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Hot mommytard on the beach! (6/19/09-107)

by SHAYTARDS • 274,138 views

Twuuuuter! Twoooter! TWEET

"That one has waterfall" Little did he know.
sontard is literally the cutest kid ever, i can't get enough!
Like if you are watching in 2014!
I wish he still dated/numbered the vlogs
If you type in the date your looking for it will come up
I love mommytard :-) ♥ ✖✖
4:50 Sontard's hips don't lie.
3:19 the word you're looking for is anxious
She said anticipated, which ends in 'ed'. I think she actually meant 'agitated'.
look at how small babytard was<3
yaaa and her big chubby baby cheeks :3 so cute!
yea my dog does that, when i go to school my dog is like crazy, she sits next to the door sometimes even howls, but when i leave my house for one week , my dad said that shes not even eating her food
Apollo, our Great Dane, is the same way when I leave for my wife.
ive watched about 13 hrs of these videos straight. i had to stop here because i have to get up early in the morning(lol). i love you and your family so much. thank you for letting the rest of the world be a apart of it. god bless you all:)
The dog I used to have would get all mopey and sad when I was gone..Kind of how Malachi gets nervous
Aren't the crazies likely to be really big fans... if not you can find their names with a 5 second google search anyway, it's pointless.
It's safe to say sontards dancin has got a LOT better! I mean that was like old man dancin there!!
It's so precious to see the kids! Babytard is so tiny! I forgot that she was such a quiet baby. Now she's a firecracker!
And thats where sontard strated to Dance xD
It's funny when shay said let's see u dance and princesstard and sontard turned around
rocktard looks so much alike as babytard! it's soooo cute!
my little chihuahua does the same thing when my mom isnt arond
Rock yard wasn't born yet @Mwichebee
Babytard is way more shy around the camera then rocktard is!
Actually they don't use them for safety anymore, now it's just because it's normal for the videos. They are even going to have the real names in the movie.
Ohmygosh, Shay a look at you then & now. You have changed soooo much.
she lukks soo much like alyssa shouse
I get butterflies in my stomach every time Chi is on.
omg i know they're real names shay-best dad ever mommytard-prettiest mommy ever sontard-the most polite little boy ever princesstard-one of the prettiest little princess ever babytard-cutest little girl ever rocktard-cutest baby boy ever they use they're nicknames for safer purposes fans know there names,real fans don't tell
@kyamiko526 so you are saying you are borned in 2009 20th june?
I -3 u little terds...i mean tards
ha I love the look on sontard face as soon as shay mentions dance hahahahaha!
crazy how you were skyping with your grandma 4 years after on the same day.
Ok, who came here hoping for bikini shots of "Hot Mommytard?"
my dog is kinnda like that except when my dads gone he calms down.
i love how you said lets see you dance and all the kids looked at you lol
great 4yr old vid BT was so tiny and wasnt as crazy as she is now hmm 4yrs later they skype again de ja vu! i do remeber this well
Aw even tho u look cute here,I'm so glad uv lost weight!
holy shitt aren't one of those house where like LC or audrina partiage lives? i know it was someone from the hills.
This is my first time wathcing their videos... - Do they name their kids 'BoyTard' GirlTard' ?? Wtf ...
HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY TARD FACE 1:53
@lalaland13039 no...just no shay belongs on youtube not on Taking Long Craps channel gosh
Collette I think you mean anxious not anticipating XD
I'm getting a dog just like that,he's awesome!
Whoa! Sontard's dance moves have gotten a lot better!
Baby tard, quit sucking your thumb!
Princesstard is babytard's size here. haha
@MrGraham710 It is to hide all of they're names! they need to protect their children somehow
Omg, i think the antm girls stayed in the houses at 1:12
lol I think that kid who asked Shay if he was taking a picture thought he could take Shay in a fight
Lol Sontard's early days dance xD WTF xD
Had a stressful few hours and put u guys on and I smile again. If your happy and u know it SMILE. Thanks guys love watching your beautiful family enjoy yourselves . Thanks for the vlogs
Daddy has a fetish with unitards ?lol !
sontard-charlie princesstard-amanda babytard-charolette rocktard-dave LOL totally fake
@adaneko not really, their house was next to a building
that house at 1:10 was the america's next top model model house :))
malachi is like that because he knows shay is the alpha male & when he isn't around he takes on the role as protecter of the family
i love these comments about putting shaytards on TV, but if they were on TV the producers would make up drama for them, just so it gets interesting, hate this comment all you like, but it's how TLC and other networks work. Youtube is better for the shaytards :)
and sontards dancing career begins...
holy cow they lookedc so young lol cant believe its been 4 years
Haha, back in the old days of Sontard's dance moves...
Smoke on the water made the ending great
Holy cow, I really miss Malachi. :(
FTC: Babytard get away from the one eyed monster!
Malachi reminds me of Clifford the big red dog !
@RECONDO101st thats not her i mean how gullible r u the forehead is to big and the eyes and nose shape are different
"All the girls are like - 'OMG he's so big! Wahhhh'" - Thats what she said!
@kyamiko526 happy belated birthday!!<:)
if babytard and rocktard were the same age, they could be twins!
"let's see you dance" both princesstard and sontard look at Shay like "me?" haha
our chihuahuas won't even eat when my mom's gone.
lol i was eating a blue air head when i wached 5:03
@kyamiko526 yup :) im going to say happy birthday to u on june 20th... :)
At the very end NARNIA!!!!!! (on the tv)
4:41 lets see you dance(: sontard-*WHIPS his head*
Malachai, did i spell that right? ^^ Anyways, he is not nervous when shay is gone, hes alert and protective.
You guys. Don't argue over a video like this. I'm 16 and I think that is childish. Have an argument but there should be a rule against using no-no words on comments with videos with a baby in them! Anyway. I'm sure you are both very nice people. Just relax a litlle.
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