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by whiteboy7thst • 326,916 views

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Mw3 is a good game that could of been great without death streaks
He actually thought activision was going to delivery revolutionary orginal content, go play the game of deceptive buisness practices more.....
The campaign sucked. The gameplay was little more than "shoot people, move foward, scripted event, shoot more people), no weapon variety, the story made no sense, the ending was abrupt, and it wasn't even World War 3 like the game implied, just Russia vs USA, Germany and France. Soap's death should have had some emotional impact but it didn't.
My mw3 on xbox just got scratch And I don't know that will I get my data back when I buy a new mw3 Can some one help me?
Me watching a video about mw3 is hardly proof that bf3 is shit. You're just upset cuz you can't deal with the bullet drop or vehicles so you go on fuckin cod where your bullets travel at infinite speed and go on forever so you never need to think about a single thing you're doing. No skill.
While WhiteBoy remains the best lecturer of the CoD games however, I have to disagree with him here. I just got MW3 and it barely has anything new which gives credit to the "MW2.5" issue. The story is great though. If you don't want to spend $59? then just wait it out. I am thinking of trading it next week for BF3. Not bashing MW3, just stating my feeling on the campaign.
I'm not just going to troll, but I do say... My main concern with Black Ops is that the guns were much weaker than in the MW's, zombies was fun for a while simply because you didn't gain anything legitimate from playing for a while unlike the leveling up in MW3. Although, Black Op's does trump in the fact that everything is unlocked on Split Screen, but is truly demolished by MW3's customization of rules and special game modes.
You decided to make a review while visiting your girl friend? What a tool.
@bfullstar dude, he lives in his aprents old house, go look at cribs robbery edition on his channel, btw both his aprents are dead, ass hole
i dont wunt ps4 to come out i would never use my ps3 or games so waste of money :P
im getting this game in two days and i have been looking at it online but this video makes me want to play
Please check out my channel! Thank you!
Mw3 sucks, and battlefield sucks
i honestly think that since mw2 the games of the cod series have only been getting worse.. i hate mw3 but yet i still love mw2
People like this kid and all of you really never will and never did understand what cod4 really was. If you didnt play gamebattles at the height of its popularity which was Spring/Summer 08 then you really cant fathom how much better cod4 was than any other CoD to date. Like honestly nothing will top cod4 for sooooo many reasons but uyea
I don't see why people say that battle field is better than MW3 or why people say that MW3 is better than battle field. They are video games!! What does it matter if you like a game more than another? If you don't like a game then don't play it. Simple.
@067011098 They were gunna add dolphin diving but for some reason the graphics engine couldn't handle it. It's not that it's bad it's just that it had bugs so they couldn't do it.
mw2 is past its time and they couldnt have done much more than the new updates on mw3 i recon its a great fun fucking game mofos :)
"this is my favorite Call of Duty game" Yeah im already uninterested in the rest of the video
The spawns are a little to close. At times I feel like I can't even get four steps out of a spawn without some random guy killing me from behind. Overall though I like the game.
@KDBroadCastings They balanced everything except noob toobs, and the type 95
HES FUCKIN KPOPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@re5owns678 Show me a game where guns have a perfect balance... Killstreaks are just as easy to get as they were in black ops or any other CoD. Small maps...? It's CoD not battlefield broseph. You can't snipe for shit because you ARE SHIT! Learn to fucking play you baddy. Get A.I.D.S and cancer you fucking cunt!
Treyarch makes shity games mw3 is so much better then that shity shity black ops idk y they would make it with two guns that can beat every other one with no skill.
rMs-xTRIGER is the best b ops swag all day everyday forget mw3
I honestly i like mw3 better thsn bo2 cuz theres more campin in bo2 and dnt get me started on the shotguns in bo2
Are they going too fix this lag issue? it annoying as H!!!
All haters are fags cause whiteboy likes mw3 and bf3 sucks. Some of you say o I'm at international lvl but no. Putting one bullet in a guy and saying I'm the best doesn't mean shit so stop hating
@bfullstar his mom died when he was 19 i think it was and his dad died when he was 20 so STFU
@DoctorL00mis dude I got to admit u just suck don't say that like seriously you can get cancer don't make jokes about a disease that kills millions of people dick......
The money system did impress me except for the fact that you would buy EVERYTHING which made me go into the Gypsy sex business. The Emblems of Black Op's were a bit fun to customize but I'm not an artist so I had retarded emblems. The titles, also emblems, should be both earned and bought and customized and preset; they truly need perfect balance. I will admit the kill streaks are revolutionary in this game as they finally allow support for the run in, triple kill, die person like me.
fuck bf3 multiplayer in bf3 sucks ass campain hell good fuk u doctorloomis
@TAMAHAWK808 no offense here dude. but with all of the people trying to get into this whole gaming youtube thing. and you're just not going to make it without that hd pvr. theres tons of other commentators like you but they have hd and its more fun to watch them because of that
GPSY!! I wacth all your vids to the end your awesome!!!!!!!!!! :)
@re5owns678 BF3 HAS NO BALANCE! LAWL AWLAWLAWLALWLAWLL Sniper rifles have bullet drop but MG's and AR's dont?WTF is that... Assault rifles make better sniper rifles. How is that balanced?And how could you call "support killstreaks" killstreaks? They are fucking terrible >< fucking scrub
@re5owns678 Pretty sure they can't just make up guns on the spot, also wheres your proof that it is in fact 80%? That's your opinion, not fact. The graphics that came out in MW2 were way ahead of its time, They didn't need to be upgraded. In fact they were downgraded when black cocks came out. How the fuck can you Improve multiplayer so drastically? Once again, where is this statistic from? I have not experienced any problems with host selecting. You mean imbalanced?
And black ops aim assist was so strong to try to help fix bad mechanics.
@bcrawfordflushing Going to all his videos? I only went to this one and his robbery video. Also, I like your attempt at being mature. But saying I'm a pussy before getting to know me is not mature at all. Nice try though. Have a nice life. ;)
Not impressed with MW3 at all. Battlefield 3 blows it right out of the water. And the only reason MW3 will sell better is cuz all the fan boys.
mw2 was way to unbalanced and mw3 is bad plain and simple
Just casually having a microwave in your bedroom-_-......
how did you get the game early?
@MrSniperscope its the games fault because the game gives them the tools
why doesnt anyone ever talk about CoD 3? was it really that bad? ive never played it
I want to see the next game made by infinity ward too. I hate treyarch's perks and killstreaks. The only new one in Black Ops that was cool was flak jacket.
MW3 was horrible. The green theme copied MW2 campaign, music copied from MW2 campaign. MW2 guns. Its like MW2 DLC
mhm... the negative is respawn system! yesterday i respawned infront of 3 enemies and got a tripple spray 1 sec after i spawned ;P
@kevineatsmufins Um, no. I meant he's practically saying "So what if I'm buying the same shit every year?"
i think this game is great and i also think treyark and infinity ward should combine their skills and me a brand new call of duty
10. Call Of Duty 3 9. Black Ops 2 8. Call Of Duty: World At War 7. Finest Hour 6. MW2 5. Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. Call Of Duty: MW3 3. COD 2 2. COD 2: Big Red One 1. Call Of Duty 4
I'm watching this in 1080p and I feel like im next to WhiteBoy
After you came back to your house, was it robbed?
I hate seeing people complain about mw3; personally I liked it, sure it wasn't perfect but it did have improvements from mw2, the only thing I didn't like was the maps but you also have to know that every call of duty games is similar, that is my opinion
Spawns are better than black ops you could spawn trap like crazy on that game. MOAB is cool. Whiteboy you never spoke of that. It's hard to get 25 kills in a row with only your gun!
Whiteboy is ur ps3 id name still whiteboy7st
Again with this no skill thing. Not true, I play Dota 2 and LoL at an international level. I don't even play mw3 so shut up you baddy. Slit your wrists.
Blackops is fuckin try hard junk bro mw2 was better then black ops and now mw3 is out it's two times as better and if u suck at mw3 dnt blame it on the game or the maps itsthe player that sucks u mad bruh
@Danflutch no it should be Call of Duty: Black Duty lol
From now on I demand video game reviews from non-Amish folk
The perks are much more balanced compared to MW2 where it was 1st is amazing, 2nd is alright, and 3rd is automatically commando. To conclude I like MW3 for the feel of the game it's faster and less suitable for campers, Black Ops was much slower and guns never seemed to kill. So personally MW3 all the way. If you even mention Battlefield 3 I will find you, skin you, feed your intestines to an orphanage and wear you like a raccoon hat. P.S. Trololololololololololololololololololololo Hahahaha!
i tried to. i really did. but its just simply not enjoyable
Am i high or was it bullry at the end
@Xxdragonslayorxx That's the problem. Playing 7 games of battlefield doesn't guarantee that you'll do amazing. It actually takes time to do good and isn't just a "run n gun" type of game, unlike MW3. It takes skill to do good in BF3. If you think BF3 sucks, you must have a dick in your ear affecting your brain. It's the most beautiful game out there. Give it a chance and screw CoD.. Atleast Battlefield actually tried to make a good game that took more than 8 months to make.
Underground survival mode is too easy Round 139
this game is average a best, 55/100 i would give it, broken hit detection, spawns, far too easy to hack, some guns just plain put you at a disadvantage when other over powered and unbalanced weapons are an option. maps are a downgrade from MW2 which in turn where a downgrade to COD 4s maps. this game adds new cool features but shits all over the gameplay of the previous games. I can only speak for the PC. to add insult to injury the games graphics are still the same. this is just lazy.
@laxyboyslim Yea that's pretty much the gist of it. You seem amazed...
MW3 ruined CoD for me because i had high expectations for it, but hopefully CoD ghosts lives up to THOSE expectations, i might get back into CoD
dont hate on cod its probly one of the best fps games out there
Only negative thing- NO DOLPHIN DIVE!!
@Zera2150 If MW3 is your only game, or if you're a little kid, you're right. But if you are a real gamer, or if you have ever played Battlefield 3, then MW3 is the worst game ever
like if your penis is bigger than 2 inches.
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