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The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die [HD]

by Shadowrend68 • 644,787 views

My HD playlist: You can make a request by sending me a message. Don't use comments for requests.

when mexicans try to sneak across the border...
+Schrödinger's Katten! woah hold up German boy! What do you mean your earth? Bruh I paid for this land 1v1 me
+Zakura Ryuunosuke says the guy that ate his fucking dad
Watch this with 1.25 or 1.5 speed 
+Knight Artorias  I thought the abyss took you, how's sif doing? 
Can't wait for Gnome Chompski: The Game
When the Russians try to invade the US, we'll be blasting this shit from the back of an Abrams Tank on top of a pile of burning skulls
+Garrett steele  You're joking right? What do you have to back that information? Russia is a world power meaning they are in line with the other world powers such as the U.S. You are true in the fact Russia won't do anything. The reason being the damage caused on both sides would be horrible. 
+Garrett steele as if you really knew what tech usa really has and what tech russia has... and anyway why are all of you so interested in measuring the swords, preparing to cut yourselves? is there room in your heads only for war? why can't you all stop listening to a guy on tv who says all days that the whole world is your enemy...
For fucks sakes. Dubstep, prodigy, pendulum........... pls........... stop putting anime pictures on your songs, it attracts all the weaboo, otaku and brony fags. 
+The Stannimal Stannimal is mlg, lets leave him be....
Have you got a full pic of the manga art? I'd love a copy x
invaders must die hahah sounds like a Bleach character Yukio :P
I love this song sooooo much
My Song for the Zombie apocalypse :3
darude - sandstorm?
Sounds creepy and dramatic when at 0.5 speed. Also sounds a little of key.
Can I invade that girl on the picture, without dying?
+Clinton Leger Everything in Dark Souls 1 > Dark Souls 2
my song for epic action gun film
CoD:Ghosts Extinction...... Perfect fucking music! Edit:Just so im clear im not a cod fanboy.
fuck yeah....awesome shit,,pick up the keith
O hey this one says "HD" and actually is, Hoorah!
1.25 really makes u want to move!!
I think this was used in the Scott Pilgrim trailer
It's best use was Havelyn, though.
Image Q from C the money off soul and possibility control
Audrey Forrest a bronie is a Guy that likes or loves my little pony
i like brownies to
+spunk munk Yeah. It's my favorite drink too.
the picture though, i want it as my wallpaper
It sounds like it skips ahead a little at the start. Maybe a glitch or something?
hey shadowrend is that gumi in the background?
Makes me think of Scott Pilgrim.
Makes me think of Havelyn.
Adam Lapastica Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die [HD]:
The voice that says vade-vade-vader in the beginning sounds like a Dalek. So does the Invaders Must Die one.
The voice in the the beginning is saying "invader-vader-vader", btw. Also, EXTERMINATE!!!
you and your uploads are the best !!! had to subscribe
Sgt Recker Cross Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
for BANG BANG !!
Trying to remember where I heard this.
maybe my server on trackmania? xD
Wipeout 2048 soundtrack~  Very GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD~
This song is so rad
HD? thanks my i now know the picture no one looks at is clear. is the music high quality? who cares HD!
evil grin, combing my fingers through my hair
Maybe this would be good for gta when in police chases and shit like that
Real sound quality 16khz are present like a CD but strange sample at begin
WOW, I rarely see 1440p HD! O_O
+Almighty Toffeebomb Well, if you zoom (CTRL +) a portion, you'll notice the difference.
+Maioneselover It does the sound quality, too.
good old song that was in gunz
is the picture from the money of soul and possibility?? o.o
Where'd you get that picture
Nope. It's the anime that the pic is from.
+- ÐarkØne - You know,that Hentai is: 1) Porn? 2) A genre? 3) The picture is probably just made from some artist for art purposes? And, no... You don´t have to explain why you hate Anime...
i think she wants someone to die
Bronies are guys who like my little pony
the prodigity= best dubstep ever
WOW....just WOW....Sorry but WOW!!!!! Good luck for your futur music knowledge.
+Sir Naysayer Actually, this track is closer to electrohouse/complextro (and i'm not talking about that shitty mainstream stuff) more than anything, major difference is the syncopation, but prodigy's style is unique and always different, prodigy stands out, and that's one thing that makes them awesome, overall epicness being the other.
I have original this album. Very good music
Nobody answerd my question WHAT IS A BRONIE
+Casey M. oh god you guys are still replying too a half a year old comment. OSHIT I JUST REPLIED TO A HAVE A YEAR OLD COMMENT
This song is soooooo amazing
Browinvaders must...WIN!!!
Delicious brown girls with blond hair... Yes please
Subscribe to my channel pls. :3
Subscribe to Havelyn pls.
omg i was thinking it was brownies, what an error 404
So good song such memories. Woooow. Invaders must die by such doge.
Can anyone provide me with the link to the awesome background of Q?:DD
Where is the picture from please and thanks
The money of soul and possibility control its a anime :D
Guess what! This song isnt only "Invaders must die" the words "We are The Prodigy" are also said on the video. What a twist!
Im reading comments and people are talking about bronies people WHAT ARE BRONIES
You must be new on the internet.
This includes nothing about bronies and don't hate me but I'm a pegasister
Are those purple highlights in her hair? Oh lawd! It's MangaMinx!
Actually... those are feather-like ornaments adorning her hair :P (She is a character from The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, her name is Q I believe) 
I never said I hate ponies. I'm like sitting on a fence, I don't like them nor do I hate them
It's good to know that Youtube is so full of charming intellectuals that ALWAYS consider the thoughts and opinions of others before blatantly saying something is "gay" or "lame" or that someone is a--"puss ycunt." These are our shining examples of mankind's maturity and growth through the decades of time. Way to represent the human race.
That was the nicest internet conversation ever.
haters must suck a horse dick, for such insolence T_T
prepare the cannons, the invaders.... MUST DIE!
this song makes me want to party like a fuckin beast
I use to listen to that went I playing to Call of or Battlefild
im not a muslim but that is completely fucked up and racist, what if a muslim read that RACIST either God has not given you a soul and Satan spawned you out of dust or your just a really fucked up the ass person.
How is life fellow gentlemen? This is indeed a relaxing conversation.
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