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Supermarket Skateboarding

by EricPiencka • 414,469 views

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Idiots... See, this is why we have such a bad rep. Why not you try doing something that won't jeopardize the name of our sport and lifestyle!? We don't want skateboarding to look as bad as it already does because of you jerks. Seriously stop being so immature and get a grip on yourselves
We are all skaters, but do you want poeple bitching about how loud, how ignorant, how arrogant we are. That is our fault, btw. 
You know you a straight up G when your filmer has flat spots
Since when was image of skateboarders so important?
What setup was the guy in grey using?
This is why us skaters have such bad rep.
It's fun and i do it myself but it is one of the reasons that skaters are hated by society, but we don't give a fuck we have rights to skate.
If I was a guard I would support them skating n wouldn't care
+Kevin Le To be honest I would probably only get written up if I let them skate. Chances are they wouldn't fire somebody for that. I mean to fire somebody requires paper work and all sorts of time and crap that I highly doubt the employer wants to get into for just 1 dumb thing that happened that wasn't even your fault lol. So NO. you DEFINITELY WOULD NOT get fired.
what did you expect?
Ii still learning how to skateboard because I use a ripstik all the time.
That is my root 7 walmart-_-
awesome skate seshes man
aka: why people hate skaters.
no wonder people don't like me when I have my skate bored
+chancelor kamphorst Nah son, he does dumb shit when he's bored.
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I was doing power slides on the freshly waxed floor at my old job and when my boss questioned me where all the skid marks came from I blamed it on the woman in a wheelchair who frequently shops there, the manager bought it!
Riding on those super smooth floors must have felt like heaven...
skateboards in walmart sucks! big time
The kids got some skills, but they give us skaters a bad name :(
That guy went to the school where the shooting happened? He has a Newtown shirt on.
no they dont need to have a actual sign...but if there's no rule/law/sign/statement saying you cannot do something in a given area or at a certain time then you are allowed to do as you please.meaning if there is no place in the store with the words "no skateboarding allowed" even if its written on a piece of paper signed by the district manager to classify it as an official rule then they are in perfect legal grounds to skate as much as they want.
hey a b/s croocked on the refrigerate!!!!
Notices there are a group of black guys walking along the pavement at 0:16 lol
I'm a skater and I think these guys are douche bags
You racist!!!!! There is nothing wrong with white people!!
feel nervous just watching
They are well good at skate in
for being inside of a grocery store their going really fast
Yeah, but when someone call you a nigga, you are mad. fucking hypocrite...
Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
It's mostly the dickhead Skaters that gives the good skaters bad reps.
ive been told that if you skate in the frozen food section youll skate better
And then you wonder why people don't allow skating
Is there a certain name for wheel sliding? I wanna know how to do that please reply ;o
calm yourself buddy. it's not like I was being serious when I said the bus has swag.
This is why people dislike skaters.
what song is that yall riding 2?
Do more vids like this that was epic
Yeah me and my buddies used to do this all the time, until I eventually had to go to court ):
top comments are true. and both the same. and i laughed my ass on this video. #yolo#goldgraeberguccigangdieduschkabinepossie LOOOL
Nice video bro. We should skate someplace crazy and get it on film. SUBSCRIBE checkout my page waldo skateboarding and he kills it.
Dont click on super market skateboarding if you didn't want to see super market skateboarding.
supermarkets have nice and smooth floors <3
These are the little shits that make people hate skateboarders.
obviously neither does the guy who goes to youtube to read and criticize 2 month old comments.
This is why skaters get a bad rep. Cuz of dumb shits like this do immature shit
Fucking tool? That's a good one buddy, I'll have to remember that one next time I'm crawling off your mom. And you think I don't know that? I felt like talking shit so I did you dumb cunt.
Asian people always have the best 360 flips... :o
We did this in ollies, we were only in ther 2 mins and heard over the intercom. "staff security check all isles." so we bolted.
you guys look like you might be good, do a video.
Haha to watch a on duty cop be in there grocery shopping rofl
you're supposed to use the boards from walmart idiot.
It's stuff like this tht makes skateboarding look shitty
Your camera man is great at filming haha?
3:28 This is a very depressing video.
Haha! Wow... That looks fun! How did you get away with doing that?!
You guys have balls good job lol
and you didn't even get kicked out lol
maybe yes but theres the best ground you can find in a town !!
cool video, I like your style of skating. It's also cool that you didn't want to be jerks when the guy asked you to leave. You didn't keep skating. That's cool. Take care
if you have a problem with it then why did you watch this video?
Now i understand why people looking angry too me when i'm skateboarding on the streets, if you skateboard have respect Thanks ;O noobs
is tht a utopia skate shop board
6:07 why would he wanna be on your gay ass video?
The wonderful moment when both of the top comments are saying the same thing :)
oh and "obviously you're in the army" would have been the better way to go.
@Phillip Page oh quit your bitching im tired of seeing that same remark. skatings fun in all types of variables. wether daytime street nighttime park, hell, nighttime store skate! its all bout that f word.. FUN!
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