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Apple Macintosh Ad - Aired during the SuperBowl 1984

by ForAppleVideos • 270,838 views

This is an Apple ad that is for Macintosh computers, aired during the SuperBowl in 1984

Came Here because of Halt and Catch Fire ;)
Me too, Halt and Catch Fire is awesome !
You young whippersnappers can't really appreciate the power of this commercial unless you were sitting on your couch in the pre-Internet world of 1984 and this strange apocalyptic commercial came on. Before the Macintosh's you were stuck with TRS-80's and lame Commodore 64's. After those Mac's hit the shelves, everything changed for me, just like the commercial. Instead of slaving away on old electric typewriters and standing in line at a copy machine at the mall, people could do all that at home now. Mac even had the first Adobe Illustrator on it and Microsoft Word. Im talking 1987 folks. Millions still use Word and Illustrator. Amazing changes for 1984. I still have my original Macintosh and it works perfectly.
I would imagine. Sadly Apple literally turned into this commercial.
Anyway. Apple has become the monster of their own commercial. They are controlling all their disciples and devotees and drones that line up for 48 hours in tents in front of apple stores before a new phone comes out. They won't let iPhone users who switch to Droid text anymore for 45 days because I message controls the phone number which is a giant mass marketing tool to prevent switching to Droid phones . And the company is such a juggernaut they can laugh at the little guy out there now. The actually would be a great company if they cared about everyone not just apple users. And didn't ship their billions in profit overseas so they avoid US taxes. Pure greed. Hope they leave and spend their money in the Emerald Isle
Happy 60th birthday, Steve. Wish you were here to see it.
she does really look like cameron.
Funny how 30 years later Apple has become Big Brother's bitch
Am I the only one who thinks this commercial is really creepy?
Now it's baby music and shine. This is when Apple stood for something
Halt and Catch Fire!!!! She does look like Cameron XD
It would be better to say that Cameron looks like her, since this happened first and the show is written around reality, not the other way around.
I don't get why that's rated one of the best commercials of all time.
This is exactly like apple, I can so see it. All the grey little men are Apple users while the man on the screen is Steve Jobs. The colourful girl is one of their competitors, that desperately tries to break their monopoly, but is ultimately overpowered by Apples security forces, symbolising their desire to destroy the competition, destroy free thinking and make everyone their hollow obedient drones.
Robert Gaines Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Something that always needs to be shared around this time of the year #adbowl
Magnus Ericsmoen Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Does anyone else see the irony?
How ironic that Apple is now actively collaborating with the NSA to spy on everything you do.  Apple is now Big Brother and Orwell is rolling in his grave.
It's the opposite, go and search up "Steve Jobs on privacy".
i think the lady with the hammer is from Android and the brain washed people are apple fan boys....come on....everything on Apple looks exactly the same....
Not in the 80's when this commercial was aired. But you are right in a sense how Apple has degraded like that.
Lots of cynicism here, but it was cool when it came out, and so was Macintosh.
Shit, she does look like Cameron!
Richard S. Hawkins Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Best Super Bowl commercial...Ever?
I like how this Apple commercial really connects to the book 1984. Some people will get this and some will not.
1st version of miley cyrus
That is DEFINATELY what I thought the first time I saw it!!!!
this is... a video... by someone who read 1984 before making this
Half life 3 confirmed
Some adverts become legendary, in particular the Apple "Super Bowl" commercial from 1984, which delivered a new concept of how products can be perceived.
Matthew Arp Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Isn't ironic that apples first commercial was against conformity and "big brother"
Amazing spot in 1984, and just as amazing 30 years on. 
I have my Apple Macintosh SE/30 next to my 27” iMac to keep me humble. We’ve come a long way baby!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY “Macintosh!!"
That's where I came in. Go Apple.
omg it's miley cyrus!!!!!!
Look as far as I know I am not brain washed, and if I was, I'd rather be brain washed by apple then any other shitty device that dares to call its self great so back the fuck off and if u can't afford apple then don't hate ok do I make myself clear or u need another lesson
This reminds me of Tokio Hotel - Ready, Set, Go! video most likely they were inspired by this ad.
I didn't know Miley Cyrus was traveled 1984...That must have been one serious breakup yo.
It was 30 years ago today.....
I have that strange feeling that Steve Jobs is still alive ... and planning his second coming , something unique that no one before him did legally. If I am wrong , then I am part of the crazy ones , ya know , those who think they can change the world  :)  :)  ;) 
I WISH 2014 BE LIKE 1984....:(
It has been 30 years since Mac was born. And the commercial during Super Bowl, was almost 1.000.000 dollars to make. And it was introduced in 1984. Such a shame because we never use oldest macintosh any more with Floppy disk drives.
Brad Gillis Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Super Bowl 2014 is soon upon on us and that will be the 30th anniversary of the Super Bowl Mac Ad. Hope you enjoy!
always thought steve jobs was given too much credit for apple.
Irony is strong with this one, considering Apple became poster boy of uniformity, control and brainwashing.
This IS the hunger games.
I love apple and no other cheap knockoff brand or company that is gonna change that. apple 4 life R.I.P STEVEN PAUL JOBS NEVER FORGET THE MAN WHO CHANGED THE WAY WE USE TECHNOLOGY
Lolololo i never used an apple product and technology is still the same for me :P
Wow, never saw so ironic commercial ! :D 
This commercial is amazing but a older friend of mine told me that it was a complete failure at the time. 
It's funny how now apple is more represented by the guy in the screen than the blond girl throwing that huge hammer.
Trust me there is a humongous differece with apple products apple 4 life
První reklama na Apple Macintosh 24.1.1984 pod režií Ridleyho Scotta.
Ron Villejo Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Apple took on Big Blue (IBM) in this mind-boggling ad. Steve Jobs called on George Orwell ("1984") to help him.  
 now 30 years later people are drones for Apple and keep buying there stuff year after year. so in a way Apple took out IBM but became IBM  30 years later.  
+thegamefree1 The difference is people were slaves to the certain tech of the time and there wasn't much in the way of choice. The fact that people keep buying Apple products time after time is because they have a choice to, not because they have to,  as pre 1984 tech went. Go Apple!
Ted G.Gil Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
1984 Apple MacIntosh
Cody Iorio Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The commercial that started Virtual individualism..... good or bad? Comments......
So now apple releases a phone that needs your fingerprint to unlock it, making it the most Orwellian phone around... so much for think different!
That would have been hilarious if the hammer missed the screen. Would have made my fucking life. 1984 was the worst year ever.
That is what apple is today or at least was a year ago...
@MrLqlqlq No, no.. I'm explaining, or trying to explain to the guy that the content of the commercial isn't about Apple, or any particular product, in particular, as much as it is trying to capitalize upon popular iconic references of George Orwell's book, '1984'.. He seems to have issues with that, even though it is a often used advertising strategy..
Today, this commercial is laced with irony, considering that Apple is the big name in electronics nowadays.
Today Apple has bcme the Big Brother.
@Revoks Apple didn't have anything to do with it, genius... The ad came out in 1984.. But I'm the idiot, right?.. lol..
@Revoks It's not... It's a play on George Orwell's masterpiece novel '1984,' which you obviously have never read (or you would have gotten the reference).. You should check it out, it's a fairly quick read..
I was so curious to watch this after reading Steve Job´s biography. It´s great!
This is actually one of the history's most expensive advertisement. Just saying :)
motorola ad is an awesome spoof.
in the book 1984 the gov did not know even half what NSA knows with the help of apple of course!
Apple actually hated this commercial, they did not want to show it at all. They tried to sell their superbowl spot but failed and ended up showing it.
'a garden of pure ideology' 'we are one people, one will, one resolve, one cause' 'we shall prevail' Doesn't sound like Apple to you??
@MrLqlqlq I don't use windows. I won't even bother explaining to you what kind of OS I use because as macboy you would hardly understand. Go away and keep enjoying your overpriced sexually ambiguous junk. And I am not talking just about "software" junk, but also "hardware" junk.
The point wasn't to beat Big Brother, it was to become it.
You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Note the resemblance of this commercial's depiction of Big Brother to what to a certain figure in the computer industry. Also the bead-blasted grey aluminum everywhere.
The Simpsons'' COMIC'S GUY'' From: BRAZIL
Hard to mourn a person who crammed so much innovation into so brief a life... I suspect Jobs perceived everyone around him as moving in slo-mo... Very soon, Heaven will function more efficiently, with more fun, and with more cool stuff. R.I.P.
some day i hope somebody does this in reverse, with tim cook on the screen and .... richard stallman throwing the hammer?
The next iPhone will require your blood to unlock!
@MrLqlqlq Lemme be clear.. The guy I was speaking with, originally, thought the commercial had nothing to do with Apple's products, and I agreed with him, but explained that sometimes companies will use popular, iconic references in advertising, that have nothing to do with their particular product, because of timing, or a particular event has happened.. The ad came out in 1984, and many people were reading that book, that year.. I understand it's an Apple ad, I saw it when it aired..
How can you "use" the internet if there are no Gates and Jobs to make a computers? there are many genius in the world with great ideas and the only reason they are unknown is; they didn't make it to corporate levels. That's the bitter truth.
It has to do with conformity and "falling in line", if you will. Apple was showing their new way of doing things, their new computer and OS, for lack of better words.
@roo7227 You're an idiot... I got the reference, I just didn't get what Apple had to do with it!
My question is this: How exactly is macintosh relevant to a totalitarian state with 24 hour surveilance?
hahahha what a great allusion. i reckon many scratched their heads on this one.
MESSED UP VIDEO. Audio only goes for 60 seconds, video goes for 100 seconds.
It does not require your fingerprint to unlock it. It allows you to set that up for your own security. The fingerprint never leaves the phone, hits no apple servers, etc.
Watched this after reading Steve jobs biography (:
This soundtrack is out of sync with the video. Please repost.
On January 24th, Apple Computer will be silenced in fear as they witness the rise of Hackintosh. And you'll see why 2014 won't be like "1984".
I doubt you've ever read 1984 either, because that's exactly what Oceania was, a totalitarian state with 24 hour surveillance, he's asking how a computer system relates to you.
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