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13 Ways to Die - Batman Arkham City

by Machinima • 1,069,339 views Click here to watch 13 Ways to Die - Super Mario Bros. 13 Ways to Die - Batman: Arkham City Episode 5 takes on the Joker! Anyone else getting a 1960's...

Anyone else reading these in nerd3's voice?
That T-Rex never scared me..
i thought the shark attack will be refer to the 1960's Batman and Robin where Batman attack by a shark while hanging on the chopper
I'm imagining batman lines with Kevin conroys voice
Batman is the best matter of fact I'm playing it right now
He just talks when you wait!!!
I thought it was Lady GaGa i panicked! Lol XD
"Yay free drugs" now that is really lol
LAUG heD. SO HaRd AT 5:42
real funny. and I'm playing a game right now
Am I the only one who wasn't scared by the dinosaur?
No, you weren't the only one, but in New Game Plus gameplay I got scared because I was thinking in another thing
"I thought it was Lady Gaga, I panicked" LOL
I was dying when Batman broke Harley Quinns neck 😄😅😂, or at least pretend like you did
When the side ho think she about too become the main chick 0:58
My god, this was corny.
Hey that was funny batman just need superman!
3:20 best fuckin part!!! Lol fuckin dying!
Obscure reference is obscure XD
you broke harley quinns neck why? I thought it was lady gaga I panicked
lol the t rex scared me the first time i played this too. my heart skipped beats
13 ways to die in Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi
XD. This one was pretty damn funny.
How come the music when Batman was talking to Alfred was Assassin's Creed II free roam music
Can you play gta san adreas
4:53 this part i just laughed my ass off XD
I got scared by the dinosaur too, but my reaction was throw bat batrangs and punch it for about a minute.
I did that thing at 1:30 but I used A:electricity B: explosive bell C: batclaw So much fun shocking someone then pulling them along dramaticly and then exploding gell near them and they die You can also do this on stairs
But the joker says a spoiler of the ending of the game man! Then, the rooftop exploding!
also can u make one for arkham asylum and arkham origins
Wow. You failed in the camera flail part.
Wheee I'm an aeroplane! HAHAHA XD I'm laughing so hard xD
The new supervillan was DeadShot
Its suppose to tell you what happens at the end the joker tower  think
i remember the dinosaur....Headset all the way up and when it happend I fell off my chair to....
That dinosaur scared me too! XD
oh my god so funny and evil >:D
I thought this series would be him dying not killing other ppl
tht batman sucks but just cause 2 is cool\
... that says a kid...
There should be an "All death animations" video on this.
whats this soundtrack
Actually when it may look like you should have broken Harleys neck I researched and found out she has super strength due to poison Ivy giving her the edge she needed.
That's not really Batman. He said three words the real Batman never would. "Save me Superman!"
That dinosaur one was funny. I jumped when I was playing to except I was playing on console and was sitting on the couch so banged my head really hard against the wall
The song at the end is called "One by One" on the OST... And it's just epic, indeed! Awesome video, by the way! XD
make one for batman arkham origins
So much for the no-kill rule.
the video stopped working at 1:17, master chief anyone?
Wow, machinima really went to shit in the last years.
Ya I no they have been doing bad
It's OK for you to be gay. No one minds!
I once glitched this game...I "inverted takedown" a Tyger guard on Wonder Tower, then I went to a nearby vantage point. I then threw a batarang and cut his rope. :) Also, on Wonder Tower, I ledge took down some guards, but it registered as silent takedown. We both fall, but batman auto-grapples up if he falls too far. The Tyger guard does not.   
+Bodmin9891 Of course, but  when I "inverted took down" the guard, I wasn't right above him. He was on the balcony to the side. The glitch there is that Batman broke his one rule(on death), and he wasn't right above the Tyger guard, like usual.  However, I see your point, so thanks for correcting me, I guess I should have specified. So, in reading my comment, I guess the only glitch is the ledge takedown turned silent takedown.
I love the 13 ways to die series can you make 13 ways to die Payday 2?
Guys calm down everyone has there downfall and there still up alright
The t-rex jump scare didn't even make me flinch my first time through. But furbies still scare the crap outta me tho...
13 is a number of bad luck, so ya... makes sense dyng is of bad luck
☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him /▌ all over Youtube / \ so he can take over and take down Google+
batman ways to die so many batman ways to die
If you actually wait for the bombs to go off joker will start talking to you and there's a bit of foreshadowing about his death. But eventually he will detonate the bombs
batman : " save me superman " superman : ".........mmmmm( save or not? save or not?)"
3:30 scared me too when I as playing.
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