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CoD: Black Ops - Quiet On The Set Achievement Guide (Call of the Dead)

by Rooster Teeth • 900,666 views

Brownman and Geoff show you how to pick up the "Quiet on the Set" achievement in Call of Duty: Black Op's newest DLC, Escalation. Learn how to kill George Romero in Call of the Dead!

Its been so long since i seen my son of the man behind the slaughter.
"Arnge", "Uwata"- Ray ("Orange", "Water")
Also helps to have flopper for no explosive damage
I was able to kill him on land at wave 19 with three other people on my playstation3 when I got the achievement or trophy.
the random stuff he drops is a perk and the wonder waffle sorry if I spell bad
So far I've only killed him on the ipad version
max ammo and death machine I think :) lol
you have to do the easter egg which requires 4 people
@Kill3r132002 ill do it :) VvlemonvV
all i had was an mpl and an m1911, if you learn how to point whore its easy.
ive done it with a variety of guns and a variety of places, def doesnt need to be in the water but it does really help. i usually used PAP'ed ak74u
I haven't played buried yet, but it looks easy as fuck. I heard you can down and revive with your perks when do you actually die? Idk, looks easy to me... At least in BO1 you had to play the game a couple of times before it becomes easy...
what if you where to shoot him with the gun that makes zombies human
Get phd flopper and then you won't be hurt by the explosions man
i knew u get te wunderwaffle in one mode, wasnt sure which one, havnt played solo in a while since i got live, except for challenges for friends
the d115 dismember is still really bad lol i'd rather have the L96 anyday
Dunno if someone has already suggested this, but I did this doing the same thing but using death machines (was more luck than skill)
he dropped a death machine and a cola
i just said that to clarify that he doesn't actually *die*. :P at least that's what i've heard. i haven't killed him yet, either.
I noticed you were damaging yourself alot with that scavenger, if you have PHD flopper you don't take explosive/splash damage or fall damage.
If you get the AUG, supposedly it can kill him with all the ammo, pack a punched and solo.. If you cannot get the scavenger then try this out :)
Any boss, (Romero, Pentagon Thief, etc) Is really easy with the Death Machine. You have to get lucky though....
He does take damage when not in the water... and use PHD FLOPPER for the scavengers splash damage!
I finished George off with a revolver. I was pumped
When kill gorge you get a random perk and a death machine(timed).
i hope they bring back all black ops 1 and waw zombie maps.
best way to kill him is that at the end of every round have a crawler and when you or ur teammates are hitting the box just unload all the guns you get on him
u get the scavanger upgraded and get PHD floper so u take no exsplosive damage and u can stay right on him shooting so if any zombies come around it kills them but not u
A 12-foot behemath (sorry about spelling) carrying a camera sounds easy guys
It was a wonder weapon and a free perk.
An extra perk, that's how you can get all the perks at the same time.
XD back when ray was shy and awkward in videos
Do a lets play on driver sanfransisco when you got time.
if u throw a rock him, u can kill him without doing this!
JUST HAMMER HIM WITH EVERY GUN YOU HAVE, it worked for me without turning on power!!
me and my friend just layed the rpk the hk21 both packed the pack raygun an aug and m14 and a pack a punched camando aswell we were doing this in rounds so we wasted alot of bullets
george drops a free random perk and death machine
This took me 2 years to get! i finally got it last night
Need help with ground control GT: ZOMBIERAKER115
my friend made a hack where he brought the thundergun in call of the dead and when he pack-a-punched it, he used the Zeus Cannon to kill George Romero. It took about 8 or 9 shots to kill him but that was like 2 years ago......I forgot how he did it
For the people out their fastest way to kill George is to get the Dragonov from the box, pack a punch it and shot him in the head with about 15-20 shot. Dead, fastest way out their.
i could never get the death machine, usually on round 15 i try to save two other people, save one then i go down and am left for dead even when no zombies are around me :(
I find the L96A1 better to use than the scavenger.
i got this 1 year after the came out
You should always attempt to kill George solo because his health is excessive in multiplayer.
me and my cusion killed goerge so mucch that we got all perks (we where on a glitch)
this video was made when day before my birthaday lol
Get a deathmachine,waste it on him,shoot himm with you're gun = easiest way
he drops a perk and Death Machine when you kill him
Which map should I get Call of the Dead or Shangri La?
Shoot him reptedly with the other speical gun(been forever since i played) he'll die pretty quick i think.
hey little tip the best way to kill george is to upgrade the aug with double tap use the shoutgun until its out and then kill it with the gun it will take 2 minutes or less
This is the why I do it Get Potters X2 Ray Gun and shoot his ass on land (sorry can't do it in the water) Thumbs up if you agree
Makes your gun waaay more powerful, and more rounds I think, and also turns the bullets red
u can kill him on land but it takes 2 long
He got the wunderwaffle and a perk bottle
ok anyone who wants to join me in getting this achievement/trophy please message me. I own both systems but my xbox copy of black ops isnt working so send me a message if you have a ps3 and want to get this trophy
get the dragunov and pack a punch it then get deadshot daiquiri and it kills him in 2 and a half clips.
27/10/2012 i just got the achievement on round #7 with an unupgraded scavenger gun. Shot George in the water. multiple ponds. Kept a crawler. Thanks for insight!
Lol I killed him by by just shooting him with 2 death machines, a whole crossbow, 8 Semtex, a whole spas 12, and 62 bullets on the python and none were upgraded! And completed by round 11 on solo!
it's a bottle witch gives you a random perk and a death machine. ( if you did the easter egg, it's the wundderwaffle dg-2)
That death machine drop is actually the Wunderwaffe DG-2 :D
correction to all you guys, he drops the death machine and a free perk.
no you only get the wunderwaffe if you have done the achievement: Ensemble Cast
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