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TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 17,871,507 views

MAKE A MEAL WITH US & ARNOLD!!!! A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. Buy TSHIRTS!! Click Here! Like on Facebook!...

Why not make one of these for a homeless person? Maybe just with chicken and turkey in a pig, then put it in a large air-tight container with a knife and fork, salt and pepper, and a few bottles of water, the homeless person would be so thankful, and would last him/her a month or two.
I'm not a vegetarian and still this looks really grotesque. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.
there is, but not when it comes to meat.
And definitely not when it comes to bacon
you could survive 40 fucking days with ONE of these...
I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I'm actually disturbed by this douchebag punching the pig @ 1:18
Oh my god, you bastards are eating Babe!!!!!
+epicsauceness100  Maybe it is, I haven't tasted it since I was 9. Tastebuds do change.
What the heck im doing here! im a Muslim :D
Allah = God. Akbar = Single
Fucking ISIS son of a bitch have fun while waiting for the coalition airstrikes you allahuakbar terrorist piece of shit. The only virgins you'll be getting are males.
Vegans, this is your wet dream
+Seth Caine does the vomit has meat????!!!!
It's an abomination, the most delicious abomination ever created.
America is great!!!!
Et dire que dans le monde il y a des gens qui meurent de faim
Thanksgiving is in October. I thought you, epic meal time, of all people would know this.
A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig in a lamb in a goat in a deer in an elk in a cow in a bison. Wrapped in bacon. Who's hungry? (hat tip to my wife for the idea. But all she gets is liverwurst.)
If you ever want to kill yourself using food, this is the channel for you...
Not these comments again... -_-
I just wanted to say to the vegans out there who are like "THIS IS SO OFFENSIVEAND DISGUSTING AJKGFDSUGHISFK" First off, why are you watching this video? So you could post a retarded comment? Secondly, without meat, the human race would be lowered by around half of it's current state. Finally, and, most importantly, NOBODY VALUES YOUR OPINION.
NOBODY VALUES YOUR OPINION! I'm a meat lover myself but that's no reason to be rude.
I'm no culinary expert, I'm actually pretty terrible at cooking.  If I'm not mistaken different meats are at their prime at different temperatures, correct?  Did they just cook it at the best average temperature for all meats?
first time I saw this I had no idea Harley was jewish,this couldn't be any less kosher lol
I can't believe they ate the WHOLE thing...
I'm a vegan, and this shit right here is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!
Vegan's worst nightmare. I'm glad I'm a meat eater.
dont u think it was discusting? im turning vegan today ughhhh
Not one bit, it makes my mouth water. Why are you turning vegan?
this looks fucking disgusting
This already fulfilled 30% of your annual requirement of fat.
Congrats on being the most viewed Thanksgiving video and happy Thanksgiving!
i was having a great thanksgiving until i was driving home and got into a car crash
WOW you stuffed pork and bird in a bird covered with pork in a pork covered with pork
Not a video to watch when you have the munchies
I feel bad for the pig because you left the face on it :(
Why was muscle glasses eating.... Lightly?
Do you think it is possible for one man to eat this by themselves
I want it all.... and i want it now, that looks fucking amazing. Would go well with steamcooked lamb-ribbs.
i find this shit so gross yet i watch this shit every time im hungry or eating.
It's like you eat with your eyes
That is my wet dream.
Not even taking a side, it's just funny how much more it insults people when they can't ignore the fact that it's an animal. Like, loads of cow death on the fast food videos but it's in a burger and it doesn't have a face so it doesn't bother people - bet you there are farrrr less angry vegan comments on those vids for that reason
Meanwhile in Africa...
Man, I have to admit this era of EMT.
Sorry but this doesn't look appetising. The reason 69% of Americans are overweight people. Sort it out.
Where are these statistics coming from?
Vegas suck. Epic meal time FTW
I kinda feel sad for the pig.
I An it going to lye it look pretty dam good :)
Big Al (Muscle Glasses) has his own youtube channel now. Search sportmanias on youtube.
honestly im british but thats a thanksgiving that id gladly pay to be apart of damn that looked like sex on a plate fuck the heart attack gimme! i think id give pete a run for his money on this lol
Look how great this food looks....I can't wait to poop this out :)
I think you are going to die of beetes 
vegans still bitching until this day :/ today i'm gonna eat bacon for breakfast :) uh~ the smell~ XD
Still better than a racist shit like you :)
somewhere in these comments.....somebody musta gone as far as stuffing a whale....
thats fuckin nasty wtf
Can't believe this was four years ago. I still remember that these guys were what got me into cooking.
i am a vegetarian and i'm smarter than all of you guys. that's a fact.
+Statatize btw attack on titan is awesome :D
+cious li Thank you, and sarcasm doesn't transfer well over text. I 
Why not feed the homeless in one of your videos?
Up in this motherfuckerx10
poor piggy (even though I like bacon, and bacon and bacon and bacon and bacon and bacon and bacon and bacon and bacon)
Wow... I wanted it for every dinner
Where can i get this recipe
I wish so much I had known you personally to be invited to eat such a tasty shit like that
Every Vegan in the audience just had a heart attack!
Has everyone just forgotten that there are people all around the world that go days with out any water or food? Or do you just not care. That these animals a being killed for no good reason! They're just wasted on selfish people that think it all a laugh. This is the most disgusting thing i have seen seen in my life. It see humans but no humanity. Disgusting.
1.fold your opinion. 2.shove it up your ass. This is how Epic Meal Time makes money so they can have food.
They didn't kill the animals. The meat was in a store. It's not their fault that food isn't going to the people that are starving. If they didn't buy the food, it'd just be chucked out, and that's a true waste.
Hahahaahhahah i made my vegan friend (from) peta watch this hahahhahaha
okay this looks disgusting
How can I get the recipe for that? Want to make it for my command Thanksgiving dinner.
I'm feeling sick. Too much calories.
That... was... AWESOME!!!! I'm sooo making that for Thanksgiving @ my place!!
I really wonder how they are still alive. Only this thing is a free ticket to angioplasty lmao
Been subbed since '12... honestly just seeing Harley punch that baby pig made me un-sub. Sad as hell. Good luck in your future endeavors, guys.
I can eat meat, but if the face is still attached.....I wouldn't be able to eat it. Looking at that piggy's face made me sad :( I kind of feel like eating some bacon now...hahaha
Lost my shit at the guy with the tallis
Sorry but that seems too much for me0/
I was hungry before watching this.
I wonder what happened to the chef in the early videos. I liked that guy
4888 muslims did not like this.. :(
That would be like 6 months of calories eaten in one day.
actually less 1 month
meanwhile in africa...
Awe but that pig tho 🐖🍎🍎🍎
How can they eat that !!!
John Moore Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
God I want one, but it needs to be dipped in chocolate
vegans hate this channel
That girl at the end was beautiful!👌👅
Whats the song in the back ground of this video?
Darude - Sandstorm
What do Canadians celebrate thanksgiving for just saying
+Jack Towers im Canadian and im currently visiting America. Everyone here are giants......darude-sandstorm
Don't want to be a massive dick to the yanks 'cause I know some that are cool, but then again even they say the people there are in a massive downward spiral. Best way to put it... Canada, New Zealand, Australia Etc. Are all children of England who have done pretty well but America is just our sibling that ran away from home and has been lost ever since.
O almoço,é light,nada calórico!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ \m/
Codeine Fiend Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Not November, but a good thanksgiving idea. Only 79000 calories.
+Angelique Toelle hey how dangerous can a guy called 'codeine fiend' be?
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