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Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)

by RocketJump • 10,925,977 views Click to Tweet! Jon Favreau contacted us and gave us resources and full creative freedom to make a video about Cowboys and Aliens! This is...

OMG! Is that Jon Favreau??? The director of Iron Man???
Are you really that dumb or are you just trolling?
What are you doing there Happy? You're my bodyguard.
falcoooo PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh sweet, freddiew! It's good to be back. I can't even renember how much time past since I watched his videos.
Fucking amazing video. But some reason I just can't fucking stand this asian guy
3:13 That moment you ride with ppl in a 2 person truck
It's been fucking years since I've last seen a FreddieW video. The last one I remember watching is the Katamari one.
call of duty sound effects FTW
You guys are some massive creative geniuses! Loved it!
apparently freedie is ezreal
+TheKaptajn i thought ezreal was so pathetic that he didnt know how to punch 
extra well done!, comic timing and special effects!(In a universe far far away I once worked at Columbia pictures; story and post production) Lots of nice touches, matching your face to the wanted poster and many more. Suggestion - do a scene from a full story you want to finance (perhaps kickstarter) so you get to do a whole film. My best expertise is "sub-text" for sci-fi and fantasy. 
He's actually very famous internet-wide, go check his other videos.
Now this one is good!
I love how someone just threw the tumbleweed in
I guess it was worth the update
Aw man, a Peterbilt model truck with no epic transformation sequence?
Is that happy from iron man, sick!!
Yeah and the wrist gun he had was from the actual movie!
Worse than stormtrooper aim
dude, when they were just standing in a lin you should have been able to take all out at once with the machine gun
Anyone hear auld Lang syne play in the background of the first part?
Welp I guess those cowboys messed with the "WONG" guys
Wow look.... a tin foiled Optimus prime!!
Jesus i rlly dont wanna buy that thing on ur hand it takes time to update lol only if that thing exist
who is freddiew exactly?
Freddie is the Asian guy. Freddiew was the name of their old channel before rocket jump.
ooooohhhhhh okay :)
Wow, this fist gun looks like the Widow's Sting. Amazing
btw if anyone was wondering, the weapon Freddie is using is a hand mounted rail gun :3
What was the music right at the start? I recognise it from somewhere.
I should have known that would be the answer...
+Tom H The only safe answer these days. 
From what movie is that wrist gun ?
That rifle looks like a Braton
"I love the power glove. It's so...bad."
A lot of those guns weren't even around during the... cowboy era! Including the machine gun, the two pistols Jon Favreu was using
+hector cassie Actually if you watch cowboys vs. aliens, you'll see that the wrist mounted gun DID exist! Im only joking but the wrist cannon is from that movie
+Ryan t. Inferno of course! that truck was the work of Henry Ford and his brother Tyrone and the wrist cannon was prototyped by Samuel Colt.
What was the gun Brandon was using? I've never seen that before.
so wait have you ever seen a chrome plated, levitating semi truck?
At 1:20, isn't that the tardis from Doctor Who?
Them corpse launch though!
At me, in the start it soundet like barack obama, but was just watching another video.. lol! :D
What movie is that wrist gun from?
2:39 you can see the co2 in the mag on the right
best corpse launch evar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isnt editing supposed to be about making the CGI look realistic?
Editing is about cutting the footage together to make it interesting.
well still, dont you think they could have made some things a little more believable? i mean im not saying FreddieW and his friends aren't talented, like he will probably be helping in big time movies one day.. but some of the cgi was just... yuck...
you blokes, makes a full feature length something, carnt cha?
So did the glass not cut or scratch him or is he invinsible
LOL, "I roll with the wong (wrong) gang now." Anyone else notice this cleverness?
Freddie don't take shit from anybody
they wouldn't roll back then. It would be ride. Although maybe it makes sense because they have a truck, but still.
Happy Hogan from iron man? Lol when his head smashed the bottle
I wanna know how they got job to do this vid
you rolled with the woooonggggg gangggg 
Was really hoping for a chrome Optimus Prime...
also whats with not having to reload any weapons
Make a full movie please. :)
Sound effects sounds like mw3
See kids, just because they are cowboys don't mean they are on your side. this an 3 minute clip, during an quick draw in the west you would've already been shot several times already. Too slow on the draw rookie
Ah the mw2 gun sound effects, usp and aa12
Everything's chrome in the future!
i don't see the point in this. that said it was decent
the name of the song at the beginning of the movie is about?
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Ok for one stop being so boring two they look like there from the future with the silver flying truck that turns hella small
Anyone else notice the TARDIS from 'Doctor Who' at 1:18? Made me take a 'Deep Breath' ;-)
I thought that silver truck was optimus prime cause it was the same model as optimus prime but recoloured
Fistful of Frags mixed with future.... Awesome!
Nice editing BREOOOOOOOOO!!!!
i am not sure if I would want the wrist thing or the chrome simi
That bada$$ entrance though.
@Houndz have you never seen the movie cowboys vs aliens?
the truck looks kinda like optimus prime
I was fine and then I saw the tumbleweed... almost fell outta my chair laughing
i love it. semi auto clip ammo pistols and submachine guns in the old west. lolz sooo realistic
Magazine* not clip. A clip is way different from a magazine!
khalil bellout Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
This video was so much fun to work on! Completed in under a week... that's a lot of time doing vfx
Hi, My Best friend and I made a youtube channel recently and we are planning to do comedy, Animated, Gameplays, And Special FX Videos. We would really appreciate it if anyone interested would go to our channel.
Da real wrist gun from the movie?! :O
ivo ulrich Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Cory Ho Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
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