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Florida Highway Patrol Arrests Miami Police Officer Driving 120 Mph in His Squad Car

by ObamaWorstPOTUSEver • 1,623,710 views

You're Not Above the Law: Florida Highway Patrol Arrests Miami Police Officer Driving 120 Mph in His Squad Car Read more:...

Larry Scott Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
@Ragnarok2070 well it dosent matter what YOU think. In Florida the police take the cars home with them. Like it or not.
@cconyers007 How did she know it was an officer? Someone could have stolen the patrol car. You don't expect an officer to be so ignorant to not stop until 7 minutes after she hit the blues. That being said she couldn't see the officer, she didn't know for a 100% fact that he was in fact an officer of the law. She did what she should have done using precaution. I say good for her, we need more like her.
if he dosn't loose his job and the ticket still stand then I should be allowed to speed when im late for work too!!!!
@ObamaWorstPOTUSEver Couldn't Have Agreed More About This Female Cop!!!!!!!!! "BIGTIME HERO" Mark:)
@cconyers007 I think pointing the female FHP used her weapon appropriately. Who's to say that the patrol car was not stolen and had not been bolo'd on the radio. Worst case scenario, someone could have hurt an officer on a stop and taken the officer's duty weapon. She acted appropriately as far as I'm concerned. She didn't know who was driving the police car. Assumption is the mother of all... well, you know the rest. Officer Safety first.
@cconyers007 you see, I could not disagree with you more. Yes, that officer would be there for her when shit hits the fan. But the reason she drew her gun is because she believed the vehicle to be stolen. If the car was stolen, then having the gun pulled would be warranted.
@1newstang "You are 120% wrong!" -- FAIL! "Cops Dont do Cops!" -- are you out of your mind? this is WHY there's CORRUPTION in the police. GOOD Cops will always do BAD Cops. "emergency vehicle" o.O?! -- an emergency vehicle with NO lights and NO siren on? "Your FHP was going even faster to catch up to a POLICE CAR !" -- he is a CRIMINAL and she even said that to him, she has the DUTY to take that CRIMINAL BASTARD down.
She broke the blue wall of silence and put to a stop to that idiots' recklessness! He could have killed many people! He is supposed to uphold the law, not break the law! He does not have the right to be in a policeman's uniform or behind the wheel of a police car! He is in fact a common criminal himself! He was racing to get to his off duty job?! There are some high end people there! Is he kidding?!
I commend her and this should happen more. However, She only acted like this because she was in pursuit for over 4 minutes and thought the car was stolen. If he had pulled right over she probably would have let him go in the typical "im a cop, you're a cop so ill help you break the law" routine.
The FHP officer was correct!!!! An off duty officer weaving in and out of traffic and driving at extreme speeds is committing a crime. And you can hear her say she thought the cruiser was stolen!!! And that does happen!!! He was off duty, did not have his lights or siren on and clearly was not responding to an emergency. Just be grateful no innocent bystanders were injured.
That Miami Police officer was a absolute threat to the civilians in the area. THANK YOU FHP for keeping our Highways Safe
The laws apply to police too! This is great news.
This woman deserves police officer of the year!!! She probably saved many lives with that traffic stop. Good job!
if this guy would have rear ended your wifes car and killed your 16 month old baby boy or girl and paralyzed your wife and made you a full time caregiver. I'd be willing to bet he would be a criminal in your eyes. hope they fire him before he resigns that way he can make the part time his full time. This lady officer did a great job. if the police chase you don't you pay for the gas, tires, and hazard pay for the officer
You're Not Above the Law: Florida Highway Patrol Arrests Miami Police Officer Driving 120 Mph in His Squad Car
@cconyers007 If your going 120mph, cops will pull out a gun on you even if you stop immediately. The miami cop wasn't going 120 for anything police related so the fhp office in my opinion had all the right in the world to do what she did.
@conyers007 I understand why she drew her weapon. She did not know if it was in fact a police officer driving the car so it could have been a criminal who stole the police car. Bottom line she drew her weapon for her own safety. And this was not blown out of proportion because after she activated her lights the officer kept on driving and reached speeds of 120+, which is uncalled for as he was obviously not responding to an emergency call.
@cconyers007 she pointed the gun cause she thought the car was stolen
The trooper was in the right. PERIOD! Why are people so fucking douched up? Morons.
I think she had probable cause to stop him, For all we know she saved his life and somebody else life
Umm Who ever thinks it was wrong for the HP to arrest the police officer is an idiot! NO COP should think hes above the law...Its called a chase, if Police didnt go as fast or faster then the vehicle their trying to catch. I'd say more then half the criminals in jail right now wouldnt be there. I wish there were more officers like her around...No one is above the law.
I think she did great..she did the righ thing good job shes very brave..
@ObamaWorstPOTUSEver Despite it all, I have to stick by you for your username :-) F-Obama :-)
@cconyers007 you can not be more wrong. your comment is 100% wrong. First, The FHP would also take a bullet anytime of any day for the same reason the police officer would. That is their job, they are also COPS, they are also POLICE just because their ASSIGNMENT is patrol the highways that doesn't make them any different than a regular police officer patrolling an area of a city or town. (Cont)
he had no lights,she must tought it was stolen when wouldnt stop thats why she pulled her gun,dame that bitch is hardcore
*giggles* now a fine with 2k and some time not paid off or better would be he is fired
Finally, an honest cop.............I thought I'd never see the day.
They should revoke that guys license and put him on foot patrol for driving like that. What a jerk !
This lady cop is one of the few good cops out there.
@ObamaWorstPOTUSEver He's not a criminal! Are you insane....speeding doesn't make someone a criminal...handcuffing him and drawing down on him is way too much....she should be done for pointing the firearm....thats completely unjustified
@1newstang I am so happy HP arrested one of many rookie police employee's with a badge who take advantage of system.. That's all what most of them are, rookies....he got what he deserves for abuseing the system. Everyone must obay the law, he could have killed somebody for just wanting not to be late to a meeting! Hello!!
@ObamaWorstPOTUSEver Although I LOVE your username, I must admit You are 120% wrong! Cops Dont do Cops! Nor is it even possible to stop any emergency vehicle, then Draw down on him like a perp! Keep in mind, your FHP was going even faster to catch up to a POLICE CAR !
Finally someone doing something with your cops out of control. Good job trooper! You followed a law and fulfilled your duty.
Well done trooper !! This is America!.
II love her, she is a brave woman for taking on another officer. I've long believed Police should not be allowed to use their taxpayer paid for squad car for off-duty personal gain, when they clock out the squad should stay at work while they go home.
@cconyers007 (Cont) Second, This police officer is NOT above the law, and when you REFUSE to stop when the HP or any cop tells you to do so AND you make them chase you for over 7 minutes,,, then you get all guns drawn at you,,, so WHAT makes you think this police officer is going to be treated any different if he made all the above? This FHP officer should get a medal for what she did. We need more people like her in this country, she is a HERO.
My fellow Floridians..... although it was wrong of the Miami officer to drive in the manner he did, your telling me you feel that the Troopers response was warranted? The problem I have with all of this is she pointed a GUN at a POLICE OFFICER, the very OFFICER that would take a bullet for her stupid AXX when the crap hits the fan. Are any of you gonna come to her aide when the bullets start flying, I think NOT! This was blown out of proportion by a female Barney Fife.
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