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Late Night TF2 [Commentary] Randomizer Arena Mod

by STAR_ • 1,385,459 views

Randomness and Shenanigans --------------------------------- --------------------------------- Add me on Twitter: Steam Group:...

It's really embarrassing when you see a celebrity online and don't actually believe it's the real deal...and make a MASSIVE show of how fake you think the person is...
This people was like "FAKE STAR_" And than when they see this video they'll be like "OMG IM IN A VIDEO"
I think that happened to +Ice2441, +Mr.Noob 
I was laughing so hard when they called out STAR_ on being a fake XD Wonder if they watched the video o.O
+Uber Tatoe The only way I know how to spot a fake (without leaving the game) is to see if he's on Star_'s servers for over an hour the fakes always get kicked pretty quickly. Or banned for "Being an idiot"
yeah I don't play on Star_'s servers cos I'm in Australia and it lags heaps
Take away the weapons from tf2 classes.  Which are the best? 1. Medic, 150 health and regen 2. Spy, cloak and disguise 3. Scout, fast and quick reloads 4. Engineer, buildings 5. Pyro, resistance to burning 6. Sniper, average 7. Heavy, 300 health but slow movement 8. Soldier, 200 health but slow movement 9. Demoman, no advantages and annoying 
+Cactush Good because any weapon it has it can reload faster. Have you ever played randomizer and got either demo or medic, where it takes .76 seconds to reload 1? If the scout gets the nade launcher he could fire all 4 faster and reload all 4 faster.
+JohnJigglywiggly Oh yeah, most definitely. I was just a little confused because you said take away weapons lol.
star_ you play GTA 4 on steam right? so can someone or STAR_ help me know how to fix the infinite loading because i left it for the night for 9 hr and it was still loading maybe one of you guys can help me fix it or STAR_ but i have windows 8.1 though.
+Ðr.Cake³ Yeah, I'm stuck with Windows 8 AND IT SUCKS! Know a good classic shell? You can't simply downgrade your OS without some select few things, and I'd prefer to keep it simple. 
LOL spy has pyro flamethrower and pyro has spy diamondback!
+Heejae Kang ah, the irony! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Star_ please do 10x randomizer It's so fun.
Imagine getting The Bootlegger, Gunboats, and The Fan O' War :3 worst evar
+TheFinisher0 i got 2 base jumpers in 1 load out
"Hey FAKE STAR" -Butterjelly 2012 didn't think he was fake after he saw this xD
What if a heavy gets Your Eternal Reward and backstabs? ._.
12:29, guy:FAKE STAR, uploaded*, guy:OH SHIT i'm an idiot...
Hey, I know lag! ( The rocket spy from 8:20 )
Scout with the Degreaser, Buff Banner and the Knife is the best you can get.
I got the best combination ever earlier Scout- Degreaser, concheror's conch, sun-on-a-stick. Too many crits and healz.
STAR r u sexual? Becuouus i saw boobs
Can't see that well what is it?
How do I mod tf2 to get on servers like Saxton hale and hidden I googled it but that was useless
its the MA-SHEE-NA not the MA-KIN-AA
only if u like to hit girls....
If you get a kunai on X10 mode, a backstab gets you get 2000 health.
whats your kill sound mod?
i once got a scatter gun pretty boys pocket pistol and a atomizer as heavy LOL fat scout time!
I have a very bad momnet in randomizer because ı am spy and ı have wrench
its called the soleom  vow not the hansom dude
13.10 Medic is Gangsta!
Coming this Winter: BOWIE: THE PREQUEL!!!!
Happy New Year! cries silently
just show the parts that u play.
12:28 just watch the chat and the stupidity.
what is the name of that golden weapon
Do you have to make your own server if you want to play randomizer/arena mode?
+DarkStar79 No, if you want to play randomizer type "random" into tags
A Buffer Overflow means that a message from the server has been repeating in the console resulting in a kick so you don't l a good so much
So you don't lag so much*
ster press b to auto discuise its so much faster
I don't want to lose 7-2 ._. Welcome to the charity mix^
A lot of The Mad Murderer Music
Go to 2:00 and look at the right - a spy's hand just falls down
"i believe this is the last guy on blu" he killed a blu demo the last guy on blu had his dispenser destroyed so he's not a pyro ster pls
I played with STAR_ before
The saxxy so gold and you are luky
How do you find a randomizer server like the first letter (Like payload is pl_
That's not how you find it
How come so many people are making a big deal of someone not knowing it was the real star_? 
I hate when you get the Blautsager(the medic gun that deals 3 hearts per sec) it is basically insta-death
"hearts" what is this? minecraft?
whats the custom sounds that STAR_ is using when the round starts, when he kills someone, ect?
I think they're just part of the randomiser mod.
People in the chat be like, faker much?
i've always wondered if people watch the video and see how stupid they look when they call out "Fake"
btw the Do no harm guy is Hippocrates
2:01 ... the arm casually rolling down the stairs at the top right ;P
All the people calling him a fake STAR in chat lol facepalm
How do you change your reticle
Options,multiplayer, crosshair. Like that
BTW the error is not from randomizer, it's a networking error that occurs every once and a while.
I just got rid of it trollface in comments ps i know it said other things
some idiot tells me not to capture the point, i will cap it because they arnt going to stop me. it isnt against rules
What? I sawed Heavy healed a minigun Medic XD
Capturing the point in arena randomizer is the pussys way out
how do you make youre amo and helth look like that
I recommend BroeselHUD
scout with the flametrower is best
Skip the spectetor.
STAR_2014: i just want to get in there and kill people
This is insane, Heavies healing Medics, Medics minigunning entire teams
+MegaCocozim Thanks for telling me that
does any one see that the other soldier has a original when ster dies 2:05
Was his profile picture some boobs? XD don't worry Ster, you're not alone
I'm the server right now
12:52 Angry guy who doesn't understand that Star goes public sometimes.
I would love if those ppl who thought Star was a fake watched this vid and humiliate they're self
At least now, he dosn't call himself star_ anymore. Paying attention bud royal?
yes i do want to se a spy siting in the corner 
20:35 lol the train kills them both XD
sniper backstabbing a spy oh the irony
Want to meet up in game star?
Wow the guy said faker much, wait until he sees this video.
Can anyone link me stars profile picture? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
How do you see the damidg ???
hx but i fond out but thx for help
Imagine l'entreanger, razorback, fan o war
Who the fuck still plays team fortress 2
How can you play randomizer mode?
Find a server that runs it.
does someone have the anger hat from the sniper which he wants to trade please reply
It doesn't matter. No one even pays attention to backpack or outpost now. If you can't get one then just post on YouTube comment section.
I like that the engineer was actully holding the machina right
My mother always said life is like a box of choclates,never know what yah gonna get
Hay you can play five nights at Freddy's
+STAR_ What the heck is up with your picture? Its gross..
How does he automatically disguise when he kills people
He is using the YER (Your Eternal Reward) which disguises you as your backstabbed target instantly.
+Aaron Leeuwenhage he's not using the reward, but the Kunai. he's uqing a shortcut to disguise in your last disguise.
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