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Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley - the Dana White Breakdown

by • 43,654 views -- UFC president Dana White weighs in on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley boxing fight.

ur also a fag get off of youtube, other who dont know shit about either fightin style
your right manny is the king of catchweight fights.
you have to be the best in your weight class before you can be the best P4P man
Not even trolling buddy, viewing for boxing is much higher than mma.
Your claim that MMA has a greater audience is now invalid. You have to back up your stats, buddy.
WHAT THE FUCK. I AM SOOOOOOO fuking tired of these faggots that don't know shit and try to act hard by arguing about MMA and boxing. SHUT THE FUCK UP who gives a shit which fighting style can beat the other. Watch the fucking video and keep your opinions to yourselves. You fucking assholes talking shit about MMA and about boxing are the most ignorant pieces of shits on youtube. Do us all a favor and delete your fucking account.
Boxing has 4 fans? I'm not sure a sport that can top 1million ppvs is just "4 fans". "Boxing" didn't do anything... it is just typical Bob Arum corruption. There was more corruption in Pride anyway. Boxing is not outdated, it is just being destroyed by promoters. Same shit can happen to mma. Boxing still has many big names and up and comers: JMM, Canelo Alvarez, Brandon Rios, Victor Ortiz, Sergio Martinez, Donaire. Maybe you don't like boxing, but that's a different story. It will never die.
shit sorry for the mistake. when i said ufc on fox i meant UFC 145, also a ppv. no idea why i said ufc on fox lol
it's not actually long, if you watch pride fc.. the matches almost always end at the first round. unlike in the ufc where some of the fighters stall the fight from the ground because they always wait for the bell.
Ive done boxing since the age of 7. I much prefer Boxing as a 'Sport' because it is a true sport. BUT without boxers like Mike Tyson around, boxing IS boring to watch for most people. I think 'MMA' Isnt a true 'sport' like they call it, I think its 'entertainment' but it is more exciting than Boxing, and I'm talking about the entire fight card, in Boxing you might have 1 fight that will be good to watch, the rest are usually boring.
Any one of those mma fighters would lose in the ring. And james toney and mayorga i believe have tried to go in the octagon and yes there not as dominant as boxing. but i dear a mma fighter to live the life we live. its a hard life for us.
umm actually 'out speed' are ENGLISH words you stupid fuck !
I agree with some of the viewers they see more money coming for letting Bradley win... those judges are not stupid just greedy for $ and that for sure...cause by doing the re=match more people will come see the fight and the PPV are going to make a ton of $...that is why the judges cheated...
I want Dana White to judge boxing matches.
tho i would like it if they made it like pride fc. 2 10 min round and 5 min in the third if there is still no winner.
Rigged fight, manny clear winner, fucking joke!
who cares we all know boxing is corrupt and that is why i hate watching it. More people are turning to UFC instead because its obvious when someone dominates a fight and most of the time its either submission or KO
hatter manny beat cotto first i mean knock him out first
@mmafyasco hahaha i re- read that comment, so damn funny
Dude, you're an idiot. That's fine for you if you hate it, but boxing is still more popular.
Provide me with a credible news source buddy. Discussion on a forum doesn't count for anything.
Pacquiao didnt even have enough power to kock him down with two injured feet ..
Yea and I bet people don't watch American Football anymore because Rugby is so much more exciting
youtube wont let me post the link. look on sherdog. its there.
haha i already have, look up something like "mma vs boxing sherdog" on google, youll find it
why is an mma fighter a homo if he gets in a cage and fights a real fight, boxing is just punching
maybe like 5 years ago, but not current, the numbers for mma are much higher than boxing. show me your stats.
then again a lot of people such as myself thought pacquiao lost vs marquez, so who knows especially with mayweather never fighting him, hes scared to fight anyone that can beat him, fighting tomato cans
is lololololol engrish? tool go correct grammar on youtube like a loser, oh wait?
then people are going to have serious brain damage...
Any single one of those boxers will be destroy in the octagon LOL. name one who got the balls to step inside the octagon LOL
i thought god was talking to me once then i realized it was just my cat pickles stepping on the answering machine whilst i was in mid-slumber...
@Chrissiieeee nope i just like to watch wild fights with less rules
@MannyPacquiaoa1 What are you talking about?
Wow, great analysis. Are you even past 6th grade?
@Chrissiieeee Yeah it's popular because it's been going on for more than fuckin 50 years. UFC is like fuckin 16 years old and in that short period of time it's fuckin dominating.
not to mention that was a pacquiao fight, arguably the most popular boxer. so basically everyone who is somewhhat of a fan tuned in to that one, on average the views are MUCH lower than that.
Nothing wrong with saying "outspeeding". Please do not be from Spain.
Not going to say it... I just wont!
I'm calling it ...Tim beats Manny ...
@docksta References please mate...
dude shut the fuck up ufc's got nothing on boxing. Boxing is the purest and best ufc shit only got invented a bit ago boxings been around for over a century. Go hump and sit on someone in a cage you homo
I'm assuming you think Jr. is better? I mean,what weight class, that Manny fought in, that he did not dominate?
All that fucking pacquiao had done is fighting everyone Floyd been fighting after Floyd beats em . I hope Bradley fucks him up
Lol, if you're going to provide stats, the onus is on you to provide the source.
nah ur just a retarded nigga lol and im not even a "pacroid" fan and i can see he's better than bradley and mayweather
How can u not like both mma and boxing? U guys make it seem like they cant coexist. Iove contact sports
pacman and ufc are my kind of fights!!!! Keep up the great fights for fans guys!!!
this is what you've asked for you dumb ass motherfucker@@@@s !!!!! is money worth a sport. how much will you make when bradley( lost with all facts and won with all doubts, even by him) has no spectators?
lol it's not true skill or toughness though popping someones ankle out its just gay ass technique. Knocking someone outs the shit with a big punch not making some dude tap out coz your arse in his face and you pulling a dudes ankle so hard you on brink of breaking it. To me thats not true combat. I dont mind kicking and punching just the grappling ruins the shit. My opinion you can have yours.
it counts for something when its reliable media reporters and promoters/managers posting.
"Thats the kinda shit you need on fight day"!!!!! Love me some Dana White.
he is going to be faster than him you must not know english very well
Put your money where your mouth is..
look it up yourself, posts like that (comparing tv ratings) are on the sherdog forums all the time. and yes i only picked 1 specific event, but i also picked one of the highest viewed boxing fights of all time
You watch gay porn? Each to their own I suppose o.O I never stopped boxing.... and I never moved to MMA.... Im just a realist and un biased person. Just li8ke I used to play Rugby for 15 years and how much I love playing it and the sport.... But I will clearly say it is boring as fuck to watch. Boxing can be exciting and good to watch, but good fights these days are few and far between. MMA is better to watch for entertainment.
Mayweather and Pac--Man are the only two boxers that I pay to watch. If Pac loses, then I'm done watching boxing.. I'm glad the UFC doesn't have all that politic bullsh!t that boxing has..
why won't he tell us for fuck sake.
it's unconventional and awkward. He's better off using outpace or outstrike. "Stupid fuck"
Bradley was kind of a nice guy but this win for him is soooo questionable.
Every MMA fan is talking about this fight because it's a bad thing for boxing... Every ufc fighter on twitter wrote a smartass tweet about how this fight is the reason boxing is dying and mma is the greatest sport... Give me a break, if the decision went to pacquiao, not one ufc guy would of mentioned this fight and tried to exploit boxing on twitter and try and convince everyone that mma is the cool new thing...
Depends which boxers. Yuriorkis Gamboa, Brandon Rios, Floyd Mayweather are all entertaining. I've seen tons of boring mma fights. A guy with a closed guard and the guy on top throwing rabbit punches all night... not uncommon in mma. Just as shitty as bad boxing matches.
pacquiao has worked hard for all his wins,but this bradleyass?? how could someone who can't hurt manny win over him. He had too few solid punch- And Pacman made him woble 3X!!! They made this into a laughing business! WSo that's why Bradley was holding the rematch ticket at their presscon!?!
try to enjoy the rest of ur life. im sure hits are already on ur asses. no pun inteneded lol. gl :D
If Manny looses, it is because the thrill is gone! And because the scumbag,agents and lawyers can't stop fighting each other position on Pacquiao's dick! We heard Freddie Roach, tell Pac, to get rid of those free loaders! Manny,if not distracted, should go down in history,as the best pound4pound, no argument!
yeah i guess worldwide but from where im from everyone watches ufc i'd say about only 10% of the people in my city watch boxing lol
yeah i think the most original and toughest form of combat is punching it's simple effective and very skillful. Fuck kicking punching and grappling some bitch like he's my ho.
I think watching to grown men hugging and rolling around on the ground is more fun to watch then two guys actually throwing punches at each other. You use to Box but it was to hard for you so you moved on to MMA :)
no one cares anymore, boxing like all other sports are now presented as rigged. hope ur debt asses pay for themselves and hope u spend all ur money on million dollar houses that you cant pay for because no one watches boxing, hockey, basketball, and football! unfortunaltely all are decided on the amount of money in ur pocket. if you didnt want it to be evident, than you shouldnt have thrown a 10 to 2 round decision by everyone in the fuckin world. enjoy hell.
Why are people talking about Mayweather? Is he the only other boxer that you idiots know about? This is a bradley and pacman video...
its not hard to find stuff on it yourself. google boxing tv ratings + views, then do the same for MMA. actually in yesterdays edition of the MMA hour hosted by Ariel Helwani he talks about it aswell. you can see that up on mmafighting.
i cant imagine 10 minute round for mma, seems very long.
no, if a guy takes you down and kills you with a choke or snaps your arms and legs in half, you are the ho there
Boxing matches with big names routinely top 1 million ppv buys. Not sure what bubble you're living in.
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