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How to make a melody without knowing music theory - A minor Scale

by Yacine Soufiane • 103,260 views

A short tutorial showing you a simple trick to create melodies in few minutes without knowing music theory. The Example in this video is A minor . (Am Scale ) Link to the Scale Page:...

My right ear is lonely :C
Did you ever a dream of becoming a famous EDM artists?! There are good news, you only need money for music software, no talent or hard work required!
+Katsu Hisakawa I was talking about popular EDM only, I'm not dissing electronic music in general. And I don't need to be a musician myself in order to criticize others.
+Peleg Tsadok You're correct, you don't need to be a musician in order to criticize someone, but you do need to be an asshole in order to criticize other people who are out there doing something that they enjoy and entertaining other people. You're coming from a place of complete ignorance. Hater.
How to write musice without knowing music theory Step One- Skip to chapter 5 of music theory and learn some random shit
where did you get the nexus vst ?
Couldnt stand looking at this shit after seeing Cmaj instead of Cmin 
Man, i am a long time musician (jazz, rock, funk), and to be honest i don't realy like EDM, but creation is creation, i respect that. I just want to direct you toward "scale modes", this way you will be using other chord "moods". In theory, no note is "out of scale", to use different notes from a scale, you have to use a different mode. Like Am you are using in this video is A minor mode, try other modes like Am minor Melodic mode, minor harmonic mode....Anyway, Google scale modes and you will understand and be able to create different moods...
You're really good! You have a career in music for sure! Keep up the great work and keep the music coming!!! EDM RULES!!!
My right ear is jealous
Your headphones are on backwards.
That's how martin garrix and avicii make music. Making random music, sad time....
+Nitrousoxide2k Yeah, but what EDM artists are doing is basically playing random notes with huge synth sounds to make it sound a bit musical. When you jam on a guitar or a piano your brain decides which notes to play and it can create good melodies, EDM is just random notes being typed into software. Electronic music used to be normal music performed with electronic instruments like synths and sequencers, now it's just synths playing random notes with absolutely no human intervention.
+Peleg Tsadok well more like layering 4 or 5 syths together and not really random.
I love how the guy is holding his left earphone in the beginning of the vid, and the sound is all on the left lol
Thank the lord. I love you
Melodies will sound shit without knowing music theory
OMG thank you so much
what program are u using?
very nice kicks..
from a noob's point of view
but he does not talking about mic leveling and such ... why is it such a bad thing ? he just want to share something with us...if you don t like it , just move over. it was nt the most useful tut ever , but again , he tried . end of the story dont be childish peace out
Or possibly it is like saying you need not know how a car operates in order to drive one. I haven't a clue how my i-phone works. So what. Melody is ancient --- pre-historic, to be sure, and theory is a very recent advance was applied to pre-existing musical practice. But if your point is that this stuff sounds simple and heartless, I can't entirely disagree. But is it theory this person needs to write better melodies? or a better ear? or what? Not sure.
Hello! What synth are you using in 6:33 min of video? Nice tut budy!
Shift+arrow. Moves notes to the next octave.. That was painful.
I disagree, music theory knowledge can open up a continuum of an almost infinite creative thing leads to another & another......on and on. Good luck though.
you make cubase look like shit.
People make melodies all the time WITH music theory. Music theory doesnt restrict your vocabulary, it does the opposite. Pick ANY pop artist and their music ALL sounds the same because they dont know any theory. POP music only knows 3 chords (I, IV, and V) because pop musicians have NO clue that other chords exist. Theory OPENS your mind.
Title is miesleading cuz you show us notes of A-minor and you already knows chord structures and that´s music theory. At the same video you could teach how major (1-4-3) and minor (1-3-4) construct. So nothing more complaining. Ok video anyway.
While this demostration shows no musical sophistication it is interesting how little one needs these days in terms of traditional musical theory in order to produce something that sounds like music. People make melodies all the time with little knowledge of theory at all anyway. Theory is more useful for the study of harmony, generally, and for widening your vocabulary. Then again, if one thinks of theory as "rules" it can also restrict your vocabulary.
My left ear enjoyed your narration.
Thanks for this, used this info straight away !
Great idea. Just what I needed.
Knowing the scales is part of knowing the music theory :)
Thnx Dude. Try Crtl+Shift+M for the midi-clip in arrangement view in Windows....Ableton is not perfect.
i totally agree with you cilaboom. i think they may mean the best to educate us. but if you don't know how to adjust your mic level and edit what your doing? then you shouldn't being doing videos about audio lol.
I just can't take it because I only hear it on my left side. it could be a great tutorial, but it is annoying as fuck.
"How to make a melody without knowing music theory... Step One: Learn music theory from Wikipedia."
hmm you learned the theory when you studied the scale, you only made Ableton snap to the scale that "you" gave it. meaning in order to do this you need to know a scale(theory). believe it or not but you mislabeled the video :) (This is theory)
i know theory but i rarely apply it when working with midi. its easy enough to just hit the notes and find the ones that fit what you need
hahahaaaaahahahahahahaahahaahaha "My left ear enjoyed this tutorial." This had me to weak tho ahahahahahah. *In tears*
this guy made this full song without music theory knowledge and it is amazing. /watch?v=4zBjFzdzOyw#start=0:00;end=3:42;autoreplay=true;showoptions=false
It was recommended to me, im guessing youre new to youtube.
Sure. People do all kinds of things. Different artists have different approaches, some approaches are utterly unique. I love music theory, personally, and use it, abuse it, rewrite it, and ignore it as serves my purpose. You and I do not disagree very deeply, I don't think.
"You can't spell 'criticize'." YOU are a dick. :D That was the worst shit I've ever read you uneducated dumbass.
how does an expansion of knowledge inhibit creativity? just because hendrix might not have known theory doesn't mean it isnt important. He was essentially a god among men, so using him as an example isn't really relevant. Theory is good for organizing thoughts, i dont see what the issue with it is.
And surprisingly enough, the melody sounds bollocks
I just have to say that this is amazing. Now I can go back to college - online.
What was the sofware you where useing for the synth ?
Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-M to create new midi clip, Shift-down/up to shift notes down or up an octave. Enjoy.
I find no issue with it, but some people learn theory and forget about "winging it." Some tend to stay more inside the box after learning. To each his own!
I pulled my headphones out the socket half way and i can hear it in both sides
I think you're a dick. You can't spell 'criticize'. I think you didn't even read my comment, I think you just seen words like 'education' and thought I was calling him an uneducated idiot. Read it again.
thats rly useful considering i dont know what an octave is lol ty
Right --- so he actually uses music theory, but he doesn't internalize it or use it as any experienced person would, but as an inexperienced person can. I think the demostration is interesting, though I don't find the results earth-shattering.
Dear Lord! If you know anything about music theory that video really is painfull!
Well,if you dont know music theory,use your ear.if you havent got the gods gift,dont make music.
how to suck at makin a intresting tutorial f*ck up the sound while makin ur voice low.....
Ctrl+shift+M And you make a clip on your playlist man :D Why do you torture your selfe? :D
cool i will like to see more video,s
I learned something from Yacine's video but nothing from comments in negative way
Why don't people just learn the scales would be far easier than this method lol
Lesson from this video ---> Take music theory.
only the right side of my earphones work -_- darnit.
theory is definatly worth the time it takes to learn
Just look on YouTube and wiki for basic scale and chord structure..goes along way with the daw
Great video. Please don't mind the negative comments. I am sure there are many who appreciate your work and tutorials. Thanks!
if u don't know theory: use your ears and press the keys.
you can also use the scale midi tool which only lets you play notes from a specific scale (such as A minor). it wont let you play notes not in the scale.
MY GOD! what is sooooo fuckin bad about learning some theory. This is like saying "You dont need to learn to swim if you have a boat." Or how about playing Basketball without dribbling? Lets drive my car without knowing how to read a sign. Jeeeze this is retarded.
what the name of the program that you used :3
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