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Nate Phelps: Wesboro's forgotten son [Part 1/2] - ThinkAgain!

by Think Again! TV, A Centre for Inquiry Canada Production • 87,593 views

An interview with Nathan Phelps, the estranged son of the Westboro Baptist Church. Recently Nathan has come out as an Atheist and was speaking in Toronto as part of the 2010 Gay Pride Events namely...

Warren Thompson Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Dangers of being indoctrinated into religion.
Why would anyone believe a man made book? the concept is delusional ! No one can prove it's the word of God, so why even read it? Why can't some people think for themselves?I find it very Strange
I really respect this guy. The shit he went through was not fair, yet still has a fair evaluation process of reality. Good job Nate!
The above is the result of the Western Church's schism against the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church in 1054. Good job guys. The Bible has clearly been changed. The Orthodox Church hasn't.
"The existence of the Orthodox Church is existence of the Spirit."  more unverifiable claims....darn i was hoping for something substantial...
Well sure the catholic Church has changed, protesting by the secular is what bought about change, you'll find the pope was fine with witch killing and set out the manifesto on heresy and the persecution of Jews, Muslims, abuses of church practices by corrupt clergy, need i go on? God of the gaps works in mysterious ways, maybe your God drinks a lot of spirit's.
Anybody ever considered that maybe, because we had been intended to seek and achieve a personal relationship with God... just maybe... God had written it so that man can take it and learn from it his own Truth. If God had, in the first place, meant that the Bible be definitive in the first place, I'm sure it's not beyond Him to be precise. In fact, I'd say, he'd even make it shorter just to get the point across and he'll probably format it in bullet points, too!
My Brother is gay he lives in CA. If I see any of the Westboro Baptist Church fucks when he dies I will personaly put them all in the hospital!!!! You can bank on it.
If you seriously think the world is flat, plants are older than stars, and that the sun revolves around the Earth (like the bible does), well, you're fucking retarded, lol. The god of the bible absolutely does not exist.
Wow Nate. You're father really turned you off from God.
In his position, raised as he was, I'm not surprised he no longer believes in God. After what he's been through, who would believe in God? How would you rationalize a loving God living with a father that treated him like that?
no evolution happens over long periods of time you idiot i suggest you go learn biology
So I'm an insecure faggot because I presented you with some logic? I'm only saying that the person making the claim that something exists is responsible for the burden of proof. Plus, I never said I don't believe in God.
these guys are fucked...they speak in riddles...just like polititians
We don't do it to look down on people, And we religious people CAN'T commit suicide. I mean, the guy is being a douche bag, but don't hate us as a hole.
wow i love youtube arguments. I really do. I want you to re-read my comments and yours & tell me when I said that person 'tried to push religion on me'. where would the world be if nobody spoke out because they had an ideology different from others. We would still be pagans! Please understand that if you have a sexual fetish for glass, I do not share it with you! I would like a reasonable secular response from the peanut gallery next time :)
Very sad. How will he know when he finds that truth? What he is observing is man's sinful nature in action, just as Scripture says. Sin isn't just going out and sleeping around or the things that Westboro has a problem with. Westboro is steeped in sin (i.e. self righteousness) just as much. None of us can please God by our actions.The error comes in thinking that you can please Him, or that by acting against his law you can somehow free yourself from Him. The truth is in being forgiven by him.
yes you are right i felt so sorry for him and all the mental abuse he went thru as a child :( sick family
You are a free thinker, i like it :) I wish you all the best
Satan is disguised in many forms. So maybe they do not invoke Satan, but they are acting as if they have Satans will.
haha something better to do?you could have explained it to me by now, and I would fully accept your belief if it made sense.but the truth is you can't answer it because your beliefs are bs. so you make excuses, side arguments and cop out like every single religious person. proof that you are full of shit.
Wouldn't be that hard? they have like 15 people at one funeral..... a lot more will go to the funeral so.
If you are genuinely interested in finding the truth, you will. If you just have an agenda that wants to prove others wrong, you are not sincerely seeking the truth.
I think what you meant to say was: I hope he decides to believe in the same myths that I do.
Fuck read what i said :/ Me trying to help people doesnt affect you, hipocrite. If the religious can impress their views on me i can do likewise. Be logical mate. btw religion does affect me negatively.
No. He has seen the dark side of religion. He questioned it, and came out to the logical conclusion: God does not exist.
You can't deny that most of them do. Anyway, go back to your poor sad life you troll.
And you look like a total douchebag because of it. Congrats.
If this man grew up in that fanatic presence and managed to break the mental bands and brainwashing and proceed to adapt to critical thinking and forming a own free will, he's a freaking hero to me!
the thing is a theistic believe isnt harmfull by it self, but the religious belief can defenitly be. religion is corrupt, since your belief do influence your action and dicisions. that can cause a good man do to bad. for example homophobia, or people like the westboro baptist church, or people going on a killing spree because they think there a crusador of god. or jesus camp, terrorist attacks, mental torment (hell can be very traumatic to teach your childern). and im out of symbols :(
Well, as a believer, I admire his determination and courage for leaving the Westboro Baptist Church. Those guys have always left a bad impression of presenting Christians as being hateful close minded individuals, who never think for themselves where in the bible is concerned, and that's pretty sad. cont
Sure. There isn't a large enough food supply in your garage to sustain the animal. That's how they disproved the Loch ness Monster. Same works for god. The bible says god can not be wrong. God was wrong when he said the world was flat and didn't rotate or revolve. That god can not be.
Good for you Nate, you have seen the light, you were able to leave this I sanity. I am happy for you. Thank you for the video.
I think for the most part you are right. I was brainwashed from birth. Baptized into the Catholic Church. I don't follow the Bible. But I feel the warmth of the love of Jesus in my heart and I try to touch others with that same love. We are suppose to spread the love of Christ. That is the true purpose of Christianity. Not saying "God hates fags." or picketing funerals or condemning people to Hell. Jesus's message is about love.
I neither can prove nor disprove the existence of a God. One thing I know for sure being a Catholic girl all my life... if there is a God, He's not in the Catholic churches. I checked.
@Trashleighink My faith in humanity has just been restored.
oh god i almost threw up at 0:37, get your greasy ass face out of the camera
If I was over the pond with you, I would gladly stand by you and help out. sometimes people just need to learn to shut up and stay out of the lives of others. the best we can do, is turn our backs on them, mock them, and provide as much support for those other kids who decide to leave when they make the plunge. let the rest of the vile poison rot where it lives.
Is Shirley Phelps his sister or ex wife?
Reality is that behind the Shield of Satanism "Religion" battles to shut the mouth of those who ask those uncomfortable questions, the questions that makes them realize how stupid the entire myth is.
That's not our thing.. That's a middle eastern thing because they think it dishonors the family..
Fuck off whore. Go fuck other family members.
i hope his other sisters/ brothers look into thier hearts and leave that hate filled collection. there are many interpretations of the bible, but if wel agree that God is love and expressions of love to our fellow man is proof of God's love, then you have found what you are looking for. I'm not looking at the Bible as a collection of stories of people, but I try to emulate the love I believe that is being taught. And you don't have to be of a particular religion to express love and respect.
@Ben Gilbert.. awesome... however I just meant they are both hate groups. Neither of them should exist as far as im concerned
he's discovering way too much way too late. he seriously seems like a pretentious thinker about philosophical reality. spirituality is a post-natural phenomenon between people and other non-material beings, either by delusion or basic phenomena. he immidiately falls away from any god because he finds out that culture dives deep into philosophy, and i think that's a bit too fickle. you should really consider thinking about possibility rather than reality when it comes to religion.
Yeah you are right everything is just a accident.
So... why believe in something that CANNOT be proven?
no the cult of Satan is a lot more friendly then these guys.
I don't believe their group is Satanic; they seem to follow a version of the Christian faith. If you hold these people as being separate from Christians, you do so not because of their holy texts, but because of a discomfort in associating them with Christians. Religion can cause people to adopt positions which are hurtful to others. Sometimes people use religion as a proxy for their personal opinions, other times as a substitute for personal inquiries into the nature of morality.
I almost cbf answering that one. Do you believe in magic unicorns? The probability of the existence of both aren't dissimilar.Therefore I can safely disregard this 'god'
Ok. I believe in a intelligent, universal power, but this man is very reasonable and gives me reason to think about what I believe. He seems like a very intelligent and humble man. I wish him all the best in his life.
I wouldn't say never. We are all legalists (both atheists and Christians) at heart and must struggle against it all the time.
Honestly I didn't expect you to use anything other than a cop out to explain your unexplainable position. "my life would be shit without god", is just another cop out for facing reality. Want to know why religion arguments go no where? Cause idiots like you never answer the pressing questions, they just use cop outs.
Smart man! I wonder how Fred Phelps could manage to produce the one intelligent child...
Is there any difference besides the number of followers? I don't see any.
A cult is where you need someone to tell you how to read the bible or holy book.. The bible does not require guru's to tell you what the book says.. Anybody can read the bible & know what it says..
If God was hate, then i can see why he went into being an Atheist. But God is a loving God; God is love, which is stated in the bible. His parents taught him wrong.
Nate thinks he is so smart , when i hear what he is saying i get a little offended because it is obvious he hasent done his homework , he knows nothing about us Christians . All he is doing is "blaim the daddy for everything" nonsense acting like a little girl .This man is lost is really lost.....i fell sorry for him
You are correct, they apply a literal translation of the bible. I personally am an Atheist but was raised Catholic, WBC just went the opposite of the way that I did. Well, and they went a bit further. I don't care what anyone believes as long as they don't force their beliefs on me. I can say the pledge of allegiance, I simply don't say god (that wasn't added until 1954 anyway.) I stay out of your way, you stay out of mine and we are all happy (and if I end up in hell, oh well you were right)
I wish everyone was half as thoughtful in their positions and values as Nate Phelps.
Close your eyes and think William Shatner.
This poor man is traumatized. As a Christian, I feel he is afraid of the idea of belief. I pray that he finds his way to a place and faith of hope, change and comfort. His family is such a mess, God help them!
He seems wounded, that is the sad part. Smart, level headed all of that but he just seems that his spirit has been injured by his weirdo family.
This man should serve as a reg flag to his family, that there is something wrong. The Bible says that if you bring a child up in the way of God, he shouldn't depart from it when he gets older. It also specifies certain fruits of the spirit, to let a person know that their on the right path. If no one, I mean no one wants to be like you, you are doing something wrong.
Hey dude, that's not how u use the reply feature
amazing, if only he could give you a logical brain. so, you have also seen him molest children, starve nations and cause natural disasters?
I have an invisible, undetectable fire breathing dragon in my garage. Now, prove it doesn't exist.
Please don't get me wrong that is not how I operate. I respect others as people and by their actions nothing more. I just wish for religion and church to be removed from its tax exemption and other forms of support because it is not right.
@Countjustinrowe just wanted to point out that that is a stupid persons cop out remark when asked a logic question.
How about the idea that "God" is neither male nor an individualized entity?
I want to know aboot his background
Christians are supposed to love everyone regardless and if they don't that's a sin on their own. No sin is greater than another. I'm a homosexual and proud because EVERY Sunday I make sure I'm at church giving thanks to The Lord, never asking for anything. I'm alwYs thanking The Lord & telling him I put my faith in his hands. I see nothing wrong with people's religious views & sexuality
How is WBC any different than other hate groups like KKK?
How about "Where there is creation there is a creator... unless you ARE the creator in which case this rule doesn't apply" ???
Seek the Lord in your own heart, not by the will of others.
I love how the problem with us Christians were that we were bad people, or mean people, and insulted other religions (Which is fucking bigotry since that's trying to say we do this as a whole.) And when we don't, it's some of the Atheist people who screws with us. and why us? we're like, one of the 200+ religions on our earth.
so, here it is, don't make a strawman out of me, or dodge the question. you said :"Not at all. I believe in God because I have seen him do amazing things like cure dyslexia, chronic depression (immediately, not over time), do medical miracles lie literally filling a hole in someone's heart etc. " I asked why are miracles performed on these people but not others?it is a simple question. can you back up your convictions?
you have a great point there however believing in a God doesnt harm anyone, i know atheists who attend church because they love the feel of it, its religion itslef that has corrupted great beliefs. dont bash on people who believe in a God, bash on the freaks who make you feel like an ass because you dont believe in EXACTLY what they tell you
Im an atheist and dont mind at all if people practice a certain religion, but if you go to an extreme and start boasting your hatred, i cant get by it
Nate Phelps, I salute you for your strength to stand up for what is right.
hahahahaha cop out central. "religious arguments go no where", o rly? thank you for taking the time to explain god's message to be, you are a true christian.
@jewbilee666 it may not be true for you, but it is true for many others. religion gives people hope, creates bonds, and spreads love. jesus may or may not have been real, but christianity is very much real.
I don't look upon the bible as a guidline, I look at it as a history textbook or a newspaper, it tells you what has happend, and it tells you how people think others should live. Those parts of it I ignore completly, but I look at those for inspiration, like Jesus, I hope one day I have the balls to do what is necessary, and right, and to help people. Unfortunatly because of the WestBoro CULT, that dream is ruined, because now I wish I could personally kill each of them.
Nate will die and burn in Hell, and I will rejoice!
I love this guy, horrible that he had to come from such a terrible group of people "called" his family
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