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Batman: Arkham City - Party's Over Achievement Guide

by Rooster Teeth • 381,739 views

Michael, Gavin, and Gus show you where to find all of the collectibles for the "Party's Over" achievement in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City. Gus is awesome, Gavin is mouthy.

How tha fuck am I still missing one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is actually 6 robins Dickinson Grayson (Became Nighttime) Jason Todd (Became Red Hood) Tim Drake (Became Red Robin) Damian Wayne (As of now Robin until he died) Carrie Kelly (Only in The Dark Knight Returns) Stephanie Brown (sorry forgot what happened to her)
+Justin Decena Stephanie wasn't "demoted" from batgirl. She was "killed" but recouped in Africa under the care of Dr.Thompkins, and then came back as the Spoiler....
    A WARNING TO ALL THOSE BRAVE OR STUPID ENOUGH TO VISIT THE COMMENT SECTION:  Whenever you see somebody post a link, do not click it.  However, it is human nature that our curiosity often overwhelms our instincts, so here's some steps to take in case you absolutely must know what the link leads to.    1) Turn your speakers/headphones off.  Shit's most likely going to get loud, inappropriate, or both.   2) DO NOT just click the link.  Right click it and hit "Open Link in New Tab."  This will give you a chance to read the page title and see if your still curious.   3) If the tab you opened says "Go To Sleep!" Close it WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT and thank god you didn't have to hire a therapist.   4) If it says anything other than that, be wary.  Seriously, brace yourself because it's probably some other scary shit or the grossest most fucked up kind of porn imaginable.   Note:  If whatever you clicked on turns out to just be spam, thank god because it could be so, SSOOOO much worse.
You can not destroy that awesome chin!
2 things 1:dick grayson is not gay 2: dont u dare make fun of knightwing put a k there for copyrite reasons and gavin shut the fuck up about batman u britsh prick
Well fuck u metafu so yeah go back to fiddling with ur tiny dick
Dude, really? Cut Metafu some slack! Sorry Metafu, he can get like this at times, (I swear he is ADHD) but he will cool down eventually. Might be a day, might be a week, you never know. Also, Dick Grayson is Robin's average look, when he isn't helping Batman.
Tim is not the third Robin its Dick, Tim and Jason who died in Under The Red Hood
5...dick grayson, jason todd(later red hood),tim drake,damien wayne and stephienie brown
Can you go back in to get the ones you missed or do you have to start all over
@MettalicSnake Wait, so Barbara Gordon isn't considered parr
She is on the official wiki... I've said this before. Who are we supposed to blame then if YOU forgot to mention her? Lol...
That's a little harsh. I wasn't his biggest fan either, but it was a pretty low blow to see him stabbed by Leviathan in Batman, Inc. Also it's 'Damian'
is the virus in the link or do i have to download it?
do you have a map of the balloons location.
"Witch one was gay?""Was it the first one?""Dick Grayson?""Dick...Gayson?" You.Did.Not.Just.Insult.Richard.Grayson. HE IS ROBIN THEN NIGHTWING THEN THE GODDAMMN BATMAN!!
glad to see someone else knows this besides me. everyone else ik thinks there has only been 3 robins.
i don't consider Carrie Kelly to be a Robin. it's a matter of personal preference and it's also because she wasn't on the official wiki. someone on the website was slacking. don't blame me if i forgot to mention her.
Maybe i'm too busy to look up everything about Batman when i could just use my spare time to have fun
everyone go to ltmkilla its michaels channel watch it
she wasn't there when i checked it. i literally checked a website that listed all of the robins. someone didn't mention her on that site. he probably fixed it by now. that guy must have been high
I'm not going over this again, she's a Robin, he asked for the names of all the Robins, not just the ones in canon. Fucking idiots everywhere Jesus.
Gavins prediction was only like 10%
How could I possibly be mad at a persons mental disability? That's just cruel.
Heterosexual means straight-- Homosexual means gay.
"Dick Gayson" OH MY GOD AHAHA
Then don't provide wrong/incomplete information if you don't know what you're talking about?
Why are you responding to my comment from 5 months ago? -.-'
Anyone else tired of these damn zoosk ads and the stupid heart yelling at Liz to check this guy out?!!! Fed up with this dumbass shit!....Oh yeah, great video guys...helped out a lot, as always!
No friend, I think you'll find Dick Grayson was the first Robin. Don't kid yourself.
Generally for something to be considered Sarcastic, wit is usually involved. I see you're a bit lacking in that category. Also, you should note that tone is important in Sarcasm, and thus does not communicate over the internet. Using sarcasm on the internet is like rolling your eyes during a phone call. No matter how much you wanted it to come across, it won't.
None of the Robins were ever gay. It was a stupid rumour that developed over the years because of the ridiculous outfit Robin used to wear in the older comics and in the Adam West series. Dick Grayson has a girlfriend called Sonia so he's definitely straight.
He got better. I believe it was from the Superboy Punch.
You don't have to agree with it. They're actual bad guys, but in terms of pertaining to the real story line, which is canon, they do not exist. I'll revise my statement again. Carrie Kelly wore the mantle of Robin, but she does not count in the line of users because she is not canon.
Batman isn't a superhero he is just awesome. Iron man is technacly a cyborg therefore he is super and there for a superhero.
For Gavin'a argument, Batman can apparently roll away before you could even pull the trigger.
technically not Jason Todd or Dick Grayson either, but they're listed as Robin on the Wiki.
batman saves people which means he is a hero
are you stupid? Nightwing existed when Jason Todd was Robin. that means that Dick Grayson was first. not to mention he was written long before Jason Todd was even a thought.
she is in the dark knight returns so it dont count
ah he was right it was a 300,000 view video :D
Even after watching this video I still can't find the last one... >.>
Michael is correct. The Bat "ears" have a radio antenna inside them. I believe the comics also established this fact.
30 thousand? You forgot one zero
The Dark Knight Returns isn't canon. It's not wrong or incomplete information because she's not an actual Robin due to her not being canon.
Well since I am a male, I do not understand what females find attractive. I take your comment as a valid point. It does however look like he has no penis and his buttocks look as though they are constantly clenched. It is a disturbing outfit to me.
time drake, he is a very rare Mandrake that can travel through time.
I know what you're saying, but just because she doesn't 'exist' in canon doesn't mean she doesn't exist. She's still a Robin, in canon or not, and unless you can show me somewhere that says so then it's just a matter of opinion that you think otherwise.
I don't count stephanie brown on account of her mass suckatude.
No, Tim Drake IS the third Robin. First was Dick Grayson, then when he became Nightwing, Jason Todd took over. And then after Todd was killed by Joker, Tim Drake took over from him. Damian Wayne is the most recent Robin.
i thought captain america was leader of the avenger
@ColonelAftershock *part of the robin line
i saw batman dark knight 2 today
Batman could beat any super hero even without any of his technology.
hes right batman isnt a super hero and neither is batman. spiderman, superman are both examples or SUPER heros cos they actually have powers. just saying
Captain America is actually the leader of the Avengers, not Iron Man.
captain america is the leader of the Avengers
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