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PSP 6.60 HACK! Custom Firmware 6.60 PRO-B9 release/ [PSP GO] include

by SuperGame4ever • 453,104 views

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nasıl yapılıo hiç bi halt anlatmamışsın bide video diye koyuyyon :(
sorry. this program doesn,t etc. why?
STUPID EASY! WTF? Softmods are the best ever...seriously took like ONE minute. THANK YOU! Just got a PSP Go Factory Refurbished on Ebay for $60...Best/Smallest portable in my pocket! Was gonna get a Game Boy Micro and opted out. GLAD!
He still uses the pandora battery? He doesn't need that anymore now that the PSP is the easiest system to hack.
works perfectly thanks for sharing
Thanksss SO MUCH ! Subbed !
:))))) your retard?? """Hack""" =]]
when u download it what file do u put it in
:))))) your retard?? """Hack""" =]]
I keep getting a corrupted data Help!
What if PRO-Update doesn't work on your psp 1004? pls subscribe plz need help!!!
0:08 psp tech hacked youtube video tutorial
can i still play games on my memory stick if my version is only 6.60 or i need to upgrade it to pro-b9 ?
Okay, maybe a bit more than "a bit". I've honestly never owned a PSP 2000 or held one in my hands, and I haven't seen an accurate size comparison.
Oh. I have heard of people running it on 3000 or go and it bricked theirs.
A fbi piracy notice is always poping up
Thank you so much! After all the research and trial and error I've done, I thought my super new PSP wouldn't play ISOs. You saved me pulling out my last clump of hair.
my psp doesnot responds after installing pro update plz help me
You should already know what's your PSP is when the first time you bought it. PSP 1000 Fat, PSP 2000 Slim and lite. PSP 3000, same as the PSP 2000 but the screen brightness more sharper than the PSP 2000. You also can refer it from your PSP Box.
this better work cuz im gonna review your video on my channel
I have a PSP Go g05 and the CIPL flasher says that my device is not compatible? WTF?
Thank you so much for your help my psp go works like new i'm playing mk4 street fighter vs x-men man the list goes on even snes game thank alot workss 100%
how can you play your psp from the desktop
Mine says sorry your FW dosent support? What that suppose to mean?
when ever i try to run the cipl flasher its says it does not work in this model woot do i don now helllp meee
worked like a charm updated to 6.60 by accident not thinking or something found this and ran the 2 files the proupdate and flasher worked great. now about to try on my buddys psp1000 mine is a 2000 sure it will work just as good thanks for the vid man
why it say this? : sorry this program doesn´t support FM0x06030110 ??? please HELLLPPP!!!!!
Intros for youtube videos should be 4 seconds, 10 tops.
in which file on my memory stick should i put the .zip folder?
this is bs it jus says corrupt data WTF another fucking dead end
If we cant run CIPL_FLASHER cuz it will be bricked, how can we get permanent patch?
when i run pro udate it says.....? : sorry this program doesn´t support FM0x06030110 ??? please HELLLPPP!!!!!
One problem, when I open CIPL_FLASHER It says This model can't install... or something like this, and I can't see the games. :| What can I do?
nice but now my psp wont let me change my themes any help any one
can i still use UMD after my psp 3000 is hacked? mine is slim someone please reply :(
Hello SuperGame4ever, I would like to know the difference between PSP Street E100, PSP 2000 AND psp 3000?? Tq.. ^_^
Ima confused too. In wich folder i must put these ''BOOT'' files?
what's the latest OFW i can find on a PSP 3k if i buy it today? Will i be able to install a CFW in such a PSP?
I got the same thing... still looking for an answer... but i havent found anything
T-T my psp go wont turn on now....
Worked really well and very fast thank you.
Dude you are just awesome can i have your fb please
My mute button has died from cancer of this music.
No, There's no need to use the Jigkick(pandora) Battery, Just follow the instruction on the description.
sir thank you very much for this firmware i can now play games in my psp 3000 6.60ver using pro update =)
it says it doesnt support the fw.pls help
cant sport fw(0x05050010)...can help me
which 1 do i need to download for the psp go version 6.60 the first 1 or the second 1 and i have never done this before so i dont need an upgrade for the hack
whenever i go to recovevery mode my psp go freezes????
do you need a memory stick for it to work?
wait, i just read that it will brick the psp go. Well...fuck.
It was easy when you read carefully the instruction on the description ..
i have a big Q when i enter the vsh menu and recovery menu what do i do next to be able to play iso games and how to i get the prome_iso_loader working
THANKS ALOT!i finally able to play games on my memory stick now!Like,Subbed and Favourited!
@munis002 I made it by kevin rudolf
y does it disappers after shut down its not permed yet?
someone teach me how to put games on psp go please
tried formatting it. Still comes up as corrupted data -__- Help Plz
yes.... i hacked my PSP with this files: 1- CIPL_Flasher 2- FastRecovery 3- PROUPDATE 4- UPDATE i think the thing u are finding its the file 4 ... but i recommend you if you want you PSP have the firmware its free from the sony, now go to your XMB (- the first thing you see when you power on your PSP) > settings > system update > update via internet... i helped you ?
Hei ich wahrne euch von disen program ich hatte es programirt und jetzt läst sich meine psp nicht mehr einschalten wehm es auch so geht soll bitte daummen hoch geben und an den video macher bitte ich an rück meldung danke.
I have ran it and it didn't brick it, only said my device is not cimpatible and it went back the the main menu.
what is the name of song taht comes before beganing
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