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Russian girl caught on video levitating

by valentinlaguna • 1,853,685 views

PART 2 HERE Russian guy walking his dog in the forest and suddenly the dog is scared and runs away into a direction... the guy fallows the dog and he catches on video...

It's Chichi and San Goku ... just doing a little training nothing special ! 
dbz!!! no son gotten! xD
            The vodka gave her wings !
I once saw a fat guy jump out from his window and landed on his ass. True story.
This is the Russian version of fox news
yea put your head in my ass! then put yo dick in a watermelon and a corn cob in your anus!
+1WITHTEETH no it was not a question. you said "bet thats ur dumbaszz in the photo?" that is a statement. you are making a observation and coming to the conclusion that he is in the photo.
Man I is so jealous! I can usually only get a foot off the ground. That girls a pro!
Anyone who watches this and believes it, they have magical power as well............Stupidity.
maybe it was me dont remember anymore
where is your black sidekick everyone seems to have forgotten about?
Mai comentatorule faci face de rusine invatamantul romanesc.Directorul ar trebui sa te schimbe...iei bani aiurea cu vocea matale de manelist..Stii ce e culmea? ca eu sunt de etnie roma si totusi realizez ca aveti prea multe manelisme...ce e de mirare ca fetita leviteaza,oricum mintile romanilor au devenit paranormale si leviteaza in oceanul necunoasterii si al confuziei cu programele voastre TV.Bine ca leviteaza  fetita sa arate lumii ca nu e cum vrea stiinta.
Ink Kree "Dea"  Bull........................................................................shit.
Conceat, don't feel. Don't let them know
Are u try to steal Elsa's quote? Lol! XD
We'll know they know just float just float and shoot lasers from your eyes HAHAHAHAHA lol nice joke brush
This is normal in Russia
+Tori Wright Just to remind you and everyone else here, United State is the ruler of the world.
+Boring Banana Chicken Wing this is why people dislike america, i cannot wait for the day that the epicenter of western civilisation moves on
Does this sound or look anything like Russian? You, sir, are not the smartest. Unless you somehow know the girl and she is indeed Russian. How did I get here?
why do videos show up with unimaginable footages and the quality sucks.. guy holding the camera does an exaggerated shaking, can't focus the spot for a second...why? because it's fake!
Red Bull really dose give you wings just watch this little fly
if it wasnt filmed with a fucking spoon we might be able to tell what it actually is! 
And what pray tell is a......Fucking Spoon? How does it differ a normal everyday spoon?
How do you film with this "fucking spoon"? I can't film with an average spoon.
Looks like she was hanging off of something. Would have helped if more video than pop up messages were shown but then again there's no "levitation" in this video.
OH MY GOD....something "supernatural" is happening!   better grab the blurry 1980's cameras!
This is romanian you fuckin idiot. CHECK IT BEFORE YOU WRECK IT
Vladimir putin is behind this
Look again at the video. As soon as the girl starts levitating, look on her right as a figure of a long stick is moving. It keeps moving to the left, and than a bit to the right and than it disappears to the left. Just before it disappears, it almost looks like a form of something. interesting! Let me know your findings.
More spookily, why is the "Russian guy" speaking in broken English to a dog called " Tarzan "   ?    Would he not be talking in Russian, if he and the dog both were.
+Vykke Of course. Thank you for that obvious explanation.  
"She young, iiis normal." - A.S.
In Russia even the phones are drunk
Adobe AfterEffects. I think the original footage had the girl standing on the ground, reaching up and swinging the rope with her arm, this is why she looks like she's standing on her tippy-toes and reaching while "levitating", why the rope is swaying, and also why the woman is looking up. The woman was looking at the rope while the girl was standing on her tippy-toes to pull it, but then someone went in and edited the footage to make it look like the girl was hovering and the woman was looking at her. Instead of keeping the camera fixed on the "levitation", it drops down for a frame, this is when the edited footage ceases and it returns to the untampered footage, girl at the woman's side and they scamper away. Hoax hoax hoax.
They are seriously playing the Resident Evil movie franchise theme song? lol
Photoshop and video effects only! hahahahah!
even christians are more credible than that. :D
A red flag for fake shit is a sucky cameraman who misses half of what's going on. Especially the important parts, if there are any.
Mecha purgy aporto Tarzan
I saw the person movin side to side holdin a pole like thing inda bakground....119
So he "drops" the camera as she stops "levitating" huh...seems a bit too good to be true. It could be a hoax...
the real magic here is in the comments.. the magic of the reactionary programmed response.   
Too bad the posture and movements of the levitator gives it away - she is suspended from a cable. You need to be a moron to believe that anyone is exempt from the law of gravity!
or even anything the cables could be attached to
+fullmetal891 These are illusionist tricks. Try spotting the cables in David Copperfield's shows. Charlatans have been beguiling the gullible for centuries. 
What dialect is this? 
at  the  first of  all  this   isn't  Russian TV Chanel   ,  second  this  is  bullshit  .  have a  nice  day 
scots men in kilts do this all the time after eating a hot curry!. thats how hover craft got invented
There is a rope. Why repeat video. The recorder just want money. When the camera was facing other angle, the other side people call the dog. Im a pro. #Redstne master.
Hmm.could this be witchcraft or something else
there are cables everywhere after crouching tiger hidden dragon
Yawns... no. 1 who takes a video while walking his dog? No. 2.. look at the kid angle.. it seems a cable was holding her weight... but over kudos 2 d guy.. he managed to make it a successful viral
Must've had herself a few Red Bulls
We have all been levitating since early childhood. Although my village is rather isolated, and there are those who say that there is something in the water...
I'm on the weird side of YouTube again.
It was a round,fine,large mesh[girl got her arms out] net,which was pulled up when camera started rolling.Notice,no filming when the girl lowed down and untangled from the net,only when they were running away.Hope the girl got a bag of lollies!
The video is romanian,the guy in the background who talks about the event is romanian,but the guy who filmed the whole thing talks russian. No,i don't think you can watch this in english.
I saw a cow fly. Did you see it
It's Romanian... they are quite different in writing and sound. notice any backwards Rs in the text? The poster of this video also writes in the description "fallows the dog" lmao! This is the same type of low level media you can also witness in North America too...
That's hilarious, the music you hear in the background is from Max Payne, a video game. 
My drunk friend jump in 7 level house, and last a life, medical doctor not say. You mb not try me, it's try))) and stories more...
What are you even trying to say??
You were obviously drunk while typing that comment.
Ondrej Bechyne Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Asi chyba v matrixu
I saw the person movin side to side holdin a pole like thing inda bakground....119
Rope and ropeman in bang ground. Besides who films their dog.
Yeah! 'Red Bull' gives you wings
Anyone who thinks this might be real, should try it... off of a large building. That would be best for the human race.
Yeah so is the walking pole behind that was cut off as soon as it enters the frame! $?
so what she's levitating maybe she can.
if you look closely... you can see ghost figure holding the girl up!!
doubt this is real, but if it is sign me up i wanna fly.
kappen met al die klote spam!
Shit!...hopefully she uses her powers for good naw i'm talkin' bout
In Soviet Russia - wires levitate YOU!
i love the mother's reaction... "ok you can COME ON LET''S GO!".....
it fucking in news you understand
ROBERT AVATAR Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Russian girl caught on video levitating:
some douche wailing around in the bg lol quality made low on purpose.. you can totally make out a person in that
yes the dog can smell danger
Obviously they got caught so the kid is the real deal.
@nat mukta that was a piece if stick.
jinnwishes magician show me real supernatural life is change now  
looks like shes holding a rope in this case.
This is how it was done: "The first part is a kite girl (you can see it blowing unnaturally with the wind). Then you see the camera fall to the floor. During the floor shot is where the edit occurs between the kite and the real girl and her partner. This is one of my fave paranormal clips. Brilliantly done !" Looking at it again (the enhanced version), it is very obvious that the floating girl is actually a kite when you see her "head" bob up.  It looks flat.
Ну и что тут такого не обычного?
I am sorry, but in my opinion this does not prove she is levitating.
Russia, this is where the guy that can't really bend anything but your ear started his career. Also, isn't a bit odd that someone who speaks Russian speaks English to his dog in start of this video hoax??? He'll be on YouTube channel soon.
Is that Russian language? I thought they had some different letters and stuff. Also, surprised to see Kanal D in Russia. Didn't know it existed there... (Again, if that's Russia.)
Illuminati confirmed.
Probably the child (and the mother too) are possessed. Really nothing special nor hard to obtain - if you know how. Anyone can levitate with just several weeks of (very very very boring) training. I should know, I've used to practice at least 6 hours/day and I've managed to levitate after 2 weeks. But the risk of demonic possession is high so I wouldn't recommend anyone to try it. Also it may look cool but it's not useful at all.
wow do u really believe that? I know a good doctor :D
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