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Hardest Song Ever

by Ascent • 56,090 views

I love singing :) Fire and Desire . Ascent

Yes hardest song... hardest song to hear!! XD Jeeeezz that broke my ears... But seriously you sing amazingly! You got some power but please never sing that song again! I dare you not to!
Ignore those haters because they couldn't sing if they had surgery for it keep going <3
My volume was up all the way when it started. I am now deaf! She's pretty good though.
It's Really Powerful! Im Pretty Sure I Can't Do It! XD Guys This is Really Hard! I Tried Video cording Myself...SINGING AND I SUCK LIKE....I sound like a dying cat. No Joke.
holy sh*t your singing technique O.O Waaauuww how long you've been singing for?(sorry for my English)
Try not to push yourself too hard because you can hear you voice straining and cracking at some points and your singing too forcefully and loud. But your whistle tones and pitch are phenomenal
Yah, if u feel tens around ur throat sing a little lower or els u might need surgery on vocal cords like my music teacher
I heard that song in a play and you hit that shit perfectly. Ignore them bad comment to because literally if they knew anything about singing they'd know some shit you gotta belt out and not many can sing that high. Amazing.
Great singer but warm up before singing it and don't scream u are a wonderful singer and I don't want u to hurt your voice
You are amazing looks and talent ignire those stupid haters! :-D
Seriously. Its not even hard sing a better song!
You spent some time on that! It was spent well. Best random voice on YouTube without a doubt.
Lol way over the top, got super annoying...
some songs you have to belt to get out. She was amazing and not everyone can sing that high. She was probably using whistle register which isn't something everyone has.
Sounded like she wont be able to sing anymore if she keeps this up. It sounded awful, AND its terrible for her voice. Its just stupid
Sometimes less is much more :)
my ears are dying from no rythem
Hahhahhahhahhahahahw :)
My eyes are dying from your terrible spelling
low notes were better the high notes got super annoying except the whistle <3
that wasnt a whistle
a BIT over the top... and tbh it just sounded like screaming
On every video I watch someone always says something mean what is wrong with u I think it's kinda sad that u have no life and all u can do is criticize people
This is not that hard I found a harder song than this
What song is that😳😳😳
Dunno O.o... A girl with that talent should know what she sang (Or whatever that was) was horrible!
Why are you so perfect?!?! Amazing!
Geeze . Well that was shit
Ouch! Started the video and my ears just started hurting
Are u singing or screaming im 10and sing better than u
I listened to you on your channel to and she sings 100,000,000,000,000,000 times better than u so I would just stop right there
Amanda I looked at your channel and I can strongly disagree with those people I think your amazing
Good job america -.- '
Paused at 0.05 seconds too annoying
she is a phenomenal singer. but she just needs to learn to control all the extra
U just shout all over the place that ain't song it's hard but that's doesn't make any sense
This is not that hard I found a harder song than this
THAT WAS AMAZING! I can't believe your not youtube famous yet! dang gurl that's high! you should really try out for American's got talent or the voice or something! YOU. HAVE. TALENT!
Don't be over . Please . That's not the hardest song to sing .
Horrrible lyrics. All she does is scream to.kake a fing sean its stupid
the look on your face is like your putting so much effert just to sing that short song you have to stop is gonna ruin your voice just saying but that's was good
Beautiful voice but I don't think that's the hardest song
Hdydt or how did you do that
0:35 the worst episode and the hardest song with shouting.... -_- -_- worst .......
You have a good voice but take it down a notch don't scream and take it down at least 1 octave cause it sounds more scream the higher it is
Wow. That was incredible.
Ur good at singing but just relax and don't scream.
I can sing better amd her voice scracheted
you are nice, but it is so many people who can sing. I dont think it was THAT! but you kan sing
Some of it was just pure screaming, way OTT.
I love high notes!! In a make singer.. But i love hearing women singing like that!!!
It looks a bit like your miming, but if not, I think it was very good !
how come your not famous?
omg , my headset explodes xD
omg thats screaming its annoying imagine having to stand through an hour of that monotone screech...cmon people dont tell her shes good youre really not helping her . Stop making her waist her time and move on to something else. 
THis is a joke how does she keep a straight face and not burst out laughing lol shes good cause for a second I thought she really actually thought she was good then I realized shes is doing it exactly to get to people and see how many neg comments she can get
great voice and nice range
you do realize its only the "hardest song ever" because she kicked it up 5 octaves... but yeah, stop trying so hard. you're forcing it and screaming a lot...
?????? Whatcha mean??? She's so so amazing
You have a great voice, don't get me wrong... But holy shit you break my fucking eardrums screaming like that. Ya'know it's possible to have strength behind your voice without sounding like you got kicked in the throat...
I don't see anybody singing good as she did so shut up hating make a video better than I'll give you credit
owwwwwwwww RIP headphone users
I know this song would be so extremely hard to sing without screaming it but it would sound a lot better if u didnt scream
Ok, that was pretty good, quite amazing, but you can become great with more practice. It's a little to pitchy for me. Try practicing on sustaining the high notes without vibrato so your note can become solid first, then work on the vibrato. Overal I would give you a B+
that easy Even an 9 yr old can do that
Good but too much pressure on your voice u would be much better if you just relax your voice
Why isnt this girl on the voice! She better than a lot of the contestants
Don't be over . Please . That's not the hardest song to sing .
Doping Fantabulous ! :D great voice and high notes
Hardest Song Ever is She's Gone by SteelHeart 
you can not sing!!
If you look up the original artist, she sounds ten times better. Just saying, just MY opinion.
!!!wow!!!! You are such an inspiration! You should do 'Someone like you' by Adele. You'd be perfect for it!
Heck you could win American Idle! Your great!!!!!
Amazing.... amazing voice and whistle tone: -)
You're a great singer.
one thing is screaming and other is singing 
Omg u better go girl
you have a good voice but you dont have the attitude 
You are omg amazing
I agree with everyone else here...its aweful ...sorry  but you need to hear it for your own good.
I never have actually heard about this song before, but I can tell that this is really difficult to sing, so well done because you sound really good! 
bad mic quality :/ but YOU are amazing. When your famous everyone will hear you on a realll mic, thats gonna be some effin amazing vocals right there!!
Hi Lauren, wow you're sounding great! You gonna try out for Idol next year or what? Oh say what's up to your dad, from Frankie!
Ur trying too hard, dats just makes ur nice voice sound brutally bad, one tip is to slow down with ur singing (no offenses $:)
Acualty maraih carry songs are the hardest can use the wishtle register
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