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90 Seconds On The Verge: June 25, 2012

by The Verge • 8,742 views

Editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky brings us up to speed on today's top stories, in about 90 seconds. More from The Verge: Subscribe: Check...

He did smirk a little after the Microsoft Outlook and Yammer related comment.
The Verge is the greatest technology news site I've ever come across. Great, intuitive reporting and tech reviews and visually interesting and professionally done videos. I'm a big fan. All they need is an Android app to complement my Gnex running Jelly Bean.
Good show. Like the casual-ness (if that's a word)
The HD is amazing in this video.
Naoh from Technobuffalo prounounces ASUS, "Ah sus". Ive been saying Asus like you guys in the verge ( 0:53 ). Does anyone know which one it is? Just curious.
is the guy on the left beheaded?
Nice but it should be less serious.
I love it Josh. Keep it up. You guys at The Verge are really doing awesome work.
I don't care for the music. I like the segment.
i just felt like i saw cnn...or something.
good job, guys! :) keep it up! <3 The Verge!
Yeah, exactly! I'm a newcomer so this is the frist time I hear them pronounce Asus.
great idea and really well done-- except that the teleprompter removes most of that JTops charm! From what i hear tgough that naturally improves over time, so keep it up!
All of The Verge content on youtube please. I'm too lazy to look somewhere else.
Now I understand why Leo hates you so much Josh, you're young with loads of ideas, he still works for TechTV. If only you wasn't such a fucking hipster. Please change that and all will be good.
Awesome idea, no more reading :-)
I love the style but I really don't like super short videos. 90 secs is not enough.
@The verge. You should put links to the articles in the video description.
great stuff guys! just change the music on the background, sounds too generic
I agree. Add links to the stories in the description.
Ahem Thatsnazzyiphoneguy ahem 90 second tech ahem
God, Joshua... I didnt think you were so biased....
tune is next week when we take a look a nazi lesbian hookers.
Wow, thanks for being so awesome, The Verge :)
I'll take your word on the hoverboards... Mattel isn't quite the best when it comes to safety
Thank you. Just watched the 1hour show, it was awesome.
The Verge has long understood that most young people are rarely inclined to read. Youtube is the future of journalism.
I can't believe I'm fast forwarding a video that's not 2 min long.
Wow, you guys really don't like the 808, huh?
OMG the camera makes josh look 3d and everything fades in the background
The Verge videos are the best I've seen from any tech website. Cnet was the only website were I got my tech new, he hell with them. Keep it up Verge
ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy's 90 sec tech was about product reviews. This is about news. Quite a difference.
WHO IS THE GUY IN THE BACK!!! Acting like he is working. Is he working OT? Did he not get his work done and had to stay late? Is he the first one at work since this could be early morning? Is everyone else maybe on break!!! WE NEED ANSWERS!!
Awesome! Concise and informative.
In what i know... 2 min it's 120 second... not 90...
Love the video and the concept of summarizing the day in a short amount of time but it would be even better if you could add links to all the stories.
Uhm.. that was a minute and 59 seconds...
"they're cool, but are they safe?"
love the camera views.. need more!
Smile a little Joshua! Why so serious?
This is kind of a good idea! Seems like a good way to catch up on news.
With these, on the verge, and the mini-mentaries I really do believe that The Verge is putting its self out as a truly new age technology site. Very well done. as long as you don't float on water, unless you've got POWAA. *maniacal laughter*. Also, Josh, you mispronounced ASUS.
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