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[Nooya] Super Mario Bros 3 - Death Montage - Part 2/2

by Dopelives • 10,845 views

Nooya playing Super Mario Bros 3, and failing, and failing, and failing, and failing and winning! Brought to you by: Buy dopelives merchandise:...

Playing Mario was one of the most traumatic events during my childhood.
Super Tourettes Bros 3? (yeah, getting killed for that one)
how come dopefish's voice is different here???
Why did I think of Pewdiepie... Though I dislike him.
@Patrickjh1 Nooya is just as funny as dope. Check out his project zomboid commentaries xD
he´s really a lousy mario player
3:38 magikarp uses splash its super effective!
I would have ragequitted a long time ago
Btw this mario deathsound is driving me insane!
Bwahaha, good job pulling through and not quitting!
bing bing bing bing bing badoom.
I am the exact same fucking way when i am playing video games. lol haha
@Norwaycollector No... because your grammar fails
I like Nooya he is the angry one while Dope is the less angry one HAHAH GOOD TIMES!
@TheGorrack oh, not only dope uses this acc huh
I'm only disliking this for your use of the "N" word
Everytime Nooya dies in this game, Justin Bieber gets raped
@darkshade219 Lol you don't watch much dopelives do ya? ;)
i laughed fron the beginning to the end x'DD
i want nooya's voice playback back in frustration when i fail at mario
Some one get this guy a Game Genie
He's wrong, of course, it's much harder to watch this than to play.
Neeewwww New new new new newww~
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