The Edge of Glory (Gaga Live Sydney Monster Hall)

by LadyGagaVEVO • 1,464,903 views

Music video by Lady Gaga performing The Edge of Glory. (C) 2011 Interscope Records

I hope she'll come back with this pop full of energy, she's so good at it In the meantime i'll enjoy her jazz music and voice at its best!
Impresionante la interpretación sobre la Novicia Rebelde, me conmociono enormemente!quiero oír la interpretación otra vez ,donde. La encuentro
Ur songs makes me go crazy and.I love it .=)
When I watching the end of the video when Gaga dropped onto the floor: "Wow! A stunt!" But just now I was imagining if I were there at the show, I would be like: "OMG, FUCK DID AN ACCIDENT JUST OCCUR TO HER? IS SHE OKAY? CALL THE AMBULANCE!!!!!!!!!!"
Love gaga any and everything she does
What happened next after Lady Gaga dropped onto the floor???
She came back to the stage and sang Judas hahaha
she doesn't get the credit she deserves for her talent.
Marcelo Gssi Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Ya despidiéndome hasta mañana, en un nuevo encuentro acá por la Pantalla de G+... Compartiendo a una Grande, como esta interpretación en Vivo de:   #ladygaga  
I Love the sounds fucking awesome
P!nk is top for live performances but number two would be lady gaga then Beyonce.
Gaga är kvinna my opinoin. Love some mucshsowoman be happy!
She can sing in live so good !!
i love her <3 she's so great on scene <3 
she is the definition of a phenomenal performer, everything about her is creative. She writes her own music, and not only has a crazy voice, but sings live !!  
I don't like her, but her voice is out of this world.
Great song, just like all of them!
One of the best eras. Born this way era was so amazing sadly that album is so under appreciated :c
Por el momento una de mis canciones favoritas de la madre Monster!!! ;)
Goddess since btw era
La mejor cancion de Born this Way  ¡¡ 
what happens at 1:45? the crowd makes a weird noise :/
i cant think of anything else! I have to say that she is very talented and beautiful!! <3 HER!!!
it's about the dancers mark kanemura doing some act with GaGa there ,,,,,
Pues no es horrorosa es mi cantante favorito ,y si,es verdad que sus trajes son raros pero canta bien así que calla la boca.
SEXY BABE GAGA 👠💄👒👜👠💄👒👜👠💄👒👜👠💄👒👜
I'm a huge Lady Gaga fan and I like her vocals here but she doesn't looks really good with that black and white wig.
I love this look on her. Great outfit. Well done!
amo a la niña del minuto 1:16 estan tierna cada ves que la veo no puedo evitar no emocinarme  con ella se ve muy feliz :3
Talento es música no violencia gua lo mejor
Watching this video after Sam Bailey's performance is kind of weird but I have to admit Lady Gaga's voice is incredible here too! Wow, what an amazing performance she did. And the fall in the end was just awesome. :D
노래 진짜 잘한다
Par representar o Brasil õ/ u.u
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The best, Lady Gaga, her shows are amazing
fAme up to artp0p. .i lovE them alL. .
Omg what happened to her after she fell?
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beyonce and lady gaga is the best when it comes to live acts beyhive love little monsters
I love you're the best in the world ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥
pleaseee watch my cover of this song! visit my channel #Ethan
아씨 떨어지는 것도ㅜ,이뻐
I'm not a fan of Gaga's but I truly respect an artist that can sing that great live and have a show like that being so young with a relatively short career. On the other hand, we can't loook down on other artists. There is plenty of room for talented and gifted people. As long as they give their best and SING LIVE, I'd respect them.
WTF! She sings exactly as she sounds on CD! I mean she's amazing, talented and beautiful! Of course She's LADY GAGA! ♥
we will always believe in you, thank you for inspiring us <3
Where are you ?? We miss ya terribly ...
C'mon let's make 1Million views!
I miss the bad romance era of gaga❤️
I wish I could have been there for her to fall onto my face at the end.
wish i couldve seen her live :/
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Nice upside down Michael Jackson shoulder pad detail!
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