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Powerhouse - WING MEN

by Animonster • 535,285 views


Every time I see food.
Ricky said nom nom nom back the duck away to the little girl
Rick does have a super power HIS A FREAKING BOTTOMLESS PIT.
You guys should expand the plots!!!
Did anybody else notice the THICK ASS NESS next to Rick @ 1:33 ? SHEESH!!!!
He didn't say "get the fuck away" he said "that's a good fucking wing"
Did anyone notice tha the tvs brand is bigas tv
Rick finally found HIS superpower!
the only one where rick kinda got to get the good end of the stick.. he still got fucked over in the end tho
I'm black and u dont mess with our chicken LOL
no they make the fat guy eat the chicken wings..racist
listen 2 what rick said at 1:57 HAHAHAHAHAHAH
you guys should make this into a tv show it would make millions
this should be on mtv in the morning
Lol "screw you guys this TVs going in my room."
for the first time Rick won something! xD
who invented that HANG IN THERE
But can't Tim shrink shit with his dick? coulda just shrunk them wings and ate em in 1 bite.
nom nom nom nom get the fuck away nom nom nom
"Bigas Plasma" Now that's what I call technology.
thumbs up for ricks eating spree
Of course it's racist, that's what makes it funny. Plus it's not officially "racist" it's more of a stereotype... But fried chicken is still fucking good! If you've never had some good fried your missing out!
i kinda find this a little racsist
Did anyone else notice Rick's book said "Blow Me"?
i love powerhouse so much i wish each episode was like 10 minutes
so rick does have super powers!
Ok what's wrong with this picture? Black man... Chicken... whatever...
AWESOME RICK IS READING BLEW MOON! O he is getting he touch with his female side! =P
This reminds me of Good Vibes, really un-funny.
Lol, at the ending, the poster in he background said hang on
chicken wing eating contest, and the picture on the tv was a chicken leg.........
So is eating a lot considered as Rick's superpower?
w8 shoulldent he have a chance hes also asiasn
lol the name of the tv was bigas plasma
Those chickens made me hungry -.-
Tim and PDFlo may have super powers but they seem to rely on Rick a bit too much don't you think? Haha
it was funny what rick said when he was eating 0:57
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1:56 lmfao "get the fuck away" lmfao
but they didnt use their powers
yum yum yum thatsagoodfuckinwing!
I think hes Readin the book upside down....
man my fav food it hot wings and shrimp Alfredo, and monzzealla sticks
did anyone else notice tht it said bigas plasma on the tv hahahahahhaha
one more time.. explosion in the background me:LOL
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