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AMAZING SPIDERMAN - Ray William Johnson

by Ray William Johnson • 7,271,475 views

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Roses are red My name is dave The poem is random MICROVAWE!
roses are rose, and violets are violet. Why the hell else are there colors name after them?
Who put a D*** in the box?
probably malificent or the elfs
+BMiBudz Yes i called you 9. But I never admitted that you "owned" me with "harsh truth". So please, why don't you read my comments carefully :)
i saw the hidden image but its to fast to freeze it and see it its around 2:06 i think its like at 2:06.5
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I liked the bob war back before it was mainstream.
I found the hidden pic and was able to screen shot it.  Is there anyway I can post it?
2.06 their is a half frame of a Disney character  
Got the hidden picture! 2.06 - it is Snow White's evil step mother...
I FOUND THE FUNNY PICTURE IN 4:27 oh wait thats hes face
Try again in the next 236,776,547 mins.
Hey guys, Ray is ending the show soon but I'm doing more viral reviews on my page! Click my name and tell me what you think :)
Is the outro song saying "doctor Bob"?
"Stalkin' your mom" It's a YFM song.
The spiderman and Elmo jokes were Hill freaking arious!
+Animeloverotaku Haha in raw public? You really are a stupid fuck. Okay, bitch... where do you live? Hahaha
I would totslly screw that t-shirt girl
HOLY FUCK !!! I saw you playing with this shakeweight and I always thought it was something South Park made up. IT'S A FUCKIN' REAL THING and they barely try to pretend it's not a training for jackin' it !!
I found da pic It's malificent saying who's duck is in this box
dat t shirt gurl :)
hey, can you fix the playlist to play the first video made and end on the last video? :D Then we can see it like the evolution of bad jokes!
I saw the hidden picture it's a clown
Found the funny picture lol XD
This guy be trolling, there is no funny pic
lol wold war one song in the trenchs roses are red my feet are blue theres fleas in my pants and the rats ate the stue
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The hidden picture is in 2:07
i saw the 1 frame picture 
The t-shirt girl looks like she has a great umm a personality
Start at around 2:03 and watch at quarter speed...Surprise Evil Queen!
I found the frame it was the witch from snow white
Guy on the ride looks likes my last history teacher
1:53 razor Ramon mixed with jimmy hart
207 looks skiny is it an alein/
Really you used Eminems verse?!
Herbert from family guy put it in the box
the pichure is at the end of the whit rabbet bit
The funny picture is at 2:06 and it says: "Who put a d**k in this box?"
Lol who put a d in this box xd
god damn it i own that scarf... now i have to burn it.
My fart smells like assXD
the flop dude?                            ^ I was talking about the top thing|
i slowed down the last clip and it sounds like the guy is taking a massive poo 
secret picture was the queen for sleeping beauty not the queen of hearts
0:12 Can somebody tell me what's that video's name? Or send me the link?
Ray's always whoring himself out
who put a d*ck in this box lol
The guy in the picture kinda looks like Joe.
That guy looks like my dad after he took a ride on the teacups at Disney World.
what do people have against jews like really I don't get it XD please explain
+Sgt Bard dude I visited your channel and all you do is leave negative replies. get a life other than insulting people and making them feel bad for your own pleasure. if you are going to do that get up and say it to them in raw public.
hey can you speak english your pronouncing "gif" wrong
Can't tell! Can't see your ass
its maleficient with abox
2:07 hidden pic I have no idea who it is
hahahahahaha is aw the secret frame I was like wtf? xD
I told you guys Spider man was shi***
That guy who stood up against elmo is a hero LOL.
Saw the picture of the evil queen after the the video of elmo ends you can see it.
what is the name of the blonde?
i found the secret picture after the crazy Elmo
i repeated this video 3 times and i didnt see the picture
Hey. Jon ghotti says hello
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