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Ghost alive in Call of Duty GHOST! Detailed PROOF | MW3 Link

by MW3Link • 365,221 views

Director: Please give it a like and Subscribe! THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED! JUST WHAT I THINK!

He was shot in the gut so they thought he would bleed out and die and burned the other guy and plus that guy didnt put gasoline on ghost
He was shot in the gut so they thought he would bleed out and die and burned the other guy and plus that guy didnt put gasoline on ghost
never mind those ther was 2 guys and this is about MW3 wearing a headset so look again!
I hope ghost is still alive
They never set ghost on fire
He got shot by a 44 magnum at point blank in the chest bullets don't always go straight in and out sometimes they bounce of a bone and exit somewhere else and what you saw was an exit wound SO GHOST IS DEAD
no he is not and you can survive that and he got shot in the shoulder and there were snipers on the hill 
Ghost isn't alive... They just added this for fun and to see if any one would notice. Game developers do this all the time. Nothing to get your panties in a twist about.
That's true!!! infinity award just kept ghost out of the game to make it look like he was dead when General Shephered shot ghost on the shoulder.
u forgot one more thing that is proof ghost said"y do we have to wear fireproof vests"
"Mr. Troll" says: what is wrong with my name? and maybe i was wrong about an mw4, or maybe just like every other cod there might be another enemy.
at the begginning of the mission ghost says why do we have these fire retardent vests and he was clearly was shot in the sholdier so he got knocked out and also if you pay attention the soldier never poors gasoline on ghost there you go its the truth ghost is still alive YAY :)
Not could,,, if you shoot anyone enywhere to the chest there is no hearth left ...
looks more like a shot to the kneck
Sorry I didn't make the last comment clear enough (My fault) I meant it as an apology
has anyone thought about the two snipers that were covering them......................................? think about it he was only shot in the chest and the gas was poured on roch only and plus if u say oh well what about the russians. the were routed by sheperd. so. get my point?
he is not dead he was shot in the shoulder and exit the stomach he has a bullet proof vest oil was only put on roach not ghost... ultimate proof!
At the first part it did look like that also I think only roach gets burned
Robert Bowling retired from Infinity Ward. Therefore any of his ideas for future Call of Duty's have also been retired. So what he said about ghost can not be true.
Guys, Ghost is DEFINATLY ALIVE! Although this maybe not on purpose, Gaz and Ghost sound exactly alike, and Gaz supposedly "dies". So with Call of Duty: GHOSTS (Or MW4), Ghost has to be alive, but maybe under a different name?
it looks like they only put the gasoline on roach
0:50 headset guy above the pocket on his right arm is the british flag 1:12 right arm british flag even thigh its on the pocket this time it dosent really matter because unoforms change sometimes
Well, hear the sound of the Magnum and the sound of the...maybe sniper which hits Ghost.
oh by the way this is a clue that ghost is alive in MW2 at the start of that level ghost said why do we need to wear these fire proof jackets
mohammad ,matar thank you for believing he is alive
all of these fucktards r fuckin stupid ghost got shot and his body got burned in mw2 ok so stop say that ghost is coming back assholes
Still thinking he is comming !
Ghost is alive he got shot on the shoulder by shephered and he covered roach in the petrol and burned him not ghost.
ghost is not dead shepred put oil on ghost partner and burn his partner
from call of duty modern warfare on the ship the two guys who stay behind when u go in the ship
i think ghost is not dead beccuse the angle of the shot of roach and the shot of ghost is the same and the frist shot hit roach and ghost and the seocnd shot hit a mag or plate or a awful shot in conculedtion the world my never know
dude he just fucking burned them did u miss that at the end??????
But If you could see... The gasoline only gets poured on you and maybe ghost will substitute soap in mw4 because soap is dead
It is mw2 ingame you can survive a shot to the chest/stomach with a magnum
your name is TROLLER642 and Makarov's dead so what would MW4's campaign be? Ghost being circumsised?
His live cause he got shot in stomach and he had a bullet proof vest and he didn't get burned
ajjaj idiots im living in 2013 , ghost its DIE
trust me ghost is dead the guy on the dark is wallcroft however he named
fools, now MW3 is out and he's not in it, so for the idiot theorists who thought he would be; get owned.
also if u watch the end scene where u burn he dumps almost all the gas on roach
if he dd get shot in the stomach and survived arnt those cloths their wearing supposed to be fireproof
if ghost did die this is what i say to infinity ward:FUCK YOU!!!!!!! !
Did anybody else see Ghost's head turn and point at Roach, like Ghost was alive at 1:51 ( look at ghost's head).
ghost is dead he was shot on the left side right in the heart
at the start of the level ghost "goes why do we need fireproof vests"
Look at 1:51 at Ghosts head he shout on roach
if you look closley they dont put the gasiline on ghost only rouch
Ya don't get it It Wallcroft After the Train Crashes --__-- So no Ghost in mw3
it was the kidney he was shot in. Go back to school and learn 6th grade anatomy. jesus christ.
It's a game... dont get me wrong, i love call of duty... WHO CARES ABOUT GHOST? i know people will be hating. but he is a fictional character from a game.... it's not that big of a deal... there are people really at war right now and were sitting here enjoying killing people...
he got shot by a revolver point blank like 2 feet away thay would be hard to survive
ghost is not in mw3 that guy with the headset is WALLCROFT IDIOT
Guys at Infinity Ward said they don't know what they have in store for Ghost, so stop your bitching and arguing. But there is something of Ghost's in MW3. The dog tags in kill confirmed say "Ghost" so in a way he was in MW3 lol. If he does come back in another MW, he'll probably die because he's so popular and that's how they vote em off the island haha
they burned roach and ghost you can see him burning in the corner of the screen
He was NOT in MW3. At the end they did show a picture of him with sandman, roach, and soap. But all of them are dead...
Ghost is not dead! Look at 2:10 ....... Ghost's Shoulder moves! :D
Yeah ... but they kill all best characters :) no way he will live
I really wanna see ghost alive but i think he's dead in mw2. Coz there's blood on his stomach and his on his chest.
ghost is not dead I see it on the video if throw to roach look to ghost,s belly there,s a blood
Why can't anyone accept Ghost is dead (im talking about the comments because this video was made a year ago) no game is not gonna bring back a character just because people want him back. Ghost was just another character that only survived one game to add up suspense for the end like Sgt. Griggs Sandman Roach etc. So please just get over that Ghost has died and is not coming back
That Guy is not ghost he is a SAS officer
and 1 thing i forgot to mention was that at the mission start where ghost and roach "died" ghost asked "Why do we have to wear this fireproof vest?" and the sniper team just said "We will COME get you if anything goes wrong." so they didnt die cuz ghost and roach both were shot in the stomach
ive seen a glich where you CAN see the petrol ONLY poured on roach.
and at the begining of the misson ghost said why do we have to were these bullet proof vests
ghost died bitches price said trash sheperd but he didnt talked hes burned
No it never if you look to your left you see ghost burn either that or Roach is one fat shit XD
so u think the other people would just watch how roach gets burned and ghost is laughing his ass off while bleeding his ass out or what dafuq
Damn I spelt vare wrong! What would my parents say!
Guys big news call of duty released a new trailer whith ghost maybe Playing in it !!!!
i know. i am just saying that i am not a troll
even if he survived he got shot in the spine which is automatic handicap :(
Guys Ghost is dead i don't want to admit it ok. i loved Ghost he was my favorite character but you must see that the first second and third games of Modern Warfare kinda show the fall of teams and special forces in the first modern warfare Griggs died and Gaz died or became ghost that i believe. in MW2 Ghost died has a big blow infinity ward is full of suprises and shocks. in MW3 Soap, Delta team and some SAS people died this was war and in war there is no hero only survivors. Please dont hate.
Gaz, Ghost and Wallcroft are all voiced by the same person.
but i'm no troll, have you seen my videos? and i don't comment on others saying stuff that trolls would say, plus i have seen LOTS of troll over youtube, you can't understand them
he shot him in the fucking heart
Even though Ghosts is the new CoD, it may not be the same guy. It could be his son or something because in BO2, we thought mason would be in it, but we didn't know at the start that it would be his son
You don't now because woods is still alive in black ops 2
those guys are sargent Wallcroft and pvt.Griffen U DUMB ASS
Ghost got shot in the face. Bullet proof vest wouldn't help. The odd part is the bullet wound is in his chest. But regardless, it went through him completely. If he didn't die from the shot, he bled to death.
That was Ghost and Sandman during Operation Kingfish, which took place in October 2013. Ghost died in 2016.
Some people wore the same thing as ghost bisides ghost got burned
ghost got an shot in the chest plate -.- not in the stomache
Yeah, sorry but trolls usually make there names obvious
ghost didnt get coverd in the gasoline and ghost had on a bullet poof vest
you guys are idiots. at 1:50 - 1:53 , he has the shot to his chest.People kept saying he got shot in the head.Who knows if hes alive
but at the start of Mw3 how come it shows you just after you kill Shepard?
yeah and i also heard the vest and clothing was fire proof
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