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BEST. MAP. EVER!!! - Happy Wheels - Part 48

by PewDiePie • 11,787,476 views

Can we reach over9000 likes? :D Next Episode ► More in the Playlist ►...

Is anyone watching in 2015
Me too and pewdipie haves 35 000 000 subscribes :0
Does anyone else miss the old Pewdiepie?
he still seems to usually have fun in what he does.
This video made me laugh and smile, not like the videos he uploads now, he was so awesome back then, nobody can deny that he has changed since then, I like the past pewds better,
+emily picket i still watch every video he uploads, but I miss past pewds
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ I███████████████████]. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤ read 23 more lines
Wow! Nice copying and pasting skills bro!
That doesn't work. It's all 1 line. Plus on phone you can see all of it,
If you can read this that would be great  I make Videos on my channel I enjoy making my videos and My Two Big Inspirations are Jack,pewds And Alfie Deyes. I want to make people lives better with my videos, if I can do this then that’s good enough for me. I've been working on YouTube for 1 year now all I want to do is make people laugh If you want to give me a chance and help me reach 100 subscribers then please do :D Please thumbs up so people see :) thanks you guys it means a lot.
Ahh... the good days of Pewdiepie... Is anyone still here?
Yes, everyone's here. Because Pewds never changed! :0 SHOCKER
I miss Happy Wheels
hey, this is what made pewds disable his comments, now quit it, all of you
+Tammy Travis no it isnt he disabled them because people never gave him support he didnt do that because people missed is old series and he probably never reads these anyways not trying to make a battle with you
everybody are miss the old pewds... me too, he's make videos more longer than he does now... ._. and he's kinda more funny back then... :3 i don't know... but hey... look it the other way... he's more happy now... atleast he is not forgotten us... and i still love pewds :D... people change... but i think it's normal :D #justmyopinion
........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') ..........................'...../ ..........''.............
While I watched this video there wee a spot from sweden? xd
Has anyone ever noticed how pewdiepie is kind of a hottie?😏😏😏
9:05 Here come the fanfiction authors and fangirls! 
Pewds,when are you gonna learn the difference between a frontflip and a backflip?
Leave him alone. PEWDIEPIE LOGIC!!!
Bro FIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha .. PewDiePie Nigtmare lol
I love Pewds. Give me any Pewds, and I will watch.😘👊🐖
Hello pewdiepie what's that noise AHH MY ENYME BARRLES
Yea... we can reach likes over 9000... xD
Did he ever play with indy
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ I███████████████████]. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤ █▀█░ █░░░█░ █▀▀░ ▄▀▀▄░ ▄▀▀▀▄░ █▀▄▀█░ █▀▀ █▀█░ █░█░█░ █▀░░ ▀▄▄▄░ █░░░█░ █░░░█░ █▀░ █░█░ ▀▄▀▄▀░ █▄▄░ ▀▄▄▀░ ▀▄▄▄▀░ █░░░█░ █▄▄ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ┈┈┈┈╱▔╲▂▂╱▔╲┈┈┈┈ ┈┈┈▕╮╱▔╲╱▔╲╭▏┈┈┈ ┈┈┈╱╋▏┊▕┊┊▕╋╲┈┈┈ ┈┈▕╋▕━▅━━▅━▏╋▏┈┈ ┈┈▕╱▔╲▔╭╮▔╱▔╲▏┈┈ ┈┈▕┊┳┊▔╰╯▔┊┳┊▏┈┈ ┈┈┈╲╰━━╯╰━━╯╱┈┈┈ ┈┈┈╱▔╭┈┈┈┈╮▔╲┈┈┈ ┈┈╱▕┊┊┈┈┈┈┊┊▏╲┈┈ ┈┈╲╱┊┊┈┈┈┈┊┊╲╱┈┈ ┈┈┈▏╋┊┈┈┈┈┊╋▕┈┈┈ ┈┈┈╲╋╰┈┈┈┈╯╋╱┈┈┈ ╱▔╲┈╲╋╭▂▂╮╋╱┈┈┈┈ ▏╋▕▂╱▏┊▏▕┊▕┈┈┈┈┈ ╲▂▂▂╱▏┊▏▕┊▕┈┈┈┈┈ ┈┈╱▔▔┈╯╲╱╰┈▔▔╲┈┈ ┈┈╲▂▂▂▂╱╲▂▂▂▂ ──▒▒▒▒▒────▄████▄───── ─▒─▄▒─▄▒──███▄█▀────── ─▒▒▒▒▒▒▒─▐████──█──█── ─▒▒▒▒▒▒▒──█████▄────── ─▒─▒─▒─▒───▀████▀───── Loading… █▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 😄😃😀😊☺️😉😍😘😚😗😙😜😝😛😳😁😔😌😒😞😣😢😂😭😪😥😰😅😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😤😖😆😋😷😎😴😵😲😟😦😧😈👿😮😬😐😕😯😶😇😏😑👲👳👮👷💂👶👦👧👨👩👴👵👱👼👸😺😸😻😽😼🙀😿😹😾👹👺🙈🙉🙊💀👽💩🔥✨🌟💫💥💢💦💧💤💨👂👀👃👅👄👍👎👌👊✊✌️👋✋👐👆👇👉👈🙌🙏☝️👏💪🚶🏃💃👫👪👬👭💏💑👯🙆🙅💁🙋💆💇💅👰🙎🙍🙇🎩👑👒👟👞👡👠👢👕👔👚👗🎽👖👘👙💼👜👝👛👓🎀🌂💄💛💙💜💚❤️💔💗💓💕💖💞💘💌💋💍💎👤👥💬👣💭🐶🐺🐱🐭🐹🐰🐸🐯🐨🐻🐷🐽🐮🐗🐵🐒🐴🐑🐘🐼🐧🐦🐤🐥🐣🐔🐍🐢🐛🐝🐜🐞🐌🐙🐚🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🐄🐏🐀🐃🐅🐇🐉🐎🐐🐓🐕🐖🐁🐂🐲🐡🐊🐫🐪🐆🐈🐩🐾💐🌸🌷🍀🌹🌻🌺🍁🍃🍂🌿🌾🍄🌵🌴🌲🌳🌰🌱🌼🌐🌞🌝🌚🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌜🌛🌙🌍🌎🌏🌋🌌🌠⭐️☀️⛅️☁️⚡️☔️❄️⛄️🌀🌁🌈🌊🎍💝🎎🎒🎓🎏🎆🎇🎐🎑🎃👻🎅🎄🎁🎋🎉🎊🎈🎌🔮🎥📷📹📼💿📀💽💾💻📱☎️📞📟📠📡📺📻🔊🔉🔈🔇🔔🔕📢📣⏳⌛️⏰⌚️🔓🔒🔏🔐🔑🔎💡🔦🔆🔅🔌🔋🔍🛁🛀🚿🚽🔧🔩🔨🚪🚬💣🔫🔪💊💉💰💴💵💷💶💳💸📲📧📥📤✉️📩📨📯📫📪📬📭📮📦📝📄📃📑📊📈📉📜📋📅📆📇📁📂✂️📌📎✒️✏️📏📐📕📗📘📙📓📔📒📚📖🔖📛🔬🔭📰🎨🎬🎤🎧🎼🎵🎶🎹🎻🎺🎷🎸👾🎮🃏🎴🀄️🎲🎯🏈🏀⚽️⚾️🎾🎱🏉🎳⛳️🚵🚴🏁🏇🏆🎿🏂🏊🏄🎣☕️🍵🍶🍼🍺🍻🍸🍹🍷🍴🍕🍔🍟🍗🍖🍝🍛🍤🍱🍣🍥🍙🍘🍚🍜🍲🍢🍡🍳🍞🍩🍮🍦🍨🍧🎂🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍯🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍉🍓🍑🍈🍌🍐🍍🍠🍆🍅🌽🏠🏡🏫🏢🏣🏥🏦🏪🏩🏨💒⛪️🏬🏤🌇🌆🏯🏰⛺️🏭🗼🗾🗻🌄🌅🌃🗽🌉🎠🎡⛲️🎢🚢⛵️🚤🚣⚓️🚀✈️💺🚁🚂🚊🚉🚞🚆🚄🚅🚈🚇🚝🚋🚃🚎🚌🚍🚙🚘🚗🚕🚖🚛🚚🚨🚓🚔🚒🚑🚐🚲🚡🚟🚠🚜💈🚏🎫🚦🚥⚠️🚧🔰⛽️🏮🎰♨️🗿🎪🎭📍🚩🇯🇵🇰🇷🇩🇪🇨🇳🇺🇸🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇷🇺🇬🇧1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣6⃣7⃣8⃣9⃣0⃣🔟🔢#⃣🔣⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️🔠🔡🔤↗️↖️↘️↙️↔️↕️🔄◀️▶️🔼🔽↩️↪️ℹ️⏪⏩⏫⏬⤵️⤴️🆗🔀🔁🔂🆕🆙🆒🆓🆖📶🎦🈁🈯️🈳🈵🈴🈲🉐🈹🈺🈶🈚️🚻🚹🚺🚼🚾🚰🚮🅿️♿️🚭🈷🈸🈂Ⓜ️🛂🛄🛅🛃🉑㊙️㊗️🆑🆘🆔🚫🔞📵🚯🚱🚳🚷🚸⛔️✳️❇️❎✅✴️💟🆚📳📴🅰🅱🆎🅾💠➿♻️♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️⛎🔯🔯💹💲💱©®™❌‼️⁉️❗️❓❕❔⭕️🔝🔚🔙🔛🔜🔃🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕟🕠🕕🕖🕗🕘🕙🕚🕡🕢🕣🕤🕥🕦✖️➕➖➗♠️♥️♥️♦️💮💯✔️☑️🔘🔗➰〰〽️🔱◼️◻️◾️◽️▪️▫️🔺🔲🔳⚫️⚪️🔴🔵🔻⬜️⬛️🔶🔷🔸🔹 █▀█░ █░░░█░ █▀▀░ ▄▀▀▄░ ▄▀▀▀▄░ █▀▄▀█░ █▀▀ █▀█░ █░█░█░ █▀░░ ▀▄▄▄░ █░░░█░ █░░░█░ █▀░ █░█░ ▀▄▀▄▀░ █▄▄░ ▀▄▄▀░ ▀▄▄▄▀░ █░░░█░ █▄▄ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ PEWDIEPIE IS █▀█░ █░░░█░ █▀▀░ ▄▀▀▄░ ▄▀▀▀▄░ █▀▄▀█░ █▀▀ █▀█░ █░█░█░ █▀░░ ▀▄▄▄░ █░░░█░ █░░░█░ █▀░ █░█░ ▀▄▀▄▀░ █▄▄░ ▀▄▄▀░ ▀▄▄▄▀░ █░░░█░ █▄▄ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░
Garfield has nothing to to do with Pewdiepie playing Happy Wheels!
The first video I watched of Pewds... God I miss this.
I'm a GIRL who subscribed to your channel.
When he said "what's that noise my stumech growled.
i have a 8 year old girl who  watches you swear a whole lot and plus i do not like youre videos and i will report youre videos!
Can we reach over 9000 likes he asked....
Over 9000 Likes Pewds? You've got more then 130.000... Wooho!
Wyatt here I  love you and fabulous $@poop
If you do a backflip you say frontflip
Sorry if I have been too wild with my comments. I need to calm down. VERY VERY SORRY.
Can we reach over9000 likes? :D - Nek minut, gets 137,320 likes. good job pewds!
pewdiepie: gotta go faster sanic: gotta go faster faster faster spend 50 year of his life running snail: put on MLG sunglasses
The virus one was made by iDeViL360
Oh really I didn't notice the desc. And him stating it on the map
Wow! You Changed Poods! Pls come back
BROFIST ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............(
Back when hes comments where turned on :/
0:18 - 0:25 oh oh I got your penisss bitch!!! oooooooeeeih i got your nipples!!!
Cooooooooool and hard
What wold you say IF a virus popd on you?
I like the old pewdiepie better than the 2015 pewdiepie
Pewdiepie is super funny
I prefer the current one
Pewds used to be cool ;(
What aré you say bad words
You have really fucking bad grammar!
Santa front flip of justice!!
You are (as you say) fabelus XD
There is a Mistry Mark in the hall you had to get out of
Son of a... giraffe XD
People say he changed because he doesn't play Amnesia and Happy Wheels, well guess what fucker, he has said several times that he doesn't enjoy playing it anymore. So why should he play something that isn't fun for him just to entertain you? And money never changed him, he loves his fans and will happily take a pic with you. He talks to fans whenever he can and loves his job. Better equipment and great editing is only good.
+tlong848 8I just ignore them you have your own opinion  
+Hippo With A Chance Of Cat Them? Im one person. And thats being rude not having an opinion.
3 things about pewdiepie #1 he is awesome #3 you didn't notice I skipped number 2 #5you still didn't notice I skipped number 4
#6 you realize theres a hashtag on #5
They're too close to not realize that you skipped some numbers
Лооооллллл ты крут
I just can't stop laughing😂😂😂.....❤🌸
Me veds R betaa m8 you cnts cant touch dis
Is anyone here in 2014? On christmas eve eve ?
Like if watching in 2015 c; and poods if you see this in 2015 then reply back poods  - Poodsiepie <3 (Nah Jk's xD) 
Oh wow i like the pewdiepie nightmares
everyone hating and saying he's just 9 that makes you implicate that youre minimal like 15 or something and if you are 15 and have nothing better to do than hating on 9 year old kids than you really have no life (btw i'm 12)
exactly. if you pick on younglins for having opinions, you have to have nothing better to do because youre a 15 yo. why u w8stin ur tiem on 12 yo?>
Peidipie shake the Hater's off😀
Tyt. Vn bbvnvccvcdgdssaawwdb n. C💌💜💍💎💚
Where do i play happy wheels
whos watching this in 2014?
U say frontflip when its a back flip
Let's start a story: There was once
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