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Silent Night - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland

by Matt Mulholland • 725,006 views

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This video drove me into an abrupt session of violent masturbation that lasted well into the evening.
Is he actually being serious...  If so im gonna throw my computer out the window right now xD
+SuperRoflcopter12345 Mine started when i did anal with a donkey
It's for the lols, but this is amazing...
There are no notes just raw emotion
Yes. Pure anger and madness.
I can feel the pain Jesus felt on the cross. This is great. Marry christmas to all and may this melody give you peace,
+HappiSushi12 im trying to she is as ugly ur ass
+bob bobby Re-read that to yourself again.
Alex Kiri Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The flute that keeps on giving.
I'm crying now It's so beautiful
FFS when that beat drops! Dubstep eat your heart out. #NextLvLShit
sigh Darude-Sanstorm
thumbs up for enthusiasm ! but my ears hurt............ouch.X))
I can sleep peacefully now.
Flawlessly Blissful.
Still not as good as My Heart Will Go On
how can something be so stupid yet so fucking magical at the same exact time ears have the period, tought they were pregnant...wasa scared like hell.... thanks
100 points for accuracy
Brought here by Really3D.
FAAAKEE You can clearly tell he is lip syncing.  I would know since I am a perfessioner verdeo editer. Kappa
No sé cómo calificar esto...
Primera clase de flauta dulce? no. Es el puto amo de los vientos
+Marcelo G Se sacó el grado superior de Flauta dulce por internet, y sacó matrícula de honor
He's a combo of Yanni and Boxcar Willie!
how does he not laugh 
Wait my dick could play beter then your fucking gay lips
Hard to do that if ya don't even have a dick
Why do people keep asking if he's serious? OF COURSE! He makes serious comedy!
Only 11 months 'til Christmas \o/
truely a masterpiece
2:10 what a epic climax I ever heard..
LMAO you're so fucking funny! xD
I use this to wish my family a happy christmas every year. 
Looks like silent night isn't so silent after all
Listening to this on Christmas day lol.
This music made my butt cry tears of happiness and it is so beautiful that im going to repeatedly play it on Christmas Eve with all of the family on my mothers side to hear!
Ich hab ein neues musikalisches Vorbild.
I am applauding at the fact that there are probably band kids out there crying watching this.:. XD
His recorder-playing talent, the arrangment of guitar and drums, that nice calming rhythm ... True Christmas experience
Not sure if a bad recorder player, or being serious.
I must buy a recorder!!
now that's real music!
Is that the same flute from school? U kinda flattened it but a great song
This is a masterpiece.
I just bought a flute 2 weeks ago and even I can play this tune better! Buddy, PLEASE Don't give up your day job!!
I think you need to change your name online to Sir STUPID!
had me going for a couple seconds 3/10
inspirational. this really puts me in the mood for christmas!
Mherri khrismas evri1
Happy christmas, folks..
Strangely, the only urge I have after watching this video is to have a bubble bath. Weird.
Please make more flute video's, they're the best :D
Does he suck on purpose?
no he is totally serious, He s a true artist!!
im guna play at a funeral
TABS please!, xD 
He got the notes right. Just has to learn not to make those mistakes. There were a lot. Learn how to blow the right air in.
Yeah, it's good that you're being nice and all, but it was intended. Nobody would play like that and put it on youtube.
he did it on purpose
creo que se me rompio un auricular xD
Every Microsoft default midi file sounds exactly like this
Thanks, what a classic. Now my children can sleep well.
You lied to me about that free download matt
This gave me ebola.
sun lee Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Silent Night - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mu…:
nice graphics tho.
Best artist ever 8/8 m8 IGN
is he trying to be bad?!
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