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How To Apply False Eyelashes (by Kandee Johnson) | Kandee Johnson

by Kandee Johnson • 2,597,866 views


We need an updated version of this!
i agree..i love the video..but the quality of the video made it really hard to focus on what she was trying to show
Thank you so much! I wore false eyelashes for the first time Saturday night & your video helped me apply and wear them with absolutely no problems!!
Ohmygosh you're so young and new! Were you like 18 here? :3
You sound younger too haha I'm glad I started looking at old stuff it's so cute!
I just bought fake eyelashes today, i should've watched this video first before cutting them into three and yeah messed it up lol
I've never put them on before, i'm afraid I would get the glue in my eye. I would love to wear them on occasions.  any suggestions for a false lashes beginner? 
Would like to see a video about removing them every night and reuse them, or even sleeping with them.   When I remove them they end up looking thrashed.
Very helpful!! Wish I would've seen this before I went the Chicago!!
you did not measure it first
Can we have an updated one maybe lol
Awesome thanks so much for the are the only makeup person i'll watch on youtube lol ..everything i can think of you've already done... gonna try these false ones for the first time this year for Halloween.. Wish me luck!
are all lashes the same
:,D You're pretty darn awesome yourself! No prob :)
Love how you do it with no tools.
Hi guys! I bought a pair and tried applying them, but the glue STINGS SO MUCH!!! Is this normal? I've tried different types of glue but it happens with all of them and it ends up that half of my makeup is ruined by the time I take them off. Any ideas?
Chris Morgan..hello, yes try a few different glues and maybe try the single lashes..apply just a few at a time, like maybe the outer corners..and if that don't burn/sting in a few hours apply a few single middle lashes..and slowly work your way your eye's a chance to adjust with fewer amounts of glue...good luck my friend;-)
False eye lashes are great. Before you apply them for the first time make sure you are not allergic to the glue. A makeup allergy that breaks out your skin is nothing compared to a lash glue allergy that can blind you. Take a small amount of glue and put it behind or under your ear for 24 hours. If there is no irritation you should be good. If you want to make sure that you are not allergic to any makeup products see your doctor, especially if you currently have allergies.  
Yes! I also read that for other face products you can also use the inside of your arm.
Ww have the same last name
I bought 4 pairs of e.l.f. lashes (I've NEVER worn fake lashes btefore) they were only $1 each so I couldn't resist but... they've been in my makeup bag for like 8+ months and I have yet to attempt using them LOL maybe i will now!
How do you take them off?
Just peel. If for some reason it's not coming off try warm water but avoid getting it on your eyes and buy a different glue 0.o
+redvelvet483 well yes try that hor wate or cold:)
Hi! Don't know if you will respond but, when I put my false eyelashes one side simply always get away, do you understand (French sorry)? I don't know, this happen with all eyelashes and anybody can fix them. :( I want to cosplay!
Hi, if I am understanding you, you're saying one side keeps coming up off of your eye? If so, you may need to trim them. My eyes are smaller and I have to cut them to fit my eyes. Good luck to you, I hope that was what you meant
Do you ever reuse them? I always throw them away bc I'm too scared of the germs but I think I might be wasting them/ wasting money
you sound like gwen stefani
She looks like her too. It's kinda scary haha
I watched so many videos off girls putting on lashes. I was so impressed with your video that I wanted to leave a comment. How sweet and nice and pretty. I would watch every video you make. You go girl.
Younique 3D Fiber Lashes are amazing you won't even need falsies!! Message me for details!!
your so cute !!! thank you for the tips 
Do u put the eyelashes on the skin part of ur eyelashes or Do they go on top of the eyelashes itself..btw ur very pretty
This is the first video of you i ever watched. Ever since, im hooked!
Any one else have the problem with seeing the eye lash when your wearing them?
My problem is that once their on my lashes I can feel it, and it starts to poke the inner corner if my lids
Then they're a little too long. Trim the outer corner, not near your tear duct. Jaclyn Hill has a fantastic tutorial too. If you're not subscribed to her, she's awesome!!
Hehe that was cool. Thanks heaps
Thank you! Honey you help me a lot! I always had a problems with this false eyelash . I hope to do it better next time . Thanks 2 U!
Kandee, you already have really thick beautiful lashes, you don't need false lashes. Just saying. 
please the name of glue you used to fix eye lashes
OMG u look like kris kardashian in this video
We'll I don't think that it even works on me so I think that it is soooooo crap
Not a good video.. My opinion
I thought it was great!  Thank you for taking the time to explain everything.  Love the look!
Now I feel confident enough to try falsies !
Thank you so much. it really helped
thank you so much I love all your makeup videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now......if I just wore makeup!!!??! LOL I MAYBE put mascerra on once a month.. in a good month! Wow......I am so lazy!! Then when I see a photo of me with a friend, I think....Omg, look at her! Lipstick on...eye shadow. ..and it looks so good on other people!! But then u try it and I look like a 2$ hooker!!! Maybe I need to watch more of your videos!! LOL
U don't need fake lashes u already have some I have trichotillamnia and I don't ware them. >:(
hey megan no need to be rude it doesn't look good
You know what I'm going to give up wearing them just because you can't... Pfft.
i bought those demi wispies for 7 dollars ><
Thanks for posting this!  I put false eyelashes on for the first time this Halloween while watching your video :)  So helpful & they looked great because of you!  
Are fake eyelashes reusable?
This was really helpful..thanks! :) you're funny..will be watching more of your vids! :)
Nice been trying to put it in but stall cant ,do they have other ways of puting it
Look up Jaclyn Hill's video!! Hers is much more in depth.
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Need try fake lashes lol
This is the first video I saw!!! And been watching since! Ur awesome!!! Love u kandee!
tries applying for the first time major fail :( it was really irritating i just ripped it off is it really irritating for everyone else? or did i just not do it proply?
I have recently discovered your channel on youtube because I was looking for a foundation how-to. I don't wear make-up a lot and when I do I always feel like I did it wrong because I look terrible(how sad is that...I'm 30 and I should know by now). All of your videos are just amazing and so helpful. I'm going to have a "make-up weekend" and try out some tips. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these videos and help people like me. :-)
Is there a way of cleaning them, or should you only use the pair once? Im fairly good at placing them on but when I remove them they seem a bit sticky from the glue and I feel when I try to remove it, it's effecting the look of the lashes.
Thank you so much I am going today to Walmart to get my lashes and glue to try this. Awesome video!
You're gorgeous!!!!!more videos please!!! Make Up for brown eyes please!!! Also ideas how to dress fashion on season trends without spending much!;) xoxo
no, they just peel off, but make sure you use STRIP GLUE, not individual glue, the individual glue is much harder to get off! xoxo
yeah everytime i put mines on it ends up on my eyebrow
I kandee I was so upset all day because I tried putting on false eyelashes and it bunched up my eye and ruined my makeup and didn't stick in the corners how can you tell if you need to cut the lashes and where to start my regular lashes start farther back from the corner I just can't do it and I'm so aggravated help!
When wearing fake lashes how long can we use them for? Can we use them more than once?
U have shitty camera quality ... just saying ..
My first time was a fail too ur not alone
Where do you get your statement rings??
Thank you for doing this! :) your so pretty. this helps!
what type of glue u use? is there any specification to use? :/
is it better to do your eye makeup before or after you put the lashes on?!
Every single time I try using false eyelashes, the corners come up, I get my lashes stuck on my fingers, and they are unnatural and crooked. *sogh*
Great easy how-to video. Thank you! =)
Pretty! I'll bet the double lashes look even better!! ;;)
You're so pretty! Thanks for the tutorial!
can you reuse false lashes? ive never used any before but im thinking about buy some
I hope it will not be offensive to you, but you're in this video as a puppy - so cute, with bright, merry eyes)))
hahahahahah no you look at least 50 years younger than Kris Jenner
Next time I think it would be better if you apply them to someone else cus all I saw was ure hand on the way.... No Help at all..
Why wont mines stay on? What am I doing wrong?
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