Amazing Fire Trick!

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Add me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/brusspup brusspup t-shirts! http://brusspup.spreadshirt.com/ An amazing science trick with smoke and a flame. Try it at home. You'll be blown away!

Nobody here its being nice while asking for the name of the song or something.
....................... its not photoshoped o.o
Kind of like the Ctrl+Z of real life.
gas form of candle can burn too..
Unburnt material evaporating?
692 People can't afford a Candle, P.s It does work i do it all the time for fun.
Lol Invisble Fuse of Doom! 695 people put their houses on fire.
Saw the video and immediately rand and tried it...It worked! Blew my 12 year old Daughter's mind when I showed her later! Thanks!
It didn't work on an old candle I tried but a new one yes
can anyone tell me what is the name of song in the background????
what's the name of song?
Oh yea kid's choice awards that's exactly what I wanted to see, how did you know?
Try again maby different candle im about to do it
How many homes have burned down minutes after watching these videos on YouTube. I wonder.
i did with 2 candles one blown, and other one stay in fire.. need a little closer to make this trick happens. maybe that lighter has stable temperature or something which could light the candle at that high
it really works! so cool
Thief. Make your own video. You've stolen this from buzzfeed.
do you realize that this thing uploaded 4 years ago ?
Wow that`s true? I have that at least once.
i believe that he was trying hundreds of times to make this video...
it works... but more closer
what is reason behind this man..............................................
Safe way to play with fire
You're a little late bro... seen this countless times for over 5 years.
Fake! I noticed when he did that Slowmo replay that the candle wax started to go back up the candle
Didn't realize I was also faking this when I did it with my own candle and lighter.
Not fake, and does work with right conditions and type of candle. A candle works by the flame turning solid wax into hot flammable gas stream that then burns, creating the light and heat that in turn convert more wax into flammable gas stream. The "smoke" that continues for a few seconds after a candle is blown out is actually that hot flammable gas stream. With a good quality wax candle in nice STILL air (so that the gas stream settles into a continuous column after the candle is blown out) you can do this over and again. Give it a try.
Era gaming11 u r stupid because heat travels up and the the fire in this video are going up SCIENCE BITCHEZ
i did this and it didnt work is it only certain candles?
All with all it was a beautifull lighter :)
Benno B Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Saucool ^^ Gerade getestet, klappt wirklich :D
Rahul Bhardwaj Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
What is it that burns in the flame of a candle? So, what is the function of the wick?  #scienceeveryday  
Marco Kaiser Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Saucool ^^ Gerade getestet, klappt wirklich :D
Ehrlich? Mhm, muss ich auch mal testen, auf jeden Fall ein cooles Video
Jop. Vorhin ca 5 Minuten immer wieder gemacht xD
Scientist-Online Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
What is it that burns in the flame of a candle? So, what is the function of the wick?  #scienceeveryday  
Daniel Schlapa Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Saucool ^^ Gerade getestet, klappt wirklich :D
mohd aisamuddin Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The power of fire....
Sean Breadon Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
What is it that burns in the flame of a candle? So, what is the function of the wick?  #scienceeveryday  
¿Qué es lo que arde en la flama de una vela?, ¿cuál es entonces la función de la mecha? http://youtu.be/7hG7Mbkj2AQ
der macht nur scheiße alles was der gemacht hat geht nicht also Niemals ABONNIEREN der lutscher
This is awesome :D took me a couple of tries though, also, can't redo it with the same candle (probably not enough left :D )
So... that is what I can do the next time someone decides to smoke in my face...
nicht den abonnieren den seine ganzen sachen sind nicht echt der macht nur schei**e NICHT ABONNIEREN
the smoke is just the gaseous form of the fuel in the candle, it is a gas and not a plasma because it's temperature went down into that range when he blew the candle out, he raises the temperature back into the plasma range by introducing a flame, the flame created then travels down because there is a continuous trail of smoke down to the candle that the flame uses as fuel until it hits the candle, which is then re-lit
Im scared that that is so cool looking and even possible even my teacher doesnt know that lol another A
@sadie got swag hahahah CFO shitty Job
What is the flammable gas in the candle's smoke?
The kid hates science, well get rid of the computer he used to type that. Computer science. Don't let him breath so he can use the oxygen in his body. Biology / chemistry.
oh shit that was awesome, (going to look for a candle right now lol)
1) No, she definitely shouldn't have a YouTube account, for exactly this reason. 2) Because no one should be pedantic to children, they're children. It's kind of like why you shouldn't be condescending to handicapped people. But listen kid, if you don't understand, I don't have the time or crayons to explain it to you. ;) Get it? I'm being pedantic because you're a minor and don't understand basic concepts that establish a beneficial ethos. Would you say that's morally justifiable?
corrections: this is amazing its not easy but yes, that's how it works
lol they turned into meat balls XD Pour a little sauce over them and then put noodles over them and you have supper XD
Confirmed that it works with my candle....cool, but not awesome... might depend on the type of candle you have.
To the newborn is all new :-) This is a really old trick ... :-)
Wow, an experiment I can do without even leaving my chair.. lol
The smoke is going to burn and the candle will not.
i know this before i watch this video :D
Soo, that explains why forestfires are so hard to put out.
no he would have to work his way up to a cashier. He would mop up the grease on the floor from the burgers
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