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The Junkyard Weekly 6-9-12

by Junkyard129 • 5,444 views

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hey junk if the server is whitelisted can you whitelist me wilfrido1lora nd masage me the ip i would like to play on any of your servers ive been subed for like a year trying to get in the game
Junk = you got that error because you are still using the 1.2.4 client lol.....
oh so all them banned people can come back on and cause chaos for the other players that weren't banned? I totally see the logic in that.
i miss the days when the server would be full and you had to wait to get on if you didnt donate.
Oi junk i got banned on your server for stealing which i didnt do, y would anyone steal or do something like that when to get on your server is so hard. Just think about it
If I had Minecraft and was on your server I would like it the way it was.
You don't have to apply anymore. There's a plugin that eliminates that.
You might wanna get your facts right before you diss the server admins/mods. You have to be at least 16 years old. The majority of them range from 17 - Mid 20's. And they are only doing their job.
@Junkyard129 Ive been wanting to build an obsidian apartment building on mmo. Just need resources and time.
no im not i still play and many of the people that i build with are banned
demeter44 is like the LMFAO Golden BOX Guy
is anyone else getting this world of tanks ad? it's flipping glitching the video!! so anoying :(
You don't have enough traffic because people have change to Xbox Minecraft...
I want to get back to one old. It was much better with the old system and the big box with the mobs. I miss those old days. I actually got a few chickens out of it :P
I am the guy with the legolas skin at the begining :D
join the ip it is play(dot)thejunkyard129(dot)com (youtube won't let you post dots in comments)
Do the 1 world I stop playing because you want to 2 and my name on the surver is skins113 use to play it everyday.
take out mmo and add a hunger games server with no buildings etc just run around get ur tools like in regular minecraft mine kill other players etc and make old videos like you use too to get ur subscribers..!
I personally like Freebuild mostly because it brings back the memories of the 1.7 days. MMO is a great world too, and it definitely has a lot of entertainment to it. All I can say, is I can't wait for the 3rd server :3
omg 6:40 he said my house was cool thanks junk !
Well if they were banned they must have done something wrong dumbass!
i hate to be an idiot but what is the ip?
you should go back to one world and have it so you can just join without having to apply
Hello junk, I think you should have two worlds the new one with all the games. Spleef, PvP and such. and then the MMO world with the whole survival aspect. There is my two cents about the topic. Best of luck and have a nice day -Matt
junkyard if u want a lot of people but it back to the last style of the last map
Junkjard, why not join my server ? I need have a modspot free ! if you want to just join ! and Ask GlennOwner About it !
i was banned for have a dunb player name: mr_awesome321
actually junk i would like to keep it two worlds just reduce the 100 on both to 50 or 75
please brig back the old map i miss it
If you want more spectatular buildings then sort out griefs more as i spend most of my time sending modreqs and fixing griefs that i have on propity as i get griefed more than i can build.
yo junk i cant get to free-build
the reason not so many people play on this server is because you get banned so easily
what's up with the forums right now Junk? they're down every other day atm =p also i agree that there should be just the one server + the new game one, but it should be an MMO server as it adds much more to the game which is important when more and more people are taking a break from Minecraft because it's now an 'old' game, removing features that the MMO has i feel would just turn more people away and if i'm honest i may end up being one of them down the line if it's just a free build server =p
All those houses on there were extremely pathetic and people need to learn how to build
junk play with chilled more its hilarious!!!!!!!
Oh I would love to get back on the server but I have two crappy computers that won't run minecraft.
you obviously don't get the point behind spelling 1rd as opposed to 1st you fucking retard
JOIN MY SERVER ITS we give out diamond blocks everyday were on
No shut down free build all the building are crap and mmo tons with the mcmmo plugin without mcmmo I would leave the junkyard
what were the videos called when u were with phunkymonkey or whatever his name was and with other people the mmo place i think? please reply if u see this
The reason you get banned is because you're not following the rules.
Hey, my opinion on the two world thing is that I too would like a one world server. I kind of liked it better when there was lots of pixel art to see becuase the wool was free so therefore there was so much creativity. I also liked it when there was tons of people to see. Another thing, if you go back to one world there would probably be more people on. If you get this comment please send me a message back.
Is it a creative mode server?
I joined the server yesterday and it is hard as fuck! Theres so much shit you have to just to build man
I like only one server. I don't like to two different servers.
I like both worlds cause one has mobs and one doesn't, I actually do an LP on the MMO with Desdomena
If you want more people on the server you should unban the thousands of people your staff banned
@LegendYoungGamer You do /register and /accept . done.
First let me say that, i'm NOT complaining or anything. But is it me? Or does junk use the term "What it comes down to" ALOT Keep gaming!
not enough traffic? say that to youre admins, and people that can ban other people, thousands of people have been banned by the little 8 year old admins.
No junk that is a bad idea a food idea is to let builder and all the other classes fly cause my parents don't let me donate
I think you should go back to just one world. And I like a MMO server with mobs and all that because I think the game gets more exiting. But som people disagree. And don't like to have mobs on. I would love to play on the server, BUT my computer broke :p. Keep gaming :)
i dont understand minecraft Play Sum Cod
Junkyard please unbanned me it was my cousin who was spamming not me
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