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Benny Greb: Improvisation Lesson

by Hudson Music • 631,945 views

Benny gives a lesson on developing improvisation on the drumset, through developing awareness of what you are playing. Excerpted from his DVD "The Language of Drumming". More information available...

Who would dislike this?
guitarists and vocalists.
Genious Benny, just genious.
God himself could be showing some free drum lessons, and some TROLL will say something negative. Internet  terrorist, people who need to speak to a shrink. When I go to a video I don't care for ,,,,I go else where. So why not the rest of you TROLLS!!!!! ????
Clever guy, great feel
This guy's pretty good at playing drums.
I saw this guy 1 time and I was blown away! I couldn't remember his name and now its MONTHS later and I found u again!!! Yaaaaay!!! I wont loose u again Benny Greb!!!! 😍😘😂
Latin Jazz is the real. Benny does a great job. Today's drummer is becoming more and more open in styles,, not just Rock. Gavin H. is an other one who is taking rock or metal drumming, and mixing it with world music. Mike Portnoy, Neal P. (rush) who is now studying Jazz with Peter Erskine. Its ok dude, slowly but surely we evolve. Keep drumming Bro's.  
does anyone else see his hihats flexing?
I assume you are talking about 3:03 .  The real answer is that he's keeping time with his left foot but he doesn't want the hit hat to make any sound, so he keeps the ball of his foot pressed down on the pedal while his heel is moving up and down with the 8th note time 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 etc...  As his heel comes down on each 8th note beat it depressed the pedal a little more and his hi hats flex.  This is what you are seeing.
i've never seen hats that flex that much things to little money
Hi Benny.  A great Video.. Thank you.. What a classy drummer you are.. Cheers Steve
4:25... son of a bitch!!! :)
bro you are awsome!  hello from central america!
There's a fill you do with just your right hand and right foot, could you please explain that technique?
You've just broadened my vision! Very creative and controlled drumming!
Benny Greb: Improvisation Lesson:
Benny always has awesome creativity, ease of teaching and concept translation. Loving his cymbals also, so full and open
I was up in arms when he did that solo on the snare at the end. This guy is great to learn from.
1:56 "Thank you for letting me play you, Snare"
only if I could afford a decent drumset... ;(
haha bro im pretty sure im not gettin confused :P..its a pretty high end kit but hey! every one has there own opinions :),dude you can check em out ive seen megadeth use the EXACT same kit he even talked about it :P..check em out on youtube bro, ive seen ffdp play it, dio,hellyeah etc..its an epic kit! :D
Orchestration Improv. Mind Blown x_x !!!
The Orchestration Improv = FAWESOME!   
Loving his cymbals so much.
if you close your eyes and watch this video, you can hear arnold schwarzenegger playing drums
that snare orchestration man.....can u get any more original and groovy...
what a beautiful sounding kit...and a really intelligent set of frame works to underpin ur improve, that any tub thumper can grasp the jist of
Benny's makes  a better world with intelligence 
are you playing on mike johnston's kit?
he uses coated ambassadors on the resonant side.  also adds cotton balls to the floor toms as a way to gate the overtones a bit.
does he just throw them in or stick them?
they just sit inside of the drum. a nice way to gate the drum, without adding moongel which i find can add more attack to the drum, as well as shortening it. so the cotton balls shorten the sustain without shortening the tone much or adding anything to the head.
i love this guy 
hi brother  They can give the lessons subtitled in Spanish 
Drum IO Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Benny Greb - on improv'
This video sir, got you a subscribe
Miggy Ferrero Rocher Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
A great video on Drum improvisation. #drums  
what kind of drum mics are those?
Wow, what excellent feel.
At 4:24 If you listen carefully, it sounds like Enter Sandman.
So you need to be satisfied with how good your kit is in order to practice? That's lame man
Keith Sorensen Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
This one's for you, Mr. Bizguy.
I'm stating the obvious here, but: not only does this guy have such a great style, but his drums and cymbals sound amazing! I don't think a drummer has ever inspired me so much to tune my drums on a regular basis!
I only got this like an hour after experimenting when I noticed the different snare note values between the triplet and the paradiddle lol. Start with triplet 6-stroke-roll, then paradiddle. Tab is like this: 1TL +TL 2e+ah 3e+ah 4(e)+ Triplet 6-stroke-roll: RllrrL R. First R is accent on floor tom, the L on Snare, 2nd R on high tom. The paradiddle he used was the RLLR LRRL R, accented it like this: RllR lrrL R. First 2 Rs on high tom, the L on snare, 3rd R also on snare (which is on beat 4).
I'm still waiting for him to start simple
I love how excited he got after talking about the universe haha benny was grebbing out
I honestly know how to do all this, but I came here to see his awesome facial hair and playing.
does anyone know what his hi hats are?
I met Benny in Frankfurt, he's a really nice dude. And his drumming is amazing!
Yes, is not about drummer qualities...maybe a rock drummer could be an amazing jazz drummer but he didn't care about jazz, and a jazz player can suck at drumming in general let alone jazz. But is a matter of how far jazz drumming push you against rock. Now if a person only enjoys playing just plain rock is ok, but even so, the more you know about music and life the more you can apply it for your drumming.
What the hell did he just do with the snare at the end? How does he come up with stuff like that. Fucking genius XD
One of his screws on his snare might be out a bit. I hear a bit of a ring.
0:00 - 4:24 = Okay, cool, I can try this. 4:25 - 4:42 = Dangit, I give up on drums.
Remo Emperor as batters on toms, and Ambassadors as reso. Ambassador as snare batter and Ambassador hazy in snare side. Powerstroke III as batter in bass.
they sound good because they're Sonor
Oh shut the fuck up dude. Just because someone plays jazz does not automatically make them better than rock drummers. Music is what you make it, and one can make any sort of music as difficult/complex/challenging to play as any other sort of music.
from 0:59-1:12 "yeah i can do this" from 1:13-3:00 "fuck this shit" from 3:01-4:00 "maybe im not the worst drummer in the world, i can do this! 4:25-4:55 "yep....i was right, fuck this shit. i quit."
haha start simple...for three seconds I will speak a language you can understand, then I will speak english from 5,000 years in the future. Easy
Man just one of the best drummers out there.. I could (and DO) listen to this allll day. You can hear his snare change sound though... listen at 2:30 and then at 3:40. Either changed for the off snare sound. or just fell out of tune a little from whackin the crap out of it! What a musician!
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Trevor Moore?
Hey, anybody, is a transcription of this involved in the DVD e-book? Because, i may just need to buy it, now.
1:21 - 1:25 is such a sick grooveeeeeee. he shoulda kept that going man
I am aware that he is way better than me.
They look like meinl byzance dark hi hats, but I don't know what size they are. Probably 14" though.
a little bit of wee came out when "orchestral improv" was played
can anyone tell me what that really cool thing he's doing on the toms at 1:17 ?
Your grooviness is inspirational man
What is the kit/cymbals and drums mics he is using
He really doesn't look anything like trevor moore.
For anyone who hasn't grabbed this DVD, it's by far the best drum instructional ever made, of course next to Gavin Harrison's Rhythmic Illusions
Benny Greb = Marco Minneman + Tony Royster
i sorta wish i was a chick so i could marry this dude -__-
I believe that is the Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Crash, probably a 16" and I have no clue about the bell though
All about style. Everyone is different. For my style that I play and that I travel to play around the globe is not close to that. For me, I would never use any of this. Dynamics, time, simpleness, cleanness, flow very well and an on the spot creative mind.
How do you play that fill at 1:13?
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