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Portal 2 Co-Op W/Chilled Chaos Part 20

by Junkyard129 • 2,258 views

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If you think Portal 2 is a bad game, you shouldn't even own a video game <.<
Around 8:40 i saw what test they were at and remembered what it was and laughed at the fact that it is going to take them forever to figure it out.
Junk I think u guys lost the multiplayer race
This is so old... But idc a vids a vid ;D
omg chilled and junk need to do more co-op stuff!!
this is gonna get really awkward when they run into Kootras map
they actually dont, Junk confirmed that he never talks to them anymore even though they both live in collorado. He had asked them if he could come over but they ignored him on skype or something
yeah it is, cuz Kootra fired Junk, he didnt quit on his own accord
i didnt i said it sucks they cant count to 3 so there wont be a portal 3
I still believe that they talk outside of youtube still, same with Chilled and Kootra. Hopefully that is.
Its too late now to even say first :P, you're the third comment.
I refuse to say first. I am taking a stand against all of the idiots who feel the need to state the obvious. I am Maxx, and I'm a mormon.
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