Vote Different

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Make up your own mind. Decide for yourself who should be our next president. NOTE: This is a mashup of the famous Apple 1984 Super Bowl ad. Search for the original on YouTube.

And then there is hillary or should I say al hillary. The worst of the worst. If she gets anywhere near the white house, the once great USA is toast. But go ahead hillary run. The real media will tear you to pieces. Oh this could be fun. Stay tuned
I see al barak hussein obama has made sure the world, including his buddies in isis know of the coalitions plans to take back Mousal. You traitor liberals say nothing. This god of yours is selling us down the river and a lot of people are going to die because of him. This traitor in chief of ours needs to be arrested and tried for treason. He's a disgrace to the USA and to all freedom lovers everywhere. Then you liberal pukes say nothing. Shame on ypu.
Hey ive been asleep for the last 6 years how did that Obama thing work out? 
Case in point. Why you think Netanyahu accepted John Boehner's invitation to speak to Congress and side stepped al obama. I'll tell you. He doesn't trust the traitor and doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Think about it al obama worshipers. Just think about and then wake up fools.
Why equivocate Max? If it looks like a duck, etc. Of course she's a Communist. Only they call themselves "Progressives" now, having learned that enough of the Proletariat actually know that Communism is evil.
They need to call themselves as Digressives.
She talks like a communist.  I am not saying she is a communist.  I am saying she thinks and talks like one.
Just so you know people. al obama will make sure a terrorist attack happens in the USA so he can issue martial law and jail his enemies and take complete control. You heard it here first. So the clue here is to make sure he's removed from power long before this can happen and make sure the military is on the side of the people, not on the side of al obama and his coup. Call me crazy bit this is our future. So wake up patriots. George Soros' puppet must be stopped. Sleep well fools.
and look how Obama turned out
President Hillary will be much worse
+Argue Max dot com Might as well change it to Obama. 
The media keeps asking Scott walker these stupid questions. I'd swear it's goatshithead or Brent with the microphone. They've given obama a free pass for six plus years. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Biased pieces of liberal crap to the bitter end. Hang on America the dreadful obama years are coming to an end. Just hang on.
Nope you can't do it can you. You have been taken in by al obama's lies and deceit. Oh what a tangled Web you obama lovers have weaved. The price for your treason will be great. Follow on traitors.
Granny's talkin'. 
And then... 2008 was just like 1984 'cuz of PRISM and the NSA.
love the bouncing breasts
That's the way to tell me Netanyayu. King al obama can kiss my ass.
Democrats pander to the mindless masses. Promise them Welfare and Free Healthcare and they vote for the End of America. Fuck the Democrats and their lackeys.
Spoken like the piece of shit section 8 democratic leech you are.
A year ago or so goatshithead asks if I missed a war going. Pretty stupid question considering war has not stopped anywhere. Obama has caved to the military industrial complex and guess what, war continues and continues and continues. You libbys idiots really thought peace was coming. Silly liberals. We could wipe out al quid a or isis in a week if peace was the goal. The truth is there is no profit in peace. Read a history book libbys. You might learn something.
I gave Brent boy and goatshithead full reign of this thread about 6 months ago. They had complete control to make their case for their "god" obama. I'm really wondering why they didn't take my offer. Oh well they had their chance. Now anybody touting obama here has to deal with me. Maybe the only true patriot left standong. Follow on fools.
wow. reminds me on tokio hotel's "übers ende dieser welt"
I hope the guy that made this video is one of the ones who lost his job and his  healthcare because of Obama. It would be poetic justice.
Yep, mindless drones, that's what Democrats are. 
Well obviously there is nobody here to refute what I've been saying. So I'll assume everything I've been saying is true. Well their true no matter what. It's been fun people I'll be around. Follow on al liberals and of course screw al obama. That really should go without sayimg, but oops I said it anyways. Bye bye for now
I hate when people try to compare modern political figures to the dictators of the 40s. We don't know true fear, we have a right to our own beliefs, no matter how stupid.
So I'm wondering if that al shabbat ass hole would show his face that it would be al barak hussein obama behind the mask. What do you guys think Anybody got the balls to discuss this. I won't hold my brearh. Follow on al liberals
HEY BRENT, Poll yesterday says 2/3 of Republicans do not believe in the evolution of man.   Your phrase "willfully ignorant" is very appropriate.  Last time they saw a science book was 9th grade science textbook -- and they didn't open it.
not believin' in the "evolution of man" didn't hurt 'em at the polls yesterday, eh?
I see obama isis buddies are chopping off heads is Libya now. Let's see, obama has two years left. I'm sure isis will be in DC in a few months chopping off the heads of his enemies right here in what was once a great country until George soros and puppet king obama decided to ruin it. I say bring me on.
Say. Didn't Hillary lied about getting attacked in Bosnia or somewhere years ago. I guess Hillary and Brian Williams are cut from the same cloth. Lying to get some press. Shame on them. I'm sure the liberal press has conveniently forgotten all about it. Right libbys
Im sure the ambassador who was in Ben Gahzi was glad Obama won,  Nope either way with Clinton in the White House or Obama he would still be dead.  But I guess that doesnt matter to all of you but his children and wife sure do miss him
and now you know the ending.. what you don't know is that the USA is a private corporation, owned by the city of London.. the bankers own your country, and you, the birth certificate is their ownership over you... good bye
Kinda ironic how goat909295 and brentj30 were drawn to this video as an alternative to Hillary, and now they'll have to support her in 2016!
HEY ALPHABETHEAD ! (nmcnmb) YOU USED TO ADVERTISE YOURSELF as a bi-partisan, swing voter.  But in the six or so years (amazing, isn't it) that we've exchanged pleasantries, you have not once favored any liberal side of  an issue. So I will.  AMNESTY.  I'm against it.  1)  It will only encourage future generations of illegals.  2)  Illegals depress the wages of working class Americans.  3)  We are a country ruled  by law.  Lawful entry is expensive and takes time, but that's the law. There.  Goat, the moderate.  
+nmcnmb;  they've all disappeared.  brent, tom, goater, etc.  how've you been? 
+nmcnm I'm still here, but nobody wants to play
Hard to post again. Shades of being blacklisted in 2014.. so much for freedom of speech. Later.
2008 was not like 1984, It was like 1933.
Nobody wants to play. Oh well I tried. I guess the obama followers know their place. Follow on. It's who you are
Hey goatshithead. I'm still here and will be until obama and Hillary are gone and I mean gone. Follow on
Federal judge stops obama's illegal immigration bullshit. It's about time someone stepped up and shut down this executive action. I'm loving it.
To recap, when President Obama said these things in the SOTU speech: That it's a good thing that after 12 long years the war in Afghanistan is finally coming to an end Congress shouldn't shut down government or threaten the full faith and credit of the United States Congress should pass legislation to put more Americans to work in the tech manufacturing sector That he'll protect natural lands with his executive power Congress should repeal tax breaks for Big Oil Congress should restore unemployment insurance that it let expire at the end of the year That women deserve equal pay for equal work That nobody who works full time should have to raise a family in poverty, so Congress should raise the minimum wage to $10.10 Congress shouldn't have another 40+ votes to repeal Obamacare That votes, not money, should drive democracy   ...and RepugniCON's couldn't bring themselves to applaud ... GOP=FAIL!
Run libbys run. You useless unpatriotic pukes. I hear Cuba is nice. I mean gitmo, because it's where you traitors belong. Follow on fools
Quote: "I believe that wounded justice, lying prostrate on the blood-flowing streets of our nations, can be lifted from this dust of shame to reign supreme among the children of men. I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self-centered men have torn down men other-centered can build up...I still believe that We Shall overcome!" (excerpt from MLK's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech - Oslo, December 10, 1964)
Attempt to counter 1984. I wonder how our chocolate ration is 5%
ON ANY ISSUE WHERE SCIENCE IS INVOLVED, you dismiss the science and believe the myth.  (Like Noah & his Ark, what could be sillier than this man getting two of each species aboard (there are millions of animal species).  But the myth is in your Bible so you believe it.  And you dismiss the science on issues like global warming, where 99% of climate scientists say it's real.  Instead, you believe that it's a hoax, because the big energy corporations say so.  You are very funny. 
+Rob Owen;  of course we know oBLUNDER is a Christian. hasn't he once said, "as it says in sPRICTures"..............what a dingleberry! 
99% of "scientists" is very wrong. There still are some major disagreements based on what "facts" are being input. GIGO is still a problem with computer "solved" problems. Not all the signers of the UN's IPCC were climate/weather people. Some had PhD's in fields unrelated. Thorough checking of facts is tiresome but necessary when dealing with really serious issues.
Did all you liberal weenies boycott the Olympics because of the "gay" issue?
"Bill Clinton was a serial philanderer". Rand Paul
Arianna reports that Philip de Vellis of Blue State Digital created the spot; Blue State works for Obama. A woman who answered the company’s phone confirmed he works there.
Thanks for watching... let us know what else you would like to see..?!  - Illuminati
It's been so cold this winter I've seen left-wingers everywhere walking around with their hands in their OWN pockets.
lol.. Vote for Obama, remind me how that turned out.
I ask a question now. Where is the UN. Where is NATO. Where is the Arab league. Well thats actually 3 questions. This dirtbag Assad used nerve gas on civilians. I don't know what planet you live on,but thats against everything we know. So what should we do Jim or what shouldn't we do. Doing nothing is not an option unless you're a idiot.
Plus there was a no fly zone in Iraq. The northern third and the southern third. Obama and our allies have not done one thing to enforce it. So Iran flies planes loaded with arms to Syria and it goes on every day. No one cares. The more this civil war thing goes on the richer Obamas friends get. If you dig into the shit pile you eventually get to the bottom of it. George Soros' hand picked puppet Obama is doing the job he was hired to do and damn the rest of us.
I just can't believe it. All the know it alls and followers are no where to be found. Guess what,the NSA knows where you are. I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of intimindating me. But anyways. Now that the mighty "god" Obama can't get a real international follower to folw him,he should just forget the whole damn thing. If Nato isn't in and the EU isn't in and Congress isn't in. We don't know that yet,but lets say they bail on him too. Obama,swallow your pride and bluster and move on.
You can't wake up brain dead people nmcnmb. They are truly a lost cause.
The Obama worshipers have no argument. Thats why they are no longer here. It was alot of fun while it lasted. All we can do is say "I told you so". But thats not even going to sink in. They worship the piece of crap that is Barak Hussein Obama and you can't ever change that. But I will say to Mr. Obama,you go to the Brandenburg Gate and give this crap speech to maybe 4,000 people. They sure don't like you like they used to,do they. A more pathetic president has never existed. Pathetic
SUNDAY'S THOUGHT Gramps turned eighty the other day / And everybody was there And he was dressed up in a brand new suit / Sitting in his big armchair When a beautiful young naked woman / Stood up in front of the group She offered Gramps some super sex / And he said, "I'll take the soup." - Rusty and Lefty, "Bad Jokes."
nit-pik all you want. my idea is better than a system that says because you breathe....you can vote!
2 MONDAY’S THOUGHT The play is in progress. He runs backstage and the director says, “Hurry, put on your uniform. When I point, you just walk to center stage and deliver the line.” He puts on his costume, the director points, and he marches confidently to center stage. Faces the audience, all upturned faces, everybody looking at him. A blasting sound of an explosion almost knocks him over. He says, “What the FUCK was THAT?”
If not,then go shoot a round of golf and live off the taxpayer and be forever regarded as talker and do nothing douchbag. The choice is yours. One more thing. I'm here to talk about Obama. Not to yap about all the other stuff the libbys distract us with. So Mr. Pres. What ya gonna do. I won't hold my breath.
I wonder what Obama's golf handicap is these days. I haven't hit a golf course in ten years and I could kick his ass. This "god" of theirs is truly a piece of shit. Biden and Kerry the same thing. Talkers like all career politcians are. The problem now is what to do about Syria. Somehow they will screw this up and more Americans will die. Just wait,you'll see.
scumbag,with pure DEGENERATE husband
Tick, tick, tick ... until the crazy Tea Bag nutters once again become irrelevant. We are seeing the last gasp of a phoney movement playing its last desperate hand of nothing but bluff and bluster. Good bye and good riddance.
WEDNESDAY’S THOUGHT 1 If you have ever been intrigued by model railroading, you’ll love model universing. Get a spherical object, like a big marble, 1” in diameter. Place it in your backyard. This represents Earth. Now get a balloon 9’ in diameter. This represents the Sun. Place it 300 yards down the street.
How do we know whoever replaces Obama will be better. How do we know Obama isn't spinning this Syria thing just like Bush spinned Iraq. Oh wait,that was different,That was Bush and as we all know everything is Bush's fault. You name it,it was Bush's fault. Here's one for you nmcnmb. Where are the great libbys these days. They spend years worshiping Obama as a "god",but never really taking about him. Where are these two jerks.I say they are gone never to return here. Good bye I say.
2 BANAL INANITIES Compulsory, state-supported education in Ireland (Free State) has traditionally been Roman Catholic. Compulsory, state-supported education in Northern Ireland has traditionally been Protestant. What form of Christianity you believe in has caused social conflict and civil war for more than a century. President Obama pointed out the obvious -- that a state-supported religious curriculum, Catholic or Protestant, should be eliminated. Jim, that's our First Amendment.
Still no libbys to be found. Tooooooooo bad. Follow on.
can you imagine the "scorn and derision" he'd have caused with his "ask not what your country can do for you" speech among democrats today?
AmmoPit, Impressive. You do realize, do you not, that 42.7 % of all statistics * that are quoted online have been made up on the spot ? * Including this one.
I read where Obama's trip to Africa cost the taxpayers one hundred million dollars. Not the kind of change I was hoping for. WAKE UP!
The amount of work and time it took to get a signature of Hilary Clinton so i could transport penguins from America to Dubai..
Here's my take on Obama. Just to clarify. Obama is a piece of camel dung. A George Soros Chicago puppet. He deserves no repect.no salute,nothing. He's a pimple on a boil on somebodys ass. When he's gone,that day will become a national holiday. We'll all celebrate the demise of the worst piece of shit to ever skate his way to power. That will be a wonderful day and it is coming. So snore away follower,it's all you've got.
JOE BIDEN called for Congress to oversee the collection of data about U.S. citizens and foreign nationals. I'm pretty sure that is being done by Congress, in a bipartisan manner. There have to be committees of Senators and Congressmen being briefed on this intelligence collection. The Boston Marathon bombers may have been part of a cell of Chechens here to do us harm. Wouldn't you hope we have a collection of their email and telephone activity?
For nmcnmb. People like brenty and goat have no sense to run there own lives. Those two are just a couple of pathetic followers that can't go against Obama and his ilk. They just can't. It's not part of their makeup. They are the anti Americans on this site not you and I. Obama is the traitor here. He's fooled 51% of us. The other 49% still have a stake and don't you ever forget it.
Hillary and Obama: America's greatest threats
they don't have a right to know who MY friends are, Rob. they don't have a right to know what my hobbies are, Rob. but you do have it partly right. "Mohammad" be someone to watch closely. like the 600,00 foreign nationals roaming our college campuses.
Oh A real scandal. How about those WMDs are now in Syria and no one seems to care. Or Obama has been President for 4 1/2 years and yes our service men are still dying. You always seem to forget who the Commander in Chief is. I'll give you a hint. Hussein is his middle name and he's been fooling saps like you goat for years and years. You followers just can't see whats right in front of you. Shame on you.
how about the newest Eric Holder deal. he's saying it's "racists" behind it because he and Obama are black..............yawn.
TO NMCNMB: Jim actually said, "how do you arrive at the opinion that some numb-nut who doesn't know GW was our 1st President should be casting a vote for ANYTHING?" * I take that to mean, A numbnut who does not know that George Washington was our first president should not be allowed to vote. * So how do we find out that a prospective voter doesn't know squat about history or current events ? Give him some kind of test? Seems obvious. You know a better way? Mind reading?
ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . CALL ME IF YOU'RE ONTO A REAL SCANDAL. Like WMDs. Remember them? Our service men and women are still dying because of Cheney and Rumsfeld's fictitious WMDs.
not surprising at all, Rob. the American public is made up largely of nitwits.
1 MUCH ADO ABOUT -- what? Edward Snowden has blown a whistle about -- what, exactly? What law has been violated? The Fourth Amendment protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures. But Congress, both sides of the aisle, and the judicial system have been kept informed of NSA activity. WHAT IT IS: This is all about a paranoia libertarians like Ron Paul have to government. Not about some particular person's email or telephone call being read.
Oh, the irony. Prism would have made "Big Brother" blush with shame and envy . . .
wonder if Obama been readin' da "sPRICTURES" lately?
And of course follow on,if you dare.
I now see Obama is saying that the "International community" set the "red line" and it's not his credibility that is at stake. It's the "International community" whose credibilty is at stake. My interpretation of this is he is going to wuss out on this whole Syria thing. Then down the road,he can say it was for "population control". But you guys don't seem to have much to say lately,so with that I say follow on as usual and bye bye for now.
3 PRIVACY ? This is not a Democrat v. Republican thing. It is mainstream America, both Democrat and Republican, vs. Libertarians. If you are the kind of person who objects to a pat-down at an airport's security line, then of course Edward Snowden is a hero to you. Me, I'd rather have a safe trip. You Libertarians haven't become comfortable yet with the 20th century, much less the 21st.
Read some of the comments made by NBPP leader Mallick Zulu Shabazz since the verdict. He's the @zzz that belongs in jail.
1 THE GREATEST GENERATION This is what Tom Brokaw called the generation of Americans who weathered the Depression and went on to defeat Germany and Japan. If ever there was "big government," we had it in the years leading up to WWII, and the years following. Big government, in the 1940s, in America created the Marshal Plan of aid to a war-torn Europe. In the 1950s it built the Interstate highway system. In the 1960s It dreamed up a project to land men on the Moon. And did it!
Obama promised "change you can believe in" and "change we need" and the most transparent administration in history. All lies and bullshit from the biggest bullshitter in history. But to be fair to Mister Spock. Susan Rice didn't fuck her way to the top. She sucked her way to the top like all good political minions. Nothing has changed for the better. It's gotten worse and will continue to get worse. Quite a shame Mister Obama.
RE QUESTION: "Who's the worst Dem?" ANSWER: Mark ("AT Hiker") Sanford. Oh, never mind, he's a Republican.
3 PRESIDENT JOHN KENNEDY -- NOT A TEACUP ""We choose to go to the moon in this decade, not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one which we intend to win." -- John Kennedy, 1962 Can you imagine the scorn and derision that would greet this speech today ? We live in the age of the Tea Party, not the Greatest Generation.
Oh but it's all Bush's fault they say. Yotta yotta yotta. Put that in your fuckin' database asswipes.
the Republican controlled House voted money required to keep the gov;t. running except for ObabaCare which prompted a foul little man named Harry Reid to call it an "unclean" bill. Harry Reid and the Senate shut down the gov't.
1 MONDAY’S THOUGHT One morning a bit-playing Hollywood actor gets a phone call from his agent: “Broadway show needs a replacement for a sick actor tonight! Can you make NYC by show-time?” “Sure! You have the script?” “It’s just one line. It goes, ‘Hark, I hear the roar of cannon!’” “Okay, got it!” He flies across the country practicing the line. “Hark, I hear the ROAR of cannon!” Lands at NYC, fast taxi to Broadway still practicing the line: “Hark, I hear the roar of CANNON!”
How about when Obama went to the British Isles and told them that their Catholic and Protestant schools and churches cause derisiveness in their culture? Ain't he an insufferable egomaniac? Where's Rob Owen been? BBBBaaaaaa, BBBaaaaaa!
2 Million Man March: "I HAVE A DREAM TODAY." "I have this dream today because 70% of black boys are growing up in our cities without a father in their house, and those children are growing up like barbarians, stealing and killing at random. "And so I say to you, black fathers: Get the fuck home and do something about your kids." - Unfortunately, Martin Luther King did not say these words.
THURSDAY'S THOUGHT “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” -- Winston S. Churchill Happy Fourth of July ! -- goat.
Oh one more thing. Run "E" Run. Don't let the bastards ever catch you.
You don't need a fucking president to hold a gun to your head and force you to do shit against your will. Nobody does.
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