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Florrie - Summer Nights

by florriemusic • 335,171 views

'Summer Nights' from the Introduction EP by Florrie, available on iTunes: The Introduction EP can also be downloaded for free from A limited...

Love love Florrie's Music <3 Greetings from México.
I'm so obsessed with your music ❤️
I can just imagine driving a car, windows down, full speed on a sunny day to this
She needs a music video for this!!!!! (:
Ladies And gentlemen, The Gaga Killer.
+rick white  Just because she's not as famous, doesn't mean she's not musically better.
Gaga can make all kinds of music, from jazz to pop, She was playing music from the age of 3 and most of the old school stars love her much they let her sing there songs, Now tell me Gaga can't make music oh and all her songs was made by her.
Siena is my Queen <3
How the Fuck is Siena?
She brought me here ♥♥
Marcia Gomez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
igaby04 and beautybysienna
Roxana de la Cruz Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
¡Esta canción es genial!
To me, it sounds like she says "You've got the best boy, better than the rest boys, you've got the best boy that's so fat." o.o xP
I can't remember who brougth me here, but I'm glad for being here! =D
love the song <3 <3 ! can u guys watch my videos and maybe like rate and comment? ;) ty <3
The Avenue w/ the help of shazam brought me here :)
BelindaSelene brought me here :DD love this song now! so right for summer <3
This is my favorite song from her entire "Introduction - EP". This song is dope.
i love this song!♥ is amazing (:
I think runway shows when I hear her music love it!!!
Lovee this song Sienaaa forevahh Xx
every beauty guru uses this song...haha lol
paperpastels brought me here like 2 mins ago hehe
how about Kaelyn and Lucy brought me here :)
Anyone know any other songs like these? I had a request to provide music for a party and this song was given to me for inspiration. Help appreciated! Florrie has a new fan!
Thank you Klairedelys, Florrie is fantastic! :)
Paperpastels anyone? Yepp, me too:D
Nicole Guerriero brought me here <3
best summer jamm everrr. <3 I miss summerrr . ): #babycomeback
BeautyBySiena brought me here!!!!!!!
BeautyBySiena bring me here! love you babe xxx
This soooo reminds me of Japanese pop songs.
This sounds so summery! In love <3
Then why the fuck you listened to the rest of the song. Just exploring, yes? Or are you just trying to be a troll...
BeautyLiciousInsider showed me Florrie (:
paperpastels brought me here;)
I'm here because of krazyrayray and paperpastels!
Love your music! You are awesome.
This song should have one million views by now!!!!
Nicole Guerrieo brought me here! :)
Who gives a fuck who brought yuu hear enjoy da damn song!
Brought here by Nicole Guerrerio! :)
she looks so lana del rey :). but her music is soooo different
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