Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

by Brian and Maria • 3,592,299 views

In this installment of "Ask A Network Head," Natalie asks the head of programming at MTV why they stopped playing music videos. And gets a fun answer! Yay!

I no longer feel bad for stealing music. In fact, I'm going to picture the MTV network head, laugh, then steal it more.
Craig Berry Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
This is both hilarious and horribly accurate.
+diddygt Because it's a brand, and there's no such thing as 'false advertising' for labeling. MTV isn't trying to trick you into anything; if you turned on the television and expected to see quality programming you're probably a dumbass.
Horrible inaccurate. Music piracy didn't even come about until the early 00', long before mtv phased out music videos for reality shows. Now get off my lawn!!!
They should SO bring back Headbangers Ball with all the classic shit...now THAT I would watch
You can watch all the music videos you want on Youtube now. It's a much better way to pick out what you like and also discover new music. No one wants to sit and watch pre-selected music videos for hours on end anymore, not even most of the people complaining about MTV. Times change. Y'all are just whiny bitches who don't like the fact that things are done differently now than when you were a kid. You can be nostalgic, but don't hate everything new and demand it all be changed back to the way it was.
Holy Shit!! 2:20 on, he nailed it! Fuck me. I don't blame them for not playing videos anymore. It's all my fault!! I'm going to watch some inferior losers now on reality TV. :(
Wut, people actually missed Music Video? Heck the only reason I watched them in my teenage years because boobs, and ass. That was before I figured out how to torrent and DCC pictures and movies of nekkid ladies.
"Your generation stole music" is this cunt serious?
Mtv has been raped by a group of greedy business people looking to brainwash poor children, they are putting advertising of a happy family putting dangerus cemicals into their body and saying its good? and their is also a program that its about a bunch of gangbangers looking to fuck each others in a hotel, they are teaching our next generation to be a bunch of sheeps that begs and never think, Our children needs to be in military and show them what this world really is and give them discipline, instead of leeting them sitting on their asses and feed them money, energy drinks, and new stuff all the damm time,  We need an revolution to fix this problem once and for all, Only the strongest survives.
that is never gonna happen. forcing people to join the military, what does that sound like to you? it sounds to me like a dictatorship. you're making this out to be more than it is. mtv (can't even capitalize it anymore) is for dumb people. not everyone watches it
Everything worthwhile has its basis in 'greedy business people', MTV sucks because it caters to the degenerate masses only too well. Those business people aren't doing anything but giving you shitheads what you asked for.
As others pointed out, they've already been doing this forever. But there's definitely the same joke about them literally being named after music, and never showing any. Even the channels I really like and respect for have started getting on the reality-show bandwagon, which is disturbing. What's even more disturbing than that is they're named reality-shows at all.
Yeah, that's sad but true. That stealing music bullshit definitely fucked everything up for the rest of us.
Although funny, this is completely not true.  MTV started it's reality TV slide around 1993, when virtually 0% of people had Internet access.  Napster and illegal downloading didn't come around until around 1999 or so. By then, MTV had already phased out most of its music programming. The true answer is they decided the reality shows bring better ratings than music videos, period.
Personal Opinion: I disagree entirely.  Video quality.  Sound quality.  Relaxing on your couch.  Enjoying a program composed by others rather than having to select items...  Yes, technology can replace a process but it doesn't make that process automatically superior to another experience.  Mtv brought friends together in the living room and exposed an entire generation to various music bands.  To make an analogy: just because you can watch a pixelated image on your computer screen doesn't replace an Imax Theatre experience.  People pay for the experience.  If technology supplanted all industries, why do people still go to football stadiums?  They could just as easily sit in their living room to watch the game...  I'm certain millions would enjoy a 24 hour music channel that exposed them to new bands.  The music industry talks about a loss of millions - wouldn't that be related to the loss of an incredibly popular 24 hour Music Channel that prompted many to go to their local music store...  Music piracy existed well before the internet.  It was called tape.
I don't want MTV to play music videos anymore because, yes, they would be forced to play shit music videos from Pit Bull, Taylor Swift, and other stupid shit. I think they should change their name (which was made specifically for the original reason that station came about) to RealityTV. Who cares about who did what, who said what....MTV you suck, pop-culture sucks now, and yes I am happy to be 29 years old and cynical about this stupid debate. I just don't watch MTV. It's a good way to save brain cells.
But it shouldn't be called music television if there's no music.
TLC = The Learning Channel, A&E = Arts & Entertainment...not anymore though. it's not just MTV.
It's not called Music Television.  It's called MTV.   They dropped Music Television in 2010
Wow, that was a little mind blowing, but I can safely say that I enjoy feeling older, and I'm not part of the demographic that watches those crappy "reality" shows.
Even though some of this is funny as shit its also bs. MTV had already phased out music videos in the early 90's and by the time napster hit the internet in 1999-2000 MTV wasn't even playing videos anymore. It was done out of rating. Plain and simple. Its the same reason real talk shows that use to talked about real issues were phased out for fake shows that looked like real talk shows such as Jerry Springer and the same reason real news and reporting turned into fake news and reporting with shows like FOX with 'commentators' and no actually journalist/news reporters. In America we love the bs and that sad thing is a lot of people think its real. 
MTV could actually try to make some shows that promote music beyond the top 40!  The top 40 has sucked for years!   I would be interested in a show that explored various private music acts around the country.  How about other genre's including even classical music, grand scale pipe and theater organs, Jazz, performing and interviewing street musicians, and of course all other kinds of music performances.  Do something unique!  To me there would be a good nitch market there.  Sure you can look up anything and everything on Youtube now.  But it's a wasteland out there and many actually enjoy high production values and not having to sift through all the garbage to actually find something decent.  Bring back quality music and people would listen again.  Top 40 is all boring and predictable as hell.
+Pill Popper I listen to all kinds of music dude.  I've been into music my entire life.  I also make my own music in my spare time.
Yes, I gave up on MTV ages ago, and no, I don't watch reality shows. And... Youtube is better than MTV EVER was.
Please MTV, MUSIC TELEVISION back to we :(
Some pretty solid points. I'll give him that much. But I'd like to remind him that it was also OUR generation that made mtv what it is today. Because if it wasn't for the ratings mtv got by OUR generation. Empty-v would have been tossed off the air in a heartbeat. So enjoy your "shitload" of money Mr. Network dick. And know that if you continue giving the finger to viewers just because they're "not your fucking demo anymore" it will come back on you and your little mindless network will eventually shrivel and die. And OUR generation will be there to piss on its grave.
MTV didn't stop playing music videos because people were "stealing" music. It's already been said by former employees, it was because of ratings. So...yeah.
No, I don't. I used to watch MTV all the time. But as time went on, I stopped...but it wasn't because of music piracy. I stopped watching because MTV stopped showing videos that I wanted to see. They started showing tween shit like Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Hanson, Britney Spears...etc. Plus...why would piracy make people not want to watch videos? That doesn't make a lot of sense.
+SummerWave MTV either lost ratings because there was no promotional power because people got music free or because The Artists they featured SUCKED so bad they quit watching. one of the two..then again, Viacom bought them with the intentions to kill the music and change the culture, they also did many other things and it worked. Thanks Mr. Soros.
But its not like MTV is Music Television or something, its not like you expect music to be on 95% of the programming. Its not like sports channels show sports or sports related programming or something.
Do you feel good pointing out the obvious? Or do you just not enjoy that the answer is easy to come by: BECAUSE BRANDS DON'T ARBITRARILY CHANGE. There are legal and financial reasons to keep your branding the same. How fucking difficult is it for people to do research, instead of bitching? Anyway, most music is shit, television is shit, and fuck you if you watch it - you get what you deserve.
Well, if you've paid attention to this site since, say, 2006, all music is on demand now, so the TV format for music videos is dead now. And MTV changed their brand to remove the "music television" subtitle. They're a general young-adult channel now.
When people complain about television being shit I'm amazed they can't see it's always been that way. It's literally aimed at the lowest common denominator as an advertisement tool, just as this video says, and it's full of the same stupid tropes that ruin most popular 'art'. Ask me why TV is so shit and I'll ask you when the fuck it wasn't shitty. It's made for short attention span lumpenproletariate, and aimed at their lack of taste and culture.
i call bullshit. mtv stopped with the music sometime around the mid-late 90s. the great 'music download revoloution' didn't really gain a lot of traction till about 98, 99 when metallica brought it into the spotlight. dont try to blame your lazy programming on music stealing, mtv, you were shit long before the internet.
MTV=Multimedia Television
no, debería llamarse Reality Show Television RSTV, eso es puro reality show, es como mezclar nickelodeon con canales de puro reality y ese adefesio es lo que da el nuevo MTV que es una cagada... 
Mtv is a teenage prostitute channel
Too bad mtv is complete shit now like our music generation
This video I get is meant to be humorous, but it pretty much categorizes everyone as being sheep. Then he blames us for watching their shitty shows. I'd watch MTV if the shows weren't mindless dribble. but he's right, the only videos that get sponsored are advertisement like videos, so the only way MTV can afford to play videos is through selling out, so they chose to "not-sellout." whatever, this video is depressing honestly
+nhv89 and me, being 20 years old, where most of the males my age listen to Juicy J religiously, I learned how to play and listen to all of Neil Young's albums, Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth, Built To Spill, Pixies, The Velvet Underground, etc. So, enjoy your everlasting judgmental hatred for everyone who isn't you. It should end well.
Oh this is beyond delightful! I hit a nerve! :D
This guy is begging to be punched in the face
What's wrong with being honest? did people forget limewire napster morpheous bearshare torrents back in the days that killed music? Now musicians can't even afford a guitar so they sing girly pop music with a macbook pro  creating the beats.
That's good! Think of this as a visual aid. If one day you're about to steal some music, but you have a momentary lapse and feel guilty, just picture that guy. Your guilt will dissolve like sugar in a glass of water. In fact, you'll want to download the music then delete it so you can steal it again. This behavior is encouraged.
I only complained, when I was in that grunge scene faze. Now, I couldn't give two shits about MTV refusing to play music videos.
What's with the shitty camera with the opening segment
Brad Leclerc Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Randomly came across this again while tumbling down a youtube rabbit hole, and given that my birthday just went by and I'm feeling SO DAMN OLD, I just had to share.
I was talking to some gaming friends in Teamspeak a couple of weeks ago when the subject of Tomorrow People came up. I chuckled involuntarily after confessing I used to watch it all the time, then asked them if they remembered the one with the latex balloons as aliens... they thought I'd lost my mind. They didn't know about the original, and I didn't know about the remake, so when I produced a youtube link to the episode in question, they lost all composure.
My fave episode was when Steven attended that boarding school as a spy, and he had to wear a kilt. Yowza! The guy had fencing skills, too.  :)
It is also our generation that made iTunes popular and cheap alternative to the free but illegal and malware ridden places like napster. And iTunesTV? Would totally watch/listen to that. With modern streaming tech you wouldn't even need to rely on basic cable to reach an audience.
He hit ALL the relevant points acurately
Naah, I'll never be irrelevant..... Because I get so bored, so fast that I get bored with both the other adults and the shit the kids do too :(
This is great. He really laid it on the line. He also forgot to mention that the artists stopped making good music. It's everybody's fault. The industry, artists and fans. We've all (minus me because I buy music if it's good) contributed to the demise of the music industry. What about greedy artists and labels paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to radio to clog the airwaves for months on end, deceiving the masses to think the songs are popular, not giving other artists a fair shot?
I don't even watch T.V.
That was the most uncomfortable face zoom since Silence of the Lambs. 
that was bullshit, there are still plenty of new cool music video being made. you can always show 5FDP, A7X, BVB, Deterbed, etc. i know... or believe this was supposed to be a joke, but come on i don't even have cable or satellite and those shows look lame. the only alright looking one is teen wolf. also bring back aeon flux.
The best music doesn't need a video.
ITS THE LAW, he got a new job!
Natalie just let TV kill themselves slowly...
True, except for series, the odd late night show and the news, TV isn't really relevant any more, and it isn't even a particularly good news source any more either.
this is why canada does one better with "much more MUSIC" instead of false advertising MUSIC?tv because even tough they play terrible reality tv, they still have more than background music of "the real world."
THANK YOU! The fact that people don't understand this is sad...
MTV apesta, todo menos música, salvo los premios y en la madrigada... deberían cambiarle el nombre, caricaturas es lo unico que medio les paso como las de Wolverine y south Park, pero da tristeza como un canal que se caracterizo por pasar los mejores vídeos como Take On Me de a-ha o the tv kill the radio ahora pasen reality shows de adolescentes teniendo sexo, con embarazo precoz o programas de relaciones, noviazgos, de mala calidad, horribles, es lo que esta matando la esencia del canal, claro: es barato, no hay que pagar derechos, no hay que escribir música ni ser creativos... Youtube cada vez le quita mas terreno a MTV, Youtube le abrio espacio a los artistas que quedaron en el olvido por los reality shows... pero nunca sera lo mismo, MTV llego a producir buenos vídeos y si pudieran competir, nunca sería lo mismo...
Well, that shut up my complaints right up
2:26 Fuck you man, stop being so spot on!
Damn, I'm old as fuck. I knew Biggie when he was alive. Lmaooo
that's pretty cool
Y lo vimos por You Tube... 
y cuidado si Youtube termina comprando MTV, si sigue decayendo el canal, cada vez peor programación, lo salva south Park, Wolverine e Iron Man, pero el resto de los programas dan asco, puro reality shows malos, la música cada vez recibe menos espacio en un canal que se supone que debe promover la música, no esconderla, relegarla, alejarla del público, se lo ganan a pulso que Youtube les pase factura, como ha decaido MTV...
Of course Sony/BMG selling rootkit infected CDs didn't help, nor did backwardly engineering anti PC DRM on CDs that broke Macs when mid-20s girl was all over Kazaa. Viruses should be an occupational hazard on Kazaa, Limewire and eMule, not from buying and paying for music!  If legally bought CDs contain rootkits, why shouldn't we steal?  At least if we're well versed in the dark arts of P2P, we know what to look out for. And yes, it would have been awesome if Natalie mentioned that, only to see the red, bloated face of that network head choking on his scotch when Natalie asks pertinent questions like "Couldn't you have, like, sued Sony for loss of profits?" or "Why didn't anybody go to jail for that? because that's like, far worse than anything weev did and he went to jail, right?"
Christopher Yost Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Reposty toasty!
LMMFAO!!! DAMN that was GOOD!!
I'm her age and I NEVER stole music. Also I feel superior enough to normal people that the shit they play on MTV just makes me physically sick.
If MTV did still play music videos, I wouldn't watch anyway because I am not into today's pop music. If I had a TARDIS, I would go back to 1983 and watch hours of MTV!
and yet, artists boht old and new are....still making videos? Artists like DEATHSTARS, Dimmu Borgir, In flames? Shit that would have been on headbangers ball? And, i don't watch those shows because it's not worth risking what functioning grey matter that I have left in my brain to subject it to that nonsense. :)
Law ready for this?
 i know this video is supposed to be a joke,but I'm sure its what the mtv head honchos really feel like....dumbasses,its MTV music television,its supposed to play music,not crappy reality programs
The only reason people are asking this is because its fucking called music tv. I mean if it'd be like teentv or like another crappy name id not give a fuck bit its fucking MTV...
Was one of the camera guys having a seizure when they were recording Natalie? /so awesome
Funny thing is, this is on my "Favorites" playlist and the video right after this one is a Mumford and Son's one...
You olso touch an YouTube
MTV does not exist. It's not existed for 20 years now. Yes I am Older and Don't give a crap for what younger people like. I can tell you this? I have a lot more $Money$ then when I was young and stupid. I will not spend it on CRAP! today.. and MTV is CRAP! today... LoL josey joezop
I'm a young guy and i wish i was born in the 80s
I was in my 20s  then and mostly ? it was a blast. Today is every body for themselves  back then we were in it together. was very special time and i see just how rear it was today. not just me looking back it really was something special and i am glade i was there for it..... josey joe zop
mtv should change their name
This is scarily accurate
This guy .... This guy makes so much sense !
Benjamin Llie Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Now i get it....
Mtv was doing regular and shitty reality shows long before piracy was an issue, there was more money to be made that way.
True, but then people did watch it or else they wouldn't have done it. :-( God, I miss the 90s.
That guys eye is driving me nuts
and that's why I just listen to game OST's, anime music, and jpop nowadays.
That's the most weeaboo shit I've ever read.
must not venture into forums often
@Brian and Maria Every generation stole and created their own music. My generation: Techno, Rap/hiphop, Grunge.
MTV in 1981: Music Television ~ flash forward 19 years ~ MTV in 2000: Mature Television
I love this so much!! Cry you TRL bitches! Hahaha
Wait I was looking for REDtube...
I'm still into new music i don't give a shit how old i will get. If Last.fm is now old and spotify the new thing than MTV is worn out like Windows 98.
80s/90s created Grunge, Rap/hiphop, Techno.
Why dont change name then?
Touché on mtv not playing music anymore
Thankfully Much Music in Canada still plays music videos which makes this video irrelevant.
I stopped watching mtv in the mid 00s when I found that underground music was better than mainstream.
This guy is a better David Spade than David Spade is.
Every generation stole and created their own music
is this the 'law' from that one show?
Touché on mtv not playing music anymore
This video is depressing, I feel old at 8 years old
damn that nigga was spot on
Dear this video, Your arguments might hold more merit if so much of MTV2's content didn't consist of sitcoms so old..... how did you put it 'it's literally old enough to drive a car'.  Replacing the alleged focus of their network with re-runs of old shows nobody cares about and trashy reality tv is why G4 no longer exists.  Don't be G4.  Because it doesn't exist anymore.
Sami Ismail Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I remember the time I downloaded my first MP3, it was Beck's "Loser", in 1998... I loved being able to download just one song from an album I didn't care about. I also remember thinking that this was weird, and that the whole music industry would have to change. Little did I know.
Roger Miller Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
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