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One Piece OP 15 We Go! 1080p HD (English Subs) V2

by The DisiLLusionisT • 722,892 views

The second version of the 15th One Piece opening We Go! by Hiroshi Kitadani. Here is a link to the first AMV I made... Here is the link to the second and...

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Lets do the lyrics we start from here: Jitto dekinai tomarenai
tto dekinai tomarenai
Kokoro no taiyou shizumanai
I like they reference the start of One piece in this if you don't get what I mean the song has the line " Break of Romance Dawn!" and the first arc is called Romance Dawn which is episodes 1-4.
I like everything about one piece!! Old n new n everything in between haha
1:23 "It's important not to wake up"  Title of opening 17 "Wake Up" LOL
llove this opening :))
did anyone else think that gold roger look like luffy for a second or was it just me
Luffy is kinda supposed to resemble Gol D. Roger somewhat...
One of the best openings ever.....
la parte final esta en el rap de los mugiwaras xD genial!
who can forget JUNGLE P? "get ALL the treasures while LOLING"
i love that Gol D Roger gave his mugiwara boushi to Shanks then Luffy..... :)
+earthboundhackers of course i would care if something sound nerdy and i'm not a fan i just watch some fight scènes and openings on youtube nothing speciale
k u didnt have to respond to that but good to know
I hate new One Piece and have dropped it ;(
 I wish that they didn't change the designs. None of them are really an improvement in my opinion; they're either the same or worse. Scratch that nami's was a major improvement but they ruined franky and usopp, which really makes me mad because they're my two favorite characters.
shineunri .j Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I want to be a Pirate but i was born late T_T LUFFY!!!!
actually it is, pirates weren't generous or helpflu like Luffy and Co or Jack Sparrow, they were robbin towns, killing and raping people and set towns on fire for no reason. 
Lord Tsao Tsao killed him
Am I the only one who doesn't exactly like this song? 😶
Ichi ni sunshine yon we gooo!
i watched One Piece so many times - it never gets old XD i cried, felt happy an i am so attached to it XD 
I miss old one piece. That where the dub is currently at, and I am not a fan of the newer look it has...
+Jonah Strickler Well... it's not like I'm able to redraw the whole thing for you so that's the best advice I could give you in this situation.
True dat!I started up with Naruto. I thought Naruto was the best anime in the world. A year ago,I watched One Piece for the first time, I thought OP was crap. The animation was crap. I gave OP a chance,then when I watched until the Alabasta arc,it really moved me!I don't care about the animations anymore as the more I watch OP. One Piece has all good things!Comedy,emotions and who doesn't love the BADASS Pirate Hunter Zoro! Now I'm here waiting for a new episode of OP! To me, One Piece is no.1 !
Why would OP fans bash Fairy Tail? After all its from the creators of OP and is pretty much the same
Naruto and Fairy Tail rip off so much shit from other shows, from character designs to iconic scenes. Sometimes it really annoys me
Kurapika=Sasuke (same backstory, though Kurapika is a more enjoyable character in my opinion) Illumi=Itachi (Killua hates his brother, Sasuke hates his brother) Biscuit=Tsunade (They both use an ability to conceal their true appearance and appear younger and are both really barbaric and strong) The Hunter Exam and the Ninja Exam(or whatever you call it) are almost identical, too. There are some more but I really can't be bother to write them here XD
I also respect your opinion Naruto is an ok series, I just felt it got a little stale and dropped it. But One Piece is the biggest selling manga worldwide and is considered the greatest manga ever made. Naruto has sold around 6,495,240 copies while One Piece has sold an unbelievable 23,464,866 copies as of 2012.
me 2 but at one point i start to watch naruto and one piece and eventually cuz i didn't had much time anymore to watch something i gave up watching one piece and seeing naruto growing up.... i feel so guilty of forgetting one piece at this point T.T
I don't doubt we can, however, you should start with something easier, like achieving world peace, banning nuclear weapons and stopping poverty, hunger and disease :|
''Hey Buddy! Chill out! Relax! No need to be frustrated or angry! I was kidding! Now I will call you a dumbass for no good reason so you will not get angry at people like me!'' Good going there,mate. Waaaaay to make him more angrier.
And for those that don't like slow beginnings bare with the opening episodes. It picks up rather quickly. And once you start watching it's hard to stop! :P
i have watched naruto bleach, but one piece is better.
Good news is you might hear Brook's English voice soon enough, since Funimation has the license for the movie Strong World and from what I've heard will be released late this year, though his main dub voice is yet to be announced. I can't wait myself; The Japanese voice Cho did an outstanding job as Brook and I'm still left wondering who will surpass it just as Patrick Seitz did for Franky (who was also Laxus in Fairy Tail).
New opening in less than 24hrs!!!
I hope that they never change the narrator! HE IS SO GOD DAMN EPIC!
same here... i like LoL too... just like one piece and naruto.. and fairy tail...
Who cares about those retards, true anime fans don't bash other series, we just ignore the bads.
Ready for the new Chapter tomorrow! :D
And i do agree with you.One piece is so cool i can't be more in love with Tony Tony Chopper <3
perfect example of asshole thinking ace was everything, when we knew nothing about him for like, 4 chapters before he died.
Oh of course I felt something I just didn't cry. I think I was more angry at Pain at the time to be sad about Jiraiya, but I was definitely going "Awwww maaaan. Not Jiraiya :(" Just no tears *shrug* Guess I should start rewatching the series from the beginning and marathon it like I did OP. Maybe then I'll get the tears.
Guess that's just you man, I liked both at one point, and both have made me cry like a little bitch. You didn't feel anything when Jiraiya died? I mean I guess I'm biased since he was like one of my favourite characters before everything started going down hill, but c'mon it was still sad!
lets not forget the anime that made one piece possible dbz we can not forget the classics because they created the paths of the newer ones
One Piece is better than Naruto in every aspect i can imagine...
I agree <3, One Piece is really amazing c: WHEN i read your comment i started to watch one piece. So far it truly amazning! So it really worth of the chance.
I cant wait until the dub gets to voice brook and gets to this theme
One Piece is unrivaled in many aspects, that's why it's the best!
Yes, I'm absolutely sure. There's several uploads of it on Youtube already.
one piece number 1 for me number 2 naruto
When I saw Naruto's joy meeting Kushina for the first time, I found myself grinning all the way through, same thing with One Piece, both are awesome, however, I find One Piece an adventure while Nartuo is more of a fight XD
Why thank you, but you're still a "dumbasss" with failure grammar
no you mean 4kids ruined one piece Funimation was awesome but everyone has there own opinions =P
even though this opening has been going on for 75+ episode, I still like it
i get what u mean but naruto had its moments too.....i cried when haku died.........but when merry died i was balling my eyes out
I think he meant when will luffy actually know, not us haha
I love Naruto and I like One Piece, Where is the problem?
Still a better opening than Hand up
Gotta love how they used the pronunciation in Sun of sunshine, to make it sound like it was ich, nii , SANshine yon
Well then, I'm glad he's not watching One Piece. I'm sick of all these people being attracted by the Whitebeard War and then complaining about One Piece, after the war ends
i agree (it gives me a felling of adventure) but i have to say however much i love One Piec (my #1 anime!!!!) it has a rlly weak plot :/
That and when Jiraiya died was about as close as I got to becoming emotional. On the bright side though no more fillers! New episodes began last week or begin this week. Don't remember lol.
Your kidding right because that looks nothing like him
It starts off a bit slow and whacky, but in due time it starts to pick up the pace a bit. One of the best animated series I've ever watched.
Oh I agree. There are a bunch of parts in Naruto I find myself cheering out loud or like you said watching with a big smile. The somber scenes of Naruto just don't get inside my head as much as One Piece's. But all in all I love them both.
Most is ripped off though, not to talk about "you know which yonkou" >:)
disagreed. I respect your opinion though. But I think naruto sucks and one piece is awsome.
But the secret was revealed before this opening?
Thats exaclty what i said hes a hater-_-. The fact is that he was saying that naruto is well "pure shit" and he didnt say in his opinion he just said it like that is fact. But yes i get what you are saying.
Can we go to one anime video without a Naruto/One/Piece/Bleach/DBZ fan boy war? >.>
so... who's excited for the new opening next week?
Wait... Why does Usopp's name card say "Usoppu"?
well said!plus the whole feeling that One Piece trasmits is unparalleled imo
O.o i swear, is there any evidence to back up such a claim? your ignorance is superior you fucking maggot.
but yeah theres a difference from not liking a series than saying it is shit. you can dislike naruto and you can dislike one piece whatever but i hate when people go around saying a series is bad as a whole when that is not true because there are good moments in naruto and one piece. but this mainly directs towards haters of series
Actually since vacation started, i spent 3 weeks catching up to one piece C: I MADE IT TO THE TIMESKIP TODAY and i cried @Dadan's reactions to Ace and Luffy's departure, her beating up Garp for not doing anything, and omg ; ____ ; so touching. never got so emotional in an anime before lol .
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