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How to cut boys hair the new simple way. Using Freestyla clipper guides.

by MyFreestyla • 385,659 views

Freestyla clipper guides now available worldwide at to suit home clippers. Prices start at just US$39.95 !!!. Designed to save money, by turning you and your home clippers...

look very good! and the boy is so cute.
i laughed when i was a kid having my hair cut. I don't laugh anymore
I am reporting you. SCAM ARTISTS should NOT be allowed to use Youtube to sell your product as you only TAKE peoples money and NEVER ship the item!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty nice tool. Think I'll get one! Definitely cheaper than paying $15 just to lose 1cm of hair!
Thank you for this video. I can't find anything like this in the US, Amazon, or eBay so I just bought it off your website today. Can't wait to try it out on our twin boys hair.
I was worried for the boys eyes! 😲
Very Cool Invention! Be positive you guys the kid is having fun, and the man is not being too rough in my opinion. Totally ingenious Idea! This kid is so tickolous too, lol so fun!!! Peace and love to All <3
Should have stopped at about 4:00
por fabor no sean tan sentimentales,no le esta haciendo ningun daño al niño solo le esta cortando el cabello.
the kid starts wit a smile and ends with a frown.. poor kid his hair cut is horrid
Can't this guy see this child is grimacing? He's too rough. He's going too fast with the clipper, forcing it and probably pulling some hair in the process.
thats not what the poor kid asked for.... he looked really depressed at the end :(
Kids cute but he really did butcher his hair
thump up if you r a barber here & u hate this freestyla
This is a great alternative to cutting in salon note only kids can get away with a butchered cut grown ups please don't try this at home
i used to be EXACTLY like this. the clippers used to tickle me a lot in the back of my head when i was about his age
the little boy looks hurt and forced to smile. he seems want to cry at the end.......
If you have four kids and can not afford to go the hairdresser with everyone every two months, this is genious. I think it totally gets the job done.
shit hair cut shit product and a shit load of time it takes
I would rather of had my dad stick a bowl on my head wow...
Shocking as not even blended in on the sides and boxed out rough really real amateur guide I suppose
wow, just wow. he butchered that poor kid's hair. how in the world does this not have more dislikes?
Use Facepro face shields. Safe for everyone. Kids love them! They can play video games or watch TV while getting a hair cut.
I think the kid would like it better if the guy told him it's a woverine claw. LoL
Geez, but what gimmick will they think of next? This reminds me of those old commercials for the Hair Whiz! Poor kid... looks like that contraption really yanks and pulls on hair... all for a lousy haircut.
lol.. sooo cute!! that kid makes the video
ti denuzierei credimi sei un cretino hai rovinato dei capelli bellissimiiii
this guy is fuckin up the whole barber game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very good cut I like that haircut:P
Nossa, muito legal! Onde será que eu encontro essas ferramentas no Brasil?
Overdriven audio in the microphone Dad.
Sorry, hair looks kinda shitty. Probably do a better job with scissors over comb. I notice your putting too much force on your cuts. Kid looks like he's hurting.Another thing, not a good etiquette to blow on your client.
This guy needs a guide for handling children. Too rough, wanker!
brilliant. where can i get one?
You guys weren't lying, this guy gets rougher and rougher with the kid. Poor kid.
.children dont get bore when they cuts there hair using this technique.thank you for those person who made this clipper guides.
He wasn't harsh. The kid was laughing and moving the entire time! He had to hold the child still at least......I thought he was quite nice. I purchased this Freestyla to cut my boyfriend's hair and I love it! Maybe it looks like it hurts, but it really doesn't.
worst cut and demonstrator, in the history of shopping centre demonstrators ever!...
That kid is so cute and funny lollol,,
i cut children's hair and that clipper guides would not work bc children move way toooo much!!!
that poor child, its not even even
he is hurting that kid with that artifact
the guy doing the demo is so rough....poor kid
ليش مااقلت الا انه جريمة قتل
I am more entertained by this adorable little boy laughing.
that 's not a haircut! that's a crime!
this looks like a lazy way to do what you can do using just normal guards... when normal guards give a nicer finish...
He was so more beautiful with the long hair. :(
This product works great.. Its easy to use and i get good results with it. Im a happy customer.
So this must be how Gordon Ramsay gets his hair cut.
This hair cuts got more lines than Kate Mosses coffee table
the reason i dont cut kids hair in my barbershop, too much hassle ! no money in it, send em to salons bahahahahaha
why the boy always laugh? anyone knows?
Nah with the long hair he kinda looked like a baby girl
I feel sorry for him. Too much fussing.
Like if you thought the thumbnail was a girl.
Aww, that's not what he asked for, what the crap. Poor baby! Now his mom has to take him to a barber
Looks Horrible after the hair cut! 😢
Cutest laugh ever lol. I need that
he was completely adorable with longer hair
They should have quit when his head was only half done. That "tot punk" look is really cool.
I agree. I am a hair dresser for 25 years and that hair cut is awful. It is totally uneven. However, the little boy is adorable.
poor boys all smiles at the beginning.
Why would anyone wanna use these tools it extra work just use your clipper guides. This is not for a true barber. Looks painful!
.. cmon .. this is ugly!!! i like first hairstyle wtf... u ruin the poor kid hair
Shame they don't do one for girls fringes 
Garbage. No real barber would EVER use one of these things. But if you want one check here 1-800.killyodamnself,com
If he didn't want it you are a bad parent
my little mutt of a dog looks better than this, take him to a proper barber cheapskate.
The boy's right side seem over cut a bit. The thining and texture guides are good ideas
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