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Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Live on Letterman)

by KatyPerryVEVO • 4,293,483 views

"Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Live on Letterman)" Get the single on iTunes: Buy the complete 'Teenage Dream' album on iTunes: Music video by Katy...

wow a live Katy Perry video where she doesn't sound like absolute crap?  Weird.
She is still shit..  There are background singers supporting her, or else she cant even sing properly. 
+Revanth Reva  Well that was only on the chorus...and katy's voice still stands out from the background singers... Teenage Dream is one of her songs that showcases her distinct real voice which is not any different even when autotuned. Its only that she focuses on the tune of the song in the studio and not that much when live.
People say it's easy to sing better than her......if it's easy to sing better than her then why aren't you a pop singer with millions of dollars?
Because in the world we live in, "it's not what you know, it's who you know" that's gets any business can turn an undiscovered talent into a huge success but they really gotta like you or you know someone up top. I love her btw
Well partly cause I'm 15 and I don't want to drop out of school.
Talent way better then gaga ps gaga is over and katy is rising
I like Katy but her vocals don't match Gaga's vocals.
She can sing but her band is clearly not playing anything. Just for show, which is understandable. It IS a show.
All you haters hate her because you guys have a different favourite singer am I right?.. So if I say your favourite singer sings like crap you guys will support him/her so why can't all haters just shut up there ugly mouths and just be thankful for having this song! If you personally don't like it than thumbs down why waste your time thinking about crap and making a compliment/comment on it! (ALL YOU HATERS NEED TO GET A LIFE FIRST AND THAN THINK ABOUT IT AND THAN HATE)
This should prove she can sing.... She isn't a powerhouse singer like Celine Dion or Pink Or Adele, but she has a familar voice and can be picked out of a crowd... She has a unique voice like Carrie Underwood...
Sub here I'll sub back!
She does sing well c'mon! Stop being so small-headed and consider every mainstream artist/song a bad thing. If they're successful is due to the cool music they make
+Stuart Lynch Pretentious music asshole alert.
+Stuart Lynch How dare you insult the Boy Who Lived XD
Lmao she tries so hard in the beginning but she better give up. I love Katy, I love her songs but she"s such a bad singer, she's more of an entertainer
hello i'm a new youtuber who does covers :D please do check my channel out :D i appreciate it very much! :)
She sings very well in this video
Hannah Montana see this video!
she's such a studio artist. she's not THAT bad in this specific performance, pretty mediocre. but her studio versions of songs sound great. but live? that's another story ...
u know she is famous and better then allof u
Talentless as expected. I wonder if she was rotten in the sack too? Russell Brand. Chime in mate.
I know she is another stupid pop singer but is beautiful at least...or you are gay??
Russells a wanker though. Can't stand that git. You're right in the first part. She's a studio artist. Im fine with that
watches 5sos perform this live woah big difference
Was her microphone off or something ?
it's too weak Katy.. -_-  
What do u expect from a Falsetto! Duh! It's falsetto not belting!
Well atleast you get to listen to music. You don't need to be good to sing! Katy Perry tried her best so you should be happy!
I so Love Katy Perry, I just don't Want her to Perish away from Eternal Life. I Love you Katy...
To all the haters, friendly reminder, her worst performance is better than your best song you've sang :)
I said, TO ALL HATERS. Not everyone, my god.
So talented ! Hard song to sing live !!!
KatyCat Reni Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Live on Letterman)
erick zeekaf Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
that was my teenage dream
This chic is a box full of lies.Bad."her soul is devil suprise.
I"m for sale dogy dogy life.flope.
saying "she can't sing" isn't going to change anything, she's on top with her career, so good for her :)
Ignore the haters Katy Perry is the queen
Just comparing Katy Perry's Teenage Dream with Dark Horse. I found out that Katy Perry's songs are incomparable because they are all so epic! I LOVE KATY!
Rihanna is da greatest bitch in music biz...and she got a cock between her fat legs
Quanto c***o e brava
the Intro of this live it's FANTASTIC! So powerful
Vidya BaChan Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Freedom is in the mind! 
Wonderland The Katy Perry
You have beautiful voice. :-)
Shut the fuck up HATERS I love you Katy Perry
1:18 hahahaha vahhhalantine
i wanna see and kiss you !!!! <3
This is actually a LOT better than her other live performances, believe it or not...
Katty's Pussy is the best.
Me encanta esta cancion
1:19 that's it. However she got it brilliantly!
Katty's Pussy is the best.
Diosa-hermosa-divina talento---
Rafael Camargo Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
~ 17.52 thousand hours, 1.0512 million minutes, 63072000/2 ... K3 ...
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing :-)
كيييتتتيي انتي جممممميله احبكك
Is she drunk or something because the beginning was just off -.-
Yes she can sing even live maybe u cnt bt she can
She is our times pop princess!!!
Guys this is one of her first songs of course its not her best
5 seconds of summer sings an better live version.
I love you katy perry
Is that really her or a imporsinator
Yes she can sing even live maybe u cnt bt she can
i love Katy what about you >? she is definitely a good Singer
Love you so much! I wish you will come to Vietnam!!
Owen Pallett sent me. Her intonation (ie. whether she is in tune, or consistently on pitch) is relatively good. She doesn't have a strong voice or much control, and that is why there are vocal overdubs during the choruses. (Those back-up singers aren't responsible for the huge increase in vocal volume.) What I find surprising is KP's lack of charisma in this performance; there were crickets chirping before the song began. I was expecting the wild, fun-loving party girl. It's a fun, smart song, regardless.
A good voice isn't judged by powerhouse vocals anymore. Unique voices is something becoming vastly popular. Katy doesn't have a powerhouse voice, but she sings mostly in tune, and has good vibrato, and a unique sound... She has a good voice, she isn't bad, she isn't no Whitney either!
Katy you are amazing
R u like a real fan of Katy Perry? You seem to like her a lot as a fan...
Dirty little girl..
Hoshi Risu Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
similar to the guitar sound electro pop I am trying to make
Can u guys please check out the cover of me singing teenage dream? Click on my channel and u will find it :)
Check out my cover for this song in my channel
Thank god for her back up singers!
i thought this was good
She's maxing live, I don't care what u ll think,just think, love I more difficult cause she's jumping around and stuff
Again it looks like she got possessed in the beginning of the video when she was walking forward. Look at her face! If u cant see keep on repeating it! O.o
Actually, she doesn't need the skin tight jeans to get the heart racing............
BEST SONG EVER sorry for the caps I just had to do it.
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