Dog walking on 2 legs

by Samantha F • 255,982 views

This is my dog Lou walking on two legs after we put boots on him. Classic. Sorry for the shakiness, i was concentrating on Lou not my recording. Thanks for watching....

brandon holyfield Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is hilarious Haha it makes me laugh every time! Share and +1 if you like
There is string you are pulling the poor dogs back legs up that's horrible !
Ow :') es una ternurita. Mustra como los animalitos aún teniendo, solo 2 patitas pueden caminar. Por un rato quizas :)
hi can you please tell me what brand of boots they are ??
He's a dog, not a man. Take it off.
What a beautiful little fur ball that puppy is! :-D
Wait.. my dog was on Anderson? really? hahah i wish i saw
hahaha ;))) Very funny video. He doesn't like shoes!
This is sick. Please, do not torture your dog like this. He should run free, and not pretend to be two legged animal freak. It's obvious he doesn't feel comfortable in it.
Just seen this on Anderson and my mom missed it and I just showed her, too cute!
This would be awesome if you knew how to record a video.
Then why aren't they on his front feet, as well?
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No, it isn't. The boots are to protect his feet. He's obviously not in pain or very upset about it, and you can see in the video that he's starting to figure out how to walk in them.
You sure that's not Bill Shultz?
あんまり気持ちのいい様子じゃないです…。 犬かわいそう……。
That's Is Amazing Dog He Dont Use The 2 shoes in his feet
Not my dog, but I'm assuming to let him get used to them on his back feet before putting them on all 4.
They're on every video I watch also! They keep saying there's this ongoing program of genocide targeting ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. They say that mass third world immigration, forced integration, and "assimilation" is White genocide. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White
Cute video - were you shooting him through a fence you were hiding behind so he wouldn't see you? The huge black bars either side looks like you're shooting through a tiny gap! Glad he didn't see you!
I do not think he like...But funny.
Cute dog! Also, I wish the world knew to shoot in landscape, not portrait mode.
Haha yes it was! You should watch it today ad hopefully ya the same episode, Tiffany amber theison was a guest on the show and they were doing the egg trick in the water bottle :)
One on end of the spectrum you have people who were smart enough to invent a phone that can shoot a video. And on the other end are people who can't figure out the right way to hold their phone while they shoot a video. (Hint: unless you're videoing a missile launch, hold the fucker sideways!)
awww cute! If anyone is into puppy videos come check out my videos all about raising a little maltese named kirby!
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