Rat loves cat!

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Rat loves cat... cat tolerates rat. A really cute interspecies relationship :) My rat, Peanut, follows Ranj around everywhere! She gives him kisses and hugs. THANKS FOR THE FEATURE YOUTUBE...

Rat be like, "Senpai, notice me!" Pleading anime eyes
I wonder if this is evidence that if you remove food from the equation, then even predator/prey opposites like this can end up manifesting other traits, such as non-violent interaction, a playful love of being around the other (at least in the rat's case here), and even grooming behavior (on both their parts).  The cat still tries to maintain his/her noble dignity, but the rat's fascination and playfulness wins the day!
+Beck tend He meant if neither of them were looking for a food source, (because they were both well fed by their owners) they wouldn't have to kill/eat eachother.
+Nic M Maybe you should read up on libertarian-socialism or libertarian-communism before you come to that conclusion.
Toxoplasmosis. It's the only explanation. This behavior is unnatural for rats.
+Brittany Rayne I have no doubt that they will tolerate each other and even play. But are you sure that your rat is not infected by toxoplasmosis?
All of the rats I've had play with my cats, my cats grew up with rats so they were used to them and the rats were always curious and eventually would play around.
See what happens when you legalize gay marriage!!!!  Its upside down people!!!!
stupid idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love cats, but do I get 36.304 likes. No.
These animals are spiritually evolving.
What is this Stuart little 4 LOL
Awwww! The cat does'nt look as " in love" as the rat, I think. But they are still very cute!!!!!
I sense a disturbance in the food chain
They're so progressive.
cat: nononononononono! this is not how its supposed to work! youre supposed to run away! rats: aw, common let us be cats for the day! cat: ok, ill be your mama, now GO TO BED AND STOP BOTHERING ME!!!
The rat relishes the novelty of his unlikely friendship with a large predator.
Mastah Splinta!!!
its like a real life tom and jerry
Wait until Thanksgiving when the 2 rats are nice and fat.  "Sylvester, why is there 2 rat tails near your bowl"?
That is a cute video♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥★★★★★★☆☆☆♡♡
So cute..The cats like, not now the human is watching
This rat is infected by a mind controlling pathogen in case everyone didn't realise.
I love animals and this cute guys makes my heart goes fly!
Somebody flush this troll in the toilet. 
Has kind of a David Lynch feel to it...
My rats and cats absolutely adored each other. They always cuddled and slept together, up until my rats eventually passed. I love videos like this, because I love seeing animals coexists peacefully. Stereotypes, be damned. :) 
I gotta cat for a week and it was playing with my two rats exactly like this.
rata: molesto molesto molesto ... MOLESTO O_O gato: dios que cruz. Diosa bastet dame fuerzas para aguantar esto
It's a shame that even though these rats were pets and so was the cat, there are still retards making pathetic comments. This is a really heartwarming video.
Pet rats have been domesticated for hundreds of years, not as long as dogs but are still domesticated fancy rats bred for temperament, colors and coat type. Some still have some prey fear in them but some don't. One of mine is rather shy but another of mine would go right up to a dog or cat if I didn't monitor her. She doesn't have a disease. I freaking take her to an expensive exotic vet for crying out loud. Some of the comments on here I swear.
Cat: Will you just leave alone! Rat: But your so COOL!
cuter if we hav a dog or puppy
Rat chases cat... not cat chases rat... IS YOUR MIND BLOWN YET WORLD!?! (also too cute... :3)
Looks like  a wheel tail (rat)? Please dont let them run in a wheel if they got one in their cage, it hurts their backbone
The rats passed away a long time ago.
Wow! It's so nice and cute video! I felt a happy time (*^_^*) Long time ago,when I was child, I had been lived together with them.
No. This is disturbing. Why would you promote such dangerous behavior? Even when supervised, all it takes is one swift bite and its a over. This is wrong. Not cute, not funny. Dangerous and WRONG
Funny. That's what a parent said when I was starting to eat their child's body.
Once upon a time we had a hamster named Peanut. : ) She's now buried in our backyard. : (
Damn queers!! arent they suppose to be killing each other instead of making love?
idiotic fool !!!!!!!!!
Awww, my rat was the same with my Cat... My rat Gracie passed away, but I have a few vids on here of her with my ma;e cat...
Rats are amazingly social, very much like dogs in that regard, so it isn't surprising to see one wanting to play with a cat.  My kids rats would come when called, and would go nuts, just like a dog, when the kids came into the room.  Our cat, who killed many outdoor rats, would not attack the pet rats, but he didn't seem to like them much.
Made me smile. :) That rat believes that they are lovers. So cute. :)
Aaawwww :3 so cute x3
Abba Zuzzu Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Toxoplasma gondii!!!
like if you are in microbiology and you know what im talking about ;)
very cute video!!! made me happy!
Aww and what if the cat can't have children so she bonds with the rats
AAAWWW wish I had a cat that loved my rats
LOL. the cat is like : get the fuck out of my face The rats are like: COME HERE KITTY KITTY
Peanut and Ranj are adorable! Were they this close immediately? #PlanetUrine  
Races coming together. Cats and rats please don't leave any racist comments.
Cat: "do not eat the rat... DO NOT EAT THE RAT...." next day: Cat: "d#$& rat wont fit in my mouth"
So cute I could have watched that another ten minutes.
AWWW! It's so fucking cute! ♥♥
So cute I could have watched that another ten minutes.
Rats are such loving animals :) They are one of my favourite animals for sure, I have 10 at the moment :P
Mindy Ratz Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
this is so cute! Adorable!
LOL worst hunter ever.
This is so cute!!! It will be nice to get a kitten that grows up around rats one day so that they may get along like this! I wish peaopl that don't know ANYTHING about domestic rats would stop commenting. Its really upsetting and it truly is like comparing a wolf to a dog. They look similar, they can even breed, but wolf and dogs, just as fancy rat and wild, are NOT the same! sigh... I think rats are getting more pepular in the US though, and hopefully will get more respect. (i'm on my fiance's name too by the way as to not put words in his "mouth".                                   
"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" is what the rat is doing.
This is so unnatural. My cat if just spot any animal which he can hunt and eat he will do it in notime.
Those rats might have  the parasitic protozoa, which make rats want to go next to next. And usually get eaten by cats so that the parasite reproduce.
@shatteredxmarie , actually ALL rats have a disease , it's not something that's bad or contagious to humans though but they do all have a disease called mycoplasma , unless of course they are lab rats which then of course they wouldn't be a pet but anyhow , every single pet rat in the world is born with mycoplasma which is what makes them so susceptible to respiratory problems , I have 5 pet rats and I actually didn't know this until I lost my first 2 rats to a respiratory infection :( but like I said this is nothing to us humans and it won't hurt anyone but rats , however other then that breathing disease they are born with domesticated rats have no other diseases and actually are cleaner then most if not all other domesticated pets!! But don't worry about what people say because unless you have or have had or know someone who has rats then you will never fully understand just how amazing they are xo
+Fairest Oftheball good point! :) Sad, but good. Luckily my breeding have had a very low myco level, I haven't had a myco-sick rat so far from my litters :) Sorry about your furry friends </3
That cat looks exactly like mine
Which animals do you prefer?  Cats or rats?
maybe the rats have hexoplasmosis in them
That is one tolerant cat.  Dont be surprised if rat face pushes it too far one day and becomes lunch, cats are not nearly as domesticated as we would like to believe hehe.
Anyone else think Fruits Basket?
When I saw the cat lick the rat, I was thinking "He's tasting him." lol
DIe Ratte mag die Katze bloß die Katze nicht sie
i just love the music!
I love rats I have 3 of my own and I have had many pets in my lifetime and to be honest these rats are my favorite, people say that they are gross and have diseases, but really they dont and they are ADORABLE!!!
Proof there is a God! Open your eyes, now could this natural prey and predator be BFF'S? God hard wired these animals and he can rewrite the code anytime he wants. Praise God!
What a delusional idea.
Oh man... ur God must be too bored...
I keep thinking the cat is going to eat the rats. Although this video looks sweet but you better not put the rats and your cat together esp. if your cat is very hungry because you never know your cat will act on its biological animal instincts.
imran shah Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
rename this because this is a mouse a rat is much bigger the last is maybe about 2 feet
k what ever you says 
it's a rat, not a mouse. :)
that's so cute!!! I just got 3 rats recently, still trying to bond with them but definitely getting improvement. I also have 2 samoyeds, they know the rats are home but I haven't allowed them to interact with each other because they can get excited and scare the rats. Hopefully I can introduce them later on. It would be nice to see this kind of tolerance and acceptance between species. Just sweet. 
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