UCLA/USC ESPN commercial

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UCLA vs. USC antics

This exact thing happened to me when I was 6. UCLA fans are douchebags...
38-28 35-14 This year its going to be 50+ - 0 UCLA all day!
I bet a lot of these sc fans are bruin fans now...
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Happy Halloween! Oldie but goodie.
@sugad24 jhahahahaha that bruin fuckn owned your ass. you didnt honestly think you can top us in any shape or form in athletics do you? UCLA is the most dominant school in the NCAA. FUCK YOU.
A Trojan is only good once, then you flush it down the toilet.
Hey SC fans, how does it feel that no matter how well u do, or how many of your games are nationally televised, you'll always be known as cheaters!!!..oh yeah, and when UCLA wins titles or awards, we dont have to give the trophy back..(Reggie Bush)
Well that explanation shows that they are gay. Only good Trojans are broken trojans.. GO BRUINS!!
yeah of course they do. so does pokemon. queer hahahaha.
UCLA fans must've had nightmares of ducks, bears, stanford, wildcats and beavers, cuz they lost all 5 of those in a row! Glad USC is not thaaaat bad! lol
lol, the kid playing the Trojan is my friend from school and camp, lol
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! go ucla! that was a win :)
Shut up hater, if living in the past is what you obviously like to do then why not say things about alabama and smu cheating? Why is sc the only one, I mean it is the past and all so why not bring up bama.
@letsmakeacd5 Fight On...Leave No Doubt. SC For Life...
UCLA - located in a safer environment, more prestigious, 100 ncaa titles. USC - University of Second Choice, place where spoiled kids with money hang out for 4 years to buy a degree, trojans are good only for covering dichs.
@gcandleful Sorry, 35,794 applications for fall 2010 is nowhere near 56,678. And middle class people don't qualify in the same way that people going to UC who fall under the 70,000 a year mark financially don't qualify either. Stop trying to make USC seem to benevolent. Any "outrageous" endowment doesn't hide the fact that this money is still bequeathed on students that fit a very narrow financial profile. And nobody has to call you rich for you to be lame, you guys ARE lame regardless.
@edenstore There was no member of the USC staff that paid a player or his family. It was all over a guy from San Diego who wasn't even employed by the university. Get your facts straight.
4 years probation......2 yr bowl ban.....GO BRUINS!
USC is the best. UCLA is full of assholes.
@atm8705 totally agreed. coming from a UCLA fan. that was just stupid.
@luvjb95 You dont have to believe that. Thats on you!!! But YES!!! It did happen
USC just owns in Ucla in football, FIGHT ON!!!!
This commercial is an honest portrayl, it certainly shows Bruin fans for the true Douche bags they are.
Now, Carlos, you know that's gonna change as soon as SC students actually start graduating. First things first, man.
@luvjb95 Yeah. Awesome comeback... 6 months later. You must really be bored scopin' through these comments. Fuckin burned mate....? Loser.
LOL. Funny commercial. EGG HIS HOUSE, KID!!!
What's the point of this rivalry? I never understood it. I attend USC and have 4 family members that are UCLA alumni. I even took 4 classes at UCLA before I transferred. Both schools are fantastic. Why would a school "own" a city anyway? Why would a student at one school be so hateful towards a student at another school? I've even seen this make-believe rivalry turn hostile a few times. Isn't university a time for higher education, not immaturity and stupidity? What a joke.
@anXVI Where I live, in Sweden, we have no school rivalries at all. We hardly have a school team in anything but soccer. Because we don't have rivalries we don't have sport, and because of that we have nothing to do during our long free periods. People go home instead and stay home for the rest of the day. Attendance is very low on our school compared to the athletic school on the other side of the town, which more like an american school.
@830texan1 That was cute. Did your mommy help you come up with that one?
And ok, yeah I changed the subject from football to basketball. My bad. But those two sports being the most recognized, I think they hold a little more clout than the others. Yes, USC is historically a better football program than UCLA, but the same argument can be made for UCLA's basketball program. But when talking "general sports," that's when you outdid yourself. Look at my last comment again if you need to, but in the general sports category, UCLA undoubtedly trumps USC
@Spengler56 NCAA ruled that they can't be ranked either in the Coaches poll....GO BRUINS!
@DrBoyWonder You Did Stupid Read Your Dumb Ass Comment Smart Ass... Point___.
You can't spell SUCK without UCLA SUCKS!! Hahahahahahaha
@genghiskonn And why wouldn't a middle-class person qualify? I'm talking about merit-based USC scholarships, not other scholarship or financial aid. Those are separate topics entirely. USC's Alumni scholarship funds is one of the best in the nation thanks to outrageous endowments from our alumni. Look at it this way. Despite the fact that our tuition is double or even triple yours, we still get almost as many applicants as you.
The worst thing the UCLA guy could have done was not tip the Trojan
Ps. the surrounding South Central LA area near USC is predominantly Hispanic, not Black. Idiot.
fuck you man. University Shitty looking Cheaters who have a bunch of ncaa violations.
A buddy of mine just got in to sc, if he got in anybody with money could get in.
if that idiot did that to my kid, I'd toilet paper his house!!! ....DON'T bRUIN YOUR LIFE!!
With all these sanctions with USC the real fans will stay with the team as for the others Oregon is up north. Fight On!!!
I can't believe I randomly found this video and am watching it on Halloween! What are the odds on that?
@genghiskonn And what's with the Westwood argument. "Oh I know my school and education are inferior but at least we are in a better area, that makes everything better lolololol?" I guess that's the only argument you have left against USC. But hey, if the city would allow it, USC could buy out a 5 mile radius around it and turn it into a mini-city that would put Westwood to shame. We have the money, just not the land. Unlike you, which has neither.
@flipmex1 It feels the same as before, because nothing changes the fact that 1) We still won. 2) We won many other times. 3) We'll win again. 4) We're not UCLA. PS, the infarctions against USC were not whether USC was cheating, but whether USC had control over the program and whether non-affiliated agents were providing monetary benefits to Reggie Bush with USC's knowledge. And at least we can afford to give trophies away. Bye bye now.
Causality may be hard to follow but try and keep up. The Romans are the descendants of Trojans. This can be portrayed as Trojan --> Roman. Thus Trojans are the progenitors of western civilization. I understand this requires history and knowledge to comprehend, but as USC's motto goes - "palmam qui meruit ferat."
@DrBoyWonder You Don't Have To Go To A School To be A fan you can grow up in that area dude that's like you saying How Many People Played for The 49ers Or Are You Guys Tagging Along
@gcandleful okay and now let's talk basketball. has USC ever won a national title? no. have they ever been to the final four? Only twice, in 1940 and 1954. UCLA has more than that in the past 4 years. go suck a D.
Yeah, that's right! UCLA owns LA!
@lakerman2416 University of Caucasians Lost in Asians
To settle the debate regarding academics, reference the official 2008 US News and World Report College Ranking in which UCLA is #25 and USC is #27. Also, it IS admission policy at USC to take the highest scores from each sub-section of the SAT to create an "SAT super score." At UCLA on the other hand, only complete scores in which all 3 sub-sections are from a single sitting count. And as far as medical schooling goes, UCLA is ranked #9 and USC is #36. USC, a lesser education for more money.
Real Californiens understand that the Rivalry is a Respectable one. Its these out of towners who come to LA with dreams of making it in Hollywood and and who never grew up in So-Cal that think the Rilvary is about trashing each others campuses.
LOL! i remember when they were airing this commerical back in 2005. i use to always laugh at it. oh yea,roll tide!
@golf520man Wow thats really sad. haha we're still gunna kick bruin ass dude. oohh im soo scared well probation or not we're gunna get some Bruin butt! We're gunna chew gum and kick ass, and we're ALL OUT OF GUM!
@gcandleful. What bowl are you going to again this year? Oh that's right.......
I find it funny that 11 years ago, nobody wore any sc crap, now everywhere you, idiots are all decked out in trojan wear. DUMB!! BRUIN for life!!! They cant even name the coach before sorry ass Pete Carroll!! haha!!
There is nothing I can say about the parties usc gave recruits to come...or the celebrity boosters that gave out money. Sc wasn't responsible? Who's fault is that. I'm ending it there because I know u trojans like getting in the last word because we all can't be superior trojan elitists...
that's because L.A. supports teams that only win and will jump off the bandwagon when necessary.
@golf520man Btw, from Wiki: "USC is one of the top 10 programs in the history of college football. It recognizes 11 of its teams as National Champions. UCLA has one team (1954) recognized as a National Champion." "USC has won or shared 37 conference titles and UCLA has won or shared 17 titles." "USC has won 17 championships, shared 8 and gone to the Rose Bowl or BCS bowl 21 times. UCLA has won 6 championships outright, shared 5 and gone to the Rose Bowl 8 times." Hardly a same record.
@genghiskonn And what are you talking about regarding middle-class not qualifying. Do you not understand the words, "merit-based"? Merit-based scholarships have little if anything to do with income. Legacy scholarships have little to do with income. Grants and loans are the only thing that has to do with income, and yeah, I'd say a 20,000 a year university grant is pretty benevolent. Can UCLA do that? Getting USC scholarships is easy if you meet the criteria, which I'm sure you didn't.
University of California for Low-income Asians
UCLA does not support their own athletic programs. L.A. is a TROJAN town. FIGHT ON!!!
I am implying you look like a broken condom, its a metaphor. As long as you get the last word in, you are a USC fan. It goes without saying. Ask Leinart about the womens b-ball player he knocked up. Now he's being a true sport and sleeping with all the ASU whores in Scottsdale.
the immaturity usually comes from USC students. Just look at how many times UCLA has been defaced by USC compared to the other way around. USC is just jealous
Well the Soviet Union was Russia before it was the USSR too. Russia begat the USSR, so therefore Russia --> USSR --> Russia again. History my friend, history. :)
golf: Yeah I admit the pregnant basketball player is true (broken Trojan there maybe?). When I said alleged I meant in regards to some of the stories like Paris Hilton or Alyssa Milano or the ASU female student population (shit maybe even faculty?). He's like an athlete-version of Vincent Chase from Entourage.
@G4Vegan I am a bruin and I agree with you. I think when a school rivalry beats out good manners and setting a good example for kids, it has gone too far. ESPN, I don't appreciate you portraying bruins like this.
@csklmf86 Not like it's real difficult getting recruits when you pay them and their families to go to your school.
@genghiskonn More like rich people investing their money into as superior education not phased by the economy or budget cuts, with top-of-the-notch facilities and tools. Not everyone is as stingy as your parents when it comes to education. And we do earn one hell of a return. Why do you think nearly the same amount of people apply to USC as UCLA knowing how high the tuition rate is? Because the education and return rate beats UCLA's.
@luvjb95 dude why're you trippin, I was the one arguing that UCLA >USC...i think you meant to respond to the other guy that i was arguing against
Dude in the bruin gear probably saw SC run it up against UCLA this year and thought "You'll get as much candy as my alma mater got points"
lol actually you have to be alot smarter than the school across to get in. the only requirement at that other crap school is money.
Just goes to show that all UCLA people have an inferiority complex. Dude couldn't even put aside his animosity toward 'SC for a child trick-or-treating.
C'mon man that shit is not necessary. If you're just truly a racist, take your shit to a Black neighborhood and have the balls to say shit like that in person, not online. You make UCLA fans look bad (which isn't a bad thing, I guess?) by writing shit like that. "Nigger central?" You're an ignorant moron.
@luvjb95 haha all good. we just beat st. johns whaaaaa!!
UCLA. That's a public school, right? Anyone can go there (if you're Asian), and it's free.
@atm8705 Dude, If you are gonna diss Ucla, do it some where else, cause no one likes you here.
@CAgirrrrrrrrlllll besides what does ucla have an inferiority complex about? sure usc is better than them at football but at basketball ucla owns usc so it goes both ways
I'm A Big USC Fan But I Gotta Say That Shit Was Mad funny
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