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Mahavishnu Orchestra - Awakening [1972]

by Dorian Grey • 129,155 views

Chateauvallon, France @ Amphitheatre - Festival de Chateauvallon, August 23rd, 1972 John McLaughlin - Electric Doubleneck Guitar Billy Cobham - Drums Rick Laird - Electric Bass Jan Hammer -...

SteveWebbEXP2 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Yes.... Martians landed, back in the early 70s and showed that they could play the weirdest, toughest, and fastest music and make people appreciate it, even though it went over their heads.
whoa amazing post Steve i been listening to these guys all week !! great :) thanks, have a great weekend
+britbluesfan Thanks Stella.  These guys have a way of putting me in my place!!!
Wow, no monitors or anything... people just sitting there on the floor where the band was playing... I saw these guys a couple of times in the early 70's.  They were doing things with the time that were advanced for that, or any other, time.  And such chops!
Happy Birthday John McLaughlin!!!
My one chance to see them in person and I was out of town, I thought oh well I'll catch them next time. Then they were reformed and soon disbanded, MAN, THEY WERE GREAT! Some say Billy Cobham is the fastest drummer ever, of course they were all fast to play with him. Thanks for sharing this.
rick laird took 2 tabs of red microdot acid 5 minits before they started the gig...
Edward Tanguay Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Celebrating virtuosity and exquisite musicianship, via tonight's History of Rock and Roll class: "John McLaughlin's 1970's electric band, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, performed a technically virtuosic and complex style of music that fused electric jazz and rock with Indian influences. McLaughlin had particular ideas for the instrumentation of the group, in keeping with his highly original concept of genre-blending in composition. He particularly wanted a violinist as an integral contributor to its overall sound. As the group evolved, McLaughlin adopted what became his visual trademark — a double neck guitar (six-string and twelve-string) which allowed for a great degree of diversity in musical textures. McLaughlin's style has been described as one of aggressive speed, technical precision, and harmonic sophistication. He has stated that the guitar is simply "part of his body," and he feels more comfortable when a guitar is present.
Yeah but rolling stone in their list of top 100 players ever says that the edge and keith richards and jerry garcia are all better guitar players than john mclaughlin
ELP shuffle during Hammer solo. lol
I love how the back of the amp cab goes "MEH".
Yeah...the previous owner I suspect...been trying to figure out who it is.
What they call music today can"t even come close to the talent that these guys displayed.
Lástima el audio tan deficiente, pero interesante propuesta la de esta banda poco comercial y muy artística. 
And lets not forget johnny ramone too
Uh oh, Jan Hammer got a hold of a Moog.
Que verraco percusionista tan bueno, rápido y acertado en sus toques.  
I'd like to know what the players think today, of that particular version of 'Awakening'.
I am 65. I have seen many 100s of bands and groups over the past 50 years. Many amazing bands and performers in a huge variety of genres and styles. Including this original line up which I saw in 1972. This band is without a doubt the Greatest Band I have ever seen. And they were popular in their day. What is their equivalent today?
Slunk Lord beat me to it lol. Check out Robert Glasper too...aaaaand Jaga Jazzist
Still. To this day, no one comes close. I did see Magma @ 5 years ago and that was quite amazing. I checked out Robert Glasper and Jaga Jazzist. They are both very good, but nothing like MO, 1 or 2. Peace.
i still prefer   the mahavishnu 2     the compositions are better    but what a band !
Damn... I wish I still had this album.
The greatest band ever. 
Paul Meakins Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Happy Birthday to the greatest living guitarist....John McLaughlin!!!!! #JohnMcLaughlin
I've never seen a man rock the violin so hard. 
Jerry is The Best. Period. And please, Jan Hammer solo from @ 4:00 is just perfect. And JM's comping is incredible. The whole thing is swinging like crazy. Billy? What? Rick Laird was with Buddy Rich. Think he doesn't swing? Nuts.
It doesn't get any better than this..they are off the hook amazing…saw these guys 3 times in the early 70's…knocked my socks off…definitely woke me up...
Mike Sharp Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
so much talent ... such a tiny stage
+Mike Sharp​ that made me smile
I didn't understand it then and I don't understand it now
What's not to understand? They play fast, they play in tune, they play with rhythm and soul. They are certainly not lost, but are playing the pattern of the song in a perfect rhythm of communication. It was a fusion of rock and jazz with classical chops and it still sounds good, so it was at least 50 years ahead of it's time.
FRANK MARINO on electric violin!!!!!  - Jerry Goodman was awesome -great second guitar plus for John Mc to jam out with...Billy Cobham unbelievable, some great shots of him here working the kit...jan hammer before teaming with Jeff Beck is better with M Orch and Rick Laird held it down
I saw Mahavishnu Orchestra 3 times in the years 1972-1975, twice with this band and once with the large band of the Visions of the Emerald Beyond album.  What a great band.   The deep bass sound on Jan Hammer's Moog synthesizer was like getting kicked in the kidneys.   A lot of people dis the bigger Mahavishnu Orchestra of 1975 but they were fantastic live.
Sorry, arklat. But wasn't that rather Jean Luc Ponty fiddling on Apocalypse?
These guys are completely out of hand!
Marc Hauge Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago (edited)
#NowPlaying Awakening by Mahavishnu Orchestra #Apollo
I'm so glad to have seen The MO in 1973 in Frankfurt (Germany). The band entered the stage and Cobham sat down while running with his sticks all over his „Fibes" drum set. From this moment on, the concert „disappears“ in my memory – his tempo was so absurd, unbelievable! John and Billy fought a „battle“, which nearly „killed“ all the audience. One the greatest moments in my life!
Jan Hammer and George Duke were the kings of the Mini Moog sound. No doubt.
Yes, that is Jerry Goodman. Isn't he great!! I myself am 58, and I grew up in Southern California, and associated with counter-culture types. I was lucky enough to see them when they released "Birds Of Fire". Same with "Apocalypse". I saw that one at Royce Hall, on the campus of UCLA. Small theater, very good show! But the best was at the Long Beach Arena, for "Birds Of Fire". JM was playing a custom double neck Gibson Gold Top. JG had his blue violin. Cobham, clear TAMA drums. Awesome!!!!!
@4:10 John McLaughlin probably whispered into Jerry Goodman's ear: "That was fucking awesome!"
Amazing performance, as everything the first version of the Mahavishnu did... what is Jan Hammer doing at 1:45?
No offense to Brand X, Allan Holdsworth's I.O.U., Weather Report, Return to Forever, or Jean-Luc Ponty's solo stuff, or Bill Bruford's or Lenny White's solo stuff either, but these guys are just silly. S-i-l-l-y. It's just crazy. Your jaw just drops.
From 0 - 1000 in .5 seconds. That is really blazing, then some seriously weird music.
and how is ONE to respond to THIS? IT IS WHAT IT IS AND THAT'S THAT... NUFF SAID
HOLY FUCKIN" JUMPIN" JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@cota2472000 or the fact that he leads with his left hand and his right foot? ARRGH
try some live music of the group SBB recorded in 70th, fluented partly by Mahavishnu, mostly by their own genious, created magic fusion music - unfortunately not well known in the west... best regards!
Amazing musicianship & outstandingly great composition, that is to be expected of a group full of musicians of the caliber. However, I feel McLaughlin's guitar is mixed a little bit too low in the mix, but still his guitar alone is enough to blow anyone's balls off.
I just saw Billy Cobham play in St. Petersburg, FL last night. 40th anniversary of Spectrum. He was awe-inspiring! Catch his USA tour if you can - it just started.
This audio is poor. Wolfgangs Vault has incredible audio and city by city tapes.
I saw them backing up ELP in '72 at Cobo Hall in Detroit. I was pissed because I thought we were going to have to sit thru classical music cause it was the Mahavishnu Orchestra. I had no idea what I was about to witness. Completely changed everything. It was unreal.
Hang on now, we will check YOUTUBE and find some phil collins for ya O K ?
st. ciboire du tabernacale, sa c'est d'la bonne muzik j'prefere ralphe sa basse
I refer you to David Regaldi's comment above...
trolling aside, you do realize john sought out jan and not vice versa, right?
I read somewhere that The Flock (Jerry Goodman's pre-Mahavishnu band) were physically removed from the stage at the 1970 Bath Festival by Led Zeppelin roadies, after Page et. al. had decided that they wanted their set to coincide with the setting sun. But The Flock didn't agree, and decided to play a few encores, at which point Peter Grant sent the roadies into action. Would have loved to see the ensuing mayhem!
ok speed is amazing but harmonically n musically its sh!t
What is the problem between Maahvishnu and Alice Machinchose ?
6.45. How many drummers do see just switch hands and play ambidextrous?
zero to a million notes per hour in .0000000000001 secondssssssss!
Yes,call 911 on this one!!.wow that just goes to show you how fantasticly awsome this band was back then,The early cobham days.How did he do that? John,he and cobham always would have those battles,yeah,where who could get the tempo so fast and who could still keep up without making a mistake.Check out Santana's 2 set record with them 2 and cobham said he won on that cut they did.Who do you think won?
7:57-8:03 - that was ... interesting [lol] ... tricky shit.
Dear John, See. Look at these comments. Of ALL the bands out there doing reunion Tours, THIS band should. Get the ALL GENIUSES band together for MORE glorious magic. You know, Billy plays EVEN BETTER, nowadays. and HIS music is very cool. It's best to put away stupid considerations between you'ze, as you are All geniuses and personality clashes ARE inevitable betwixt you, and the creation of glorious music should be foremost in your responsibilities. GOD does not often shine on guys, like HERE
Is there any video Mahavishnu with the sound quality? The Youtube clips are all very bad !!
Vaya forma de sacudir la batería el cabrón!!!
Respect for what? An ignorant buttplug like you? Save your infantile reactions. I was taught well not engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed foe. It's obvious from your various comments that you just like to attack and put everything down. Check into some anger management --- that shit will kill you.
Ha how at 9:49 Hammer and Goodman just hang there backstage and have a conversation, while the other three are working on the front...
Excellent band great song.... enuff said.....
It'll be great to see these cats get back together again and murder the stage!!!
Boy, Billy Cobham was an astoundingly precise yet explosive and funky drummer. I love the transparent drum kit.
If you just want to sit down and listen these are the guys, hey The Flock had a blue fiddle as well
i like how mclaughlin's amp say "meh" on the back of it
Man, you're running dangerously close to that "all music that isn't metal is shit" line of thought. Like, dangerously close
Too much awesomeness...... My brain just melted!
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