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Fluorescent Light Bulbs SMASH - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 2,838,145 views

Follow Gav -!/GavinFree Follow Dan -!/danielgruchy Gav and a very distracted Dan show you what smashing two fluorescent lightbulbs together looks like in...

Dropping florescent light bulbs horizontally onto a hard surface is much more spectacular and in real time slow mo would be awesome XD
There British right and they watch doctor who maybe..........and + that gas mask...ARE YOU MY MUMMY???
He probably is a mummy XD
He did the smash, he did the light bulb smash The light bulb mash, it was a florescent smash He did the smash, it caught on in a flash He did the mash, he did the light bulb smash
+Troy Winchester hey i thought my cover was pretty clever :P
Archeologists in 500 years are going to be really confused with what they find in their garden.
Was Dan giving ideas for sword fight to the director of Star wars??
IT looks like you split the second one in half
Dan looks like a character from Team Fortress 2 with his gas mask and his heavy-duty gloves. :)
If you see a comment containing the word Mercury, feel free to disregard the comment unless it's made by an actual chemist.
This video marks about two hours that I've been watching your videos tonight. Probably the best two hours of my day.
I don't think glass looks good in slow motion because no matter how you film it it goes very very fast.
I hope they knew that fluorescent lights contain mercury
Try stuff in space!!!
Do you have $200000 to get there?
i want to know how theyre cleaning process goes XD
And thus forth, no one was ever allowed to be barefoot in their yard ever again. XD
What happens when 2 light sabers meat
I found one at school and thought it was plastic so I hit it on a fence. It exploded and I fucking RAN.
What regiment is Dan in?
Dem matching gloves doh
They should set up the Cameras at a Death macht Wrestling show.
I CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE. YouTube is going to selfishly squabble about..... the mercury in florescent light bulbs!!!! listen they KNEW about it, the were (pretty much) prepared, and that was a risk they were willing to take. now let's all give hugs and apologize and solve global warming :3 
Why are there no cannisters in Dan's respirator?
silver stevenl Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Very fun to wach
Breaking Flourescent Tube right near Fruit trees. 
Did it with my friend no gas mask of gloves
1:13 when you lose on angry birds
the glass could slice his neck
The light bulb he smashed has bad gases that kill you wjen breathed in because theres little shareds of glass
Tiffany Bazain Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Are you my mummy? Mummy is that you?
When I was 11 I caught one of those lights without cutting my hand
Nice Jedi moves Dan! They're awesome!! XD
Alen, that wouldn't protect him from the vapors without a canister, and that mask (Canadian C3) is 99.75% defective, and it is rubber and plastic with improper sealing.
+EllisGamingChannel2 Ha ha indeed it is!  Well I collect them. That's why, ha ha :)
+EllisGamingChannel2 Um... that's not ironic. Just sayin'.
what's wrong with you. you had two different gloves on. (time is 0:58)
I love how the end of the left one was suspended in air instead of fragmenting. It's like he cut a fluorescent bulb with another!
your jedi mind tricks wont work on me
The Slow Mo music makes it infinity times better.
I don't know why, but with the mask and bulbs, Dan looks like Kabal from Mortal Kombat.
Hey Slo Mo Guys, nice one. Why not try it with lighted fluorescents or neon tubes?
You should smash a watermelon
Where is Dan's canister for the gas mask?
wow the sound in the slow mo is funny
I kinda feel bad for Dan cuz he goes through most of the dangerous stuff and Gav doesn't lol (sometimes)
All the glass in the grass now! RIP backyard barefeet.
Looks like the ground spark move from injustice god among us
Hope these didn't have mercury
Welllllll today i did basically the same thing with one twice as big because it wouldn't fit in my bin, so i smacked it with a solid object in the middle to break it in half... Ahahaha ^.^''' Glad i wear glasses because it went boom and i'm glad the side of my pc tower was on because it got covered in some crap along with glass flung at it via the boom x.x Didn't expect that from a 5ish year old fluorescent light >< Was so funny hahaha.
Dan. Did you take ninja classes for 1 year or what. You look funny.
slow mo nuclear explosion!
there's so much quicksilver in those light bulbs :(
that vapor was very dangerous!! If a light bulb falls into your house and gets some vapours like that open all windows and dont breathe it!!!
I really hope those were mercury-free fluorescent bulbs. Mercury is not something you want to deliberately introduce into your environment. Even outdoors and in a mask, it's profoundly irresponsible (and potentially illegal) to intentionally disperse bioaccumulative toxins in any amount.
0:33 I don't know why but this really made me laugh :D
U guys are crazy cos ur risking lots for all of us just crazy
0:17 it's my oldest brother! ;) 
Si sueltan una de esas barras desde un lugar alto y que caiga "parada", se quiebra como si "se consumiera", se vé fregón, fuera rollo que lo hicieran....
Are you my mummy? ( <3 that mask :) )
One thing I have to say about this "Are you my mummy"
I can do it at home since i have the protection, but these guys were exposed to mercury vapors, first, he didn't had a filter, he just had the mask. That is Very TOXIC, its one of the most dangerous chemicals known to man
"the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends evacuating and airing out a room for at least 15 minutes after breaking a fluorescent light bulb" OMG so dangerous. THE MOST TOXIC THING IN THE WORLD :0 one of the most dangerous chemicals known to man P.S. The EPA is the national frontier for being afraid of the world we live in.
I do not believe there are any long tube mercury free bulbs in existence.  These size bulbs typically contain as much as 40 mg of mercury. Regardless if the mask is efficient or not he immediately removed it. This has got to be one of the most irresponsible stunts I have seen. It seems few people here has a grasp of how this guy just contaminated not only himself but the environment as well. Don't they teach in school how dangerous breathing mercury vapors into the lungs can be?  Shame to see how these nitwits are encouraging others to do this same thing.
Guys get over it that was uploaded over two damn years ago they're fine! Now shut up about it on just freaking move on!
dont breath it (cough cough)
These bulb cause mercury
LOL when i went on this video there was a light bulb advert. YOU DONT MAKE SENSE
You should have hooked him up to a static charge source to make them glow. Could you be persuaded to do so?
Dan ive been wachin u since i was 4 and ive never seen u wear an odd pare of gloves
I like how the tubes appear to just pass through each other at the point of impact.
lol dan is going to be emitting a radioactive glow in a nursing home when he is like 70 from all of these experiments XD
Busby there mercury in those light bulbs?
Already done that too late..... its really fun just saying
Hahah Dan's mask... Like, Are you my mummy?
Gav and dan, since I know you hate us saying this, YOU ARE SUPOSED TO HAVE THE CANISTERS ON THE SIDE!
how much does the camera cost? 
Dan's look like a Pyro from team fortress 2 :B
The captions on Youtube are so retarded
I wouldn't worry about the environmental effects of the mercury. With all of the CFL's being produced in place of incandescents and the fact that people are too lazy to dispose of them properly means smashing 2 of them will be negligible.
the gas in it can damage your brain and make you stupid
"George Washington" no canister needed... Only for face protection
All fluorescent lights have Mercury gas morons
Hahahahahahahahahahaah :D
Japanese deathmatch wrestlers aren't impressed by your light tube smashing.
are you gavin from letsplay?
Yes, he is. The company is called Rooster Teeth; LetsPlay is just one of their YouTube channels, which I believe is dedicated entirely to Achievement Hunter's (and some other's) Let's Plays, whereas the Rooster Teeth channel has quite a bit more content, as well as Let's Plays.
these guys are the bosses
That's protects his face he doesn't need a canister and why are u guys saying mommy and stuff
The mommy stuff is in reference to an episode of Doctor Who, which had these people wearing gas masks that kept asking where their mommy is and whatnot.
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