talking about them
Love your new look dearie!:) I'm all about changin it up. Thanks for the video-very interesting to see what stuff you like, and what's hot where you are... Ps eos=awesome
ugh, i started following you on dailybooth forever ago..and its awesome too see how awesome you are.. but i feel my life falling farther into failsville haha.. ima get me summadat soap though :P
Carai essa menina fala demais. Ela não para.
Is that a LIGHTS poster I see on your wall?! I love her and her music :)
I got eos at cvs too I have the yellow one
"last month when i was grocery shopping, i was looking for a new kind of apple sauce to try" Lol. Been there! ..
can you and cat do a cooking wars again, please!!!!! you should totally make either lemonade, pancakes or waffles, burgers, tamales or pizza.
Is that clannad in da background ya.
You should do this every month! I loved it. :)
I love the strawberry pillow!!! :)
hi meghan i went to lush and got the rockstar soap you talked about
Your skin is flawless! You're beautiful :)
Oh my god the Rockstar soap is the BEST.
This is one of my favorite " favorites videos" and I only usually watch the beauty channel ones! I love how you made categories! You should keep doing these!!
AHHH rockstar is my fave! I cut a couple of small chunks of it and put them in my sock drawer XD. Another soap that's a lot like rockstar is Godmother! You should try that from lush too :) it smells like the swedish fish candy. I put that in my sock drawer too aha. and I tried that snack thing at a free wholefoods event in nyc once. T'was very yummy!
really love your videoo(≧v≦)o~~ sooooooooooo cute!!
I like these vids! U should keep on making them
May favorites soon meghan? Please???? Hope you're having a fantastic time in spain!!C:
Oh yeah the applesauce bag on your desk is awesome. I love that stuff.
This is awesome! Do more month favorites!♥
You remind me so much of me sometimes. Haha. I really like the banana strawberry applesauce too!
you should do these more often(:
all girls want either shorter hair, or bigger boobs, u?
I googled the nearest LUSH store after watching this. Oh I can't wait XD
this is such a original video, I really like how you edited this! :D
"Or death" XD, not a chance but still a very funny comment
try the strawberry sorbet eos lipbalm! it smells amazing! i had to go out and buy every flavor(: i love them
sooooooo hot with the dark hair
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