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Best of E3 2012 Awards - Best Software Lineup

by GameTrailers • 4,400 views

Which company rolled out the best overall showing this year? Find out in the GameTrailers Best of E3 2012 Award for Best Software Lineup!

Fuck You, I'm PS3. To: Xbox 360
I love how GT keeps putting Two Steps From Hell music on their videos!!!!
in ur face all u eggsbox fans!
PS-Move....."Yes u have to pay money for this 30 year old tech" Blue-ray......"Yes u have to pay $40 bucks for this movie now" Cell CPU....."Yes u get this CPU which bottle necks with its one core" Ps3 Broke..."Yes we managed to fix your ps3 in 3 months"
I mean, PS3 is obviously the clear winner here. Only challenge would be if Ubisoft had their own console.
I don't really care too much about live arcade games & psn Games thats why I didnt include them in the list. But it terms of the shear amount, quality & diversity of exclusive AAA games I think ps3 took it this generation mainly because Sony has 1st party studios that support it with heavy hitters along side 3rd party games. I can count all good 360 exclusives on 1 hand & they only range across a few genres. you know its a fact.
:D PS3 IS THE BEEESTTTT .. But, the PC is Good Too ...
Can did PC not win ?!?!? its by far the best platform
halo, gears, forza and our arcade exclusives aren't trash, I'll give you fable because that has gone downhill but all the others = class
and? the majority of the games you listed aren't what people consider system sellers so I'm not sure why you're bragging.
i used ps3..........but i must say that pc shouldve been the no.1 :/, thumbs up if you agree
thyere not shit if u dont have thousands of dollars. that and split screen
What thē heck is that ps3 game with the first person and the paint and the ladder?
to me anyways ( i have all 3 of the current home consoles), Microsoft shouldnt have even been on this list since all they ever push out for exclusive games are Halo, Gears, and Forza. i mean come on! dont they have money to invest in exclusive IPs instead of nickel and diming us with exclusive DLC for the 360?
Halo 4, gears of war judgment, forza horizon, alone will out sell any ps3 exclusive and that is fact do your research
im watching this on my PC, but i dont get what you mean by saying xbox
*Facepalm* This isn't software. It's fucking hardware... I have seriously found something wrong with every one of these rewards and this one is wrong because it is simply retarded.
well, here comes an agreeing bystander :D i mean really microsoft, you cant make another exclusive IP for your system instead of investing in the Kinect? event eh Wii U has more exclusives coming to it and its not even out yet
well...if it wasnt for PC or XBox you wouldnt be watching this...
I have an Xbox, and I'm kind of disappointed with the exclusives. (Besides Halo.) Gears of War Judgement looks like shit in my opinion, and I personally don't have a care for Forza. Halo (IMO) is probably the only exclusive I'm interested in, whereas PS3 is getting games like The Last of Us, BEYOND: Two Souls, and God of War Ascendance. All in all, I really wish I had the coin to get a PS3, not because "PS3 is bettar durr durr", but just because of the exclusives. (Random rant FTW!)
Yeah... but I think you got likes more than hate comments ;) Great comment .
lol since launch: Forza Halo Gears Forza Halo Gears Forza Halo Gears Forza Halo Gears... You call that a success? smh the 3ds alone has more exclusives than that machine. here come the hate comments
AWWW FUCK YOU MANNNN xD nah im playin, you right about that and than i bet those are the same ppl who bitch at nintendo for bring out mario every other console!
Note: Best of E3. There is almost never anything PC at E3.
lol 3ds is shit id rather play a forza halo or gears game than a mario or mario or mario game
Hardly, they're on equal terms everywhere else besides America, and even there it's not that much difference.
fable, left 4 dead, crackdown, conviction, pgr, alan wake, trials, fez, toy did say "since launch"
really? i'll give you l4d, conviction & alan wake for doing something a little different but we both know the rest are trash! to even add them to list makes it even worst. the ps3 had about 4 exclusives a year!
pc, xbox, ps3 all have a youtube section. not sure if the wii does
I am a fan of an xbox because of Halo and Gears, but i definitely agree that for this award PS3 is right to win...I mean hell...The Last of Us looks great and Playstation All Stars!? about freakin time! Microsoft needs to get on the ball and catch up!
I'm sorry, did you guys just say Sly 3?
biggest load of bullshit.....oh not just this vid, the WHOLE LOT of gametrailers "best of e3"
yes fuck xbox360 and im sorry pc
I'd say it should have been a draw between PC and PS3
neither `re ps3 exclusives, they don't sell very much at all, halo will out sell every ps3 exclusive, I'm not a huge fan of it but its fact
Lol I'm losing my mind thought they were going to say " and the winner is Assassins Creed 3" instead of PlayStation 3. Seriously GT is rubbing it in on our faces, just like last year with Bioshock Infinite.
Thousands of dollars? no mine was around 1k and its compared to console in anyway console is shit.
I heard u are paid by sony to say ps3
im sorry but pc has everything, while ports are sometimes a problem w/ a pc you get alot more indie games, mods, and some amazing exclusives as well. even though i love my ps3 i would gladly take a gaming pc any day.
PC is the best xbox and PS3 are shit compared to it
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