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Battlefield 3: insertpremiumjokehere.pdf

by TheRussianBadger • 99,803 views

I ate approximately 36 ounces of tuna before making this video. I don't even know what I was talking about ;~; Facebook: Twitter:...

2% health? how 'bout dos moments when the enemy leaves with 0% health (still alive) :/
I got dizzy. He's constantly running like crazy but clearly it works great for him.
The arrested development reference was bananalicious.
That medicbag at 8:16 didn't deployed. That's why you didn't get more health and then died against the revived catfish
This is vintage Badger: all over the place, telling stories that have nothing to do with the gameplay, and getting completely off track, starting a topic, and then moving away before even starting it. 
Sounds like Francis at 01:16 lol
I really love G36C'ing all of these stupid comments.
11:50. Too close to my PSN username bruh, not cool. Dun be stealin my name!
TBH i dont bail out on a LAV only on Seine Crossing because if the enemy team steals it and repairs it they can wreck your but hole with that, i'd rather take that one death then get out and die 10 times by the LAV :P
i also MAV these comments, man i want some BEACON.
that's all personal opinion. Don't say things around whois the best unless it is absolute, scientific fact and can be backed up with repeating experiments, in an un-biased manor, and always getting the same result. Learn that others have different opinions and respect that.
The worst is when you use the SCAR-H in hardcore and put them on 0% health yet they are still alive!? They need to fix that bug when people go to 0% health!
Dear Badger, You are AS VALuable to me as SAWing SCAR-Ls with my AUGmented LAV.
This seems to be my favorite commentary ever.
These comments are great, some I think '"Are you M5K-idding me?"
no its a virtual bullet flying through a video game towards a virtual character with a set amount of damage on it, so it really doesnt matter the caliber
correct me if im wrong but from what I can tell Carl is a term for someone who is being a toolbag ,douche, or noob.
Semi-Auto means that with each pull of the trigger a new projectile is shot. With Pump-action you have to manually load the next round.
I guess most people will still laugh when the see M4 themselves
oh my fucking crist. you play too much COD. 50. cal is a bullet caliber. the Barrett M107 is what your talking about. but the M98B is also made by barrett
um.. pwn? really? more like therussianbadger and jackfrags...
I made the mistake of trying to drive my flaming helicopter into the side of a tank. I missed, hit the ground about five feet away from it and it didn't explode. I was then killed and had my helicopter repaired and used against me. x_x <---Fail.
Why do people not bail out? Because in this map, at the first point, you lose the IFV, you basically lose the match
badger i love play support so do some c4 vid =)
I dont approve of your conduct sCAR-L
Happens to me all the time, either that or 2% and 4% health lol. xD
i respect his opinion and there is no need to argue about , but if you watch jack`s frankie`s and the old videos from anderZEL you might find them too more entertaining than level cap`s.I still rhink Badger`s videos are the best and some of his videos i rewatched more than 3 times
Yeah the hit detection in BF3 is terrible. You can unload a clip into the guys chest, and when you kill him it would say HEADSHOT.
They are having a REVOLVING conversation about these pun comments.
BADGER you are talking way to much
nah, Badger, Frankie, Xfactor, lvlcap and intheworks. that are the top 5. im following pwnstar for a year now and he just talks too much crap for me ._. i just think hes not really a good commentator, he used to made good commentarys but in the last time it got a bit commercial....
I fuckin' T-Ug these MAV comments.
best player on most matches... doesn't even attempt to ptfo. swag
ummm,, this i akward, but i need to like PP 2000 times.
kid calm down all i said was it looks nothing like and the way you just raged at me you obviously play to much cod yourself even though I play bf more and like it more
*Skips to random part in the video timeline* "Ooooo and his mom's Korean!" Dafuq
These comments are funny hope you'll lol AT-MINE
TheRussianBadger's skills made me have to JNG my pants 90 times.
Clicking on the top comment clicking all the way thru 24 comments to find out the first comment does not exist -.-
I read these comments while I play on my SAIGA Genesis.
2% is better than the guys who start firing way after your first hit and kill you with 0%.
should i use my acw-r with 100 kills or a new 0 kill a-91
can you do some sniper gameplay `(:
badger, when you are talking its like three persons talking at the same time.. : )
some players from battlefield bad compagny 2 used carl gustav launcher with explosive damage, when you fired it went almost in a straight line, badger once hit somoane across the map
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