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How to make Cake Pops - by Yoyomax12

by yoyomax12 - the diet free zone • 6,937,426 views

How to make cake pops. This was my very first attempt at cake pops and they are far from perfect, but it shows you just how easy they are to make. I have many other cake pops on my channel here:...

Hi, I want to make these for my birthday to bring to school I want to make it one day earlier because school starts early (duh) so is it ok if i refrigerate it for a night?
Can you make rainbow poop cupcakes
Wow that was really cool and easy cause I love to cook and I'm 13 lol and I always try to find recipes that are new and not the same over and over again so this was very helpful and I just subscribed to this channel love it lol
I tried this and they were SO good! Thanks
will a cupcake make one cake pops or how manny
I think that you used too much frosting. It's not even cake anymore
Can you make a Turkey turkey cake!!!!!
I made these with brownies instead of cake and they are SO good~
can i use melted chocolate to make frosting?
thank you for the videos. very useful. 
Can u dip them in chocolate right after U take them out of the freezer? Iv heard that I should wait till they are brought 2 room temperature? Am I right?
Thank you to uploaded this video.. :)✿now I can make it to my child's✿ #cakepops
Your awesome I'm having these for my birthday this year I know there gonna be delicious
i love those sprinkles designs:)
What kind of chocolate can you use when you dip the sucker sticks? Is it candy bar chocolate or a special type of chocolate?
Your very welcome😸😸😸😸😸
Do you have to use frosting for mixing it with the cake?
Yes because without it the cake wouldn't hold shape
You could try using nutella I don't know if it'd work though
it is very good and looked tasty . i loved it
If you smooth out the chocolate when you put the stick in the cake pop they are less likely to fall off when you dip them. As well as if your chocolate is too thick when you dip them they will fall off so just thin out the melted chocolate with shortening or veggie oil.
Hi! How many days in advance can you make these? Can they stay in the freezer after the sprinkles?
The problem with freezing these is that condensation forms on the outside of the chocolate when they thaw and they may look spotty.  If you refrigerate them, make sure that you allow them to come to room temperature without being in a container or plastic bag to keep moisture from condensing on them.
Is it okay to not put them in the fridge after I've inserted the stick into the cake balls?? Thanks for the video!!
I would use chocolate cake and chocolate icing and dip them in melted peanut butter. Oh! I'd put coconut shavings on them aswell! :)
Why was there a random kid at the end of the video? (Its my first time watching her videos)
I think that might be her son, Max.
Me and my uncle always follow your videos
That's nice to hear! Thanks to both of you for watching :)
I made some with vanilla frosting and it was awesome
Why would you use chocolate frosting for yellow cake?Just wondering! I would use white frosting or (if you want a different color ) try pink or blue frosting with yellow! it will come out really pretty  
i stuck mine in a a sive
mmmm so delich I almost ate my laptop cus of dat.
I have followed all instructions, But my cake pops won't stay on their sticks. I have also done some in a cake pop mould just using a cake mix. What am I doing wrong?
Just made these today. Used white chocolate and dark chocolate. Also used vanilla icing with vanilla cake for the filling and they turned out great. Everyone loved them, thank you!
Hummm yummy ♥_♥ look like candy crush saga hihi
Can you use nutella instead of choclatefrosting?
Gotta try this out on my 18th bday 😊
I hate this YouTube and Google+ It freaking sucks
Why do you have a account then ??
whatever frosting you want
U sound like that lady that plays in bridesmaids
Does nutella work? And chocolate syrup for diping?
Nutella should work, but dont use chocolate syrup for diping, because it wont harden, and it will be VERY sticky
thank you for uploaded this video now my i'm i DEA for small business oR online :D   
If you do it in the microwave and then dip the pop in it is a lot easier!
Just a tip, If you don't want to dirty your hands, you could just put in the zip-lock bag and crumble it
Why a sad song or the back ground¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yummy but way you don't make chocolate cake and chocolate frasting
she said in the beginning that she had left over cake from her son's birthday.
I lovd your channle plz cheak out mine
No matter how many times I tried can't seem to get it right!
What type of chocolate will you melt, would you recommend the best?
I love this video can you make one direction cake
Are you a directioner? So yes i would love if she makes a 1D cake
I love ur recipe... Will try it soon
+Meghana Sanka you shouldn't have commented on this video from my profile..
im makeing cake pops with my family and my cousin so thats 6 ppl
Ohhh I soo love it! It's quiet simple but looks soo delicious!! good also for business!thanks for sharing this! God Bless! :) <3
Where do you buy the cake pops stick from please answer thnx
Thanks I'm 13 and I love baking its like a passion but thank you so much its very helpful!
Alors, déjà moi je croit que sa devais être trop bons bravo !
Hi ! :) Thank you for sharing this for us, its so cute I love it! I can remake a left over cake by doing this :) By the way, What was the chocolate that you mixed in with the Left Over cumpled cake? I'm So Curious.
hi ms tammy, i have difficulties in my melted chocolate, do i need to put something else? the only available here is the regular chocolate, hope u could help me thank u so much in advance :)
Should I keep the leftover cake pops in the the fridge or freezer?
Thanks now I can know how to make a cake pops.
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Nice Video...I have to make cake pops for my son's Birthday..How many days in advance should I make them and how to store them? Do they remain good at room temp..Please help!
These can be stored at room temperature (just like regular cake and frosting).   A  couple of days in a container with a lid should be okay. 
+yoyomax12 - the diet free zone
Where can you purchase candy melts
I've seen them in the craft section at Walmart in fact the last time i was in there they had pink and red ones on clearance but i think it was 2.50 for a bag. we have a small Walmart so if ours has them most others should as well though you might not think to look in crafts I certainly wouldn't but I go back there all the time. Also if you have a Hobby Lobby or Micheal's near you they like have them too.
If you can't find them at Walmart you could also check Michael's (Canada and US, don't know if they have Michael's in other countries)
Do you think the cake would make up into balls with peanut butter instead of the frosting?  Seems like a lot of frosting to mix the cake and then coat the balls with even more chocolate...have you tried peanut butter to hold the cake together?
I've never tried peanut butter, but I'm sure that it would work just fine.
can u use nutella instead of the icing?
thank you! i wonder if i can make this in Korea ^ ^
OMG!!! TaStE So GoOd!!
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