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HomieMail Fridays Ep.1 "Homies Unite"

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 129,113 views

Hipo Box is closed atm :3 MY TWITTER!/SlyFoxHound MY FACEBOOK

Ahhh so adorable just wanna hug him /.\
He looks so different
The rocket ship. I used to make those in Middle School
Sly is still....SOOOO sexy :3
@beatdash102 EPIC so now you are a official homie lol
Not to be rude but I wud tap ur cuz
iam a young homie too going to 7th
I felt the same about brink, ive still got it cause its fine for a hour or two, but they really made it to be something else then what it really is ):, the game has potential though
My Fave Color is Purple :D ps IM NOT KIDDING
how come people never put a little Hipo/slime on the "i" of Hipo
Im going to come to house and steal your domo hat.
Ahhh... the old days when PuppyNurse and PuppyChef didn't exsist yet
Do you still use this address or is it different now?
This video was made on my birthday :)
tastes like apple i hate apple but he eats it anyway lol
I never would have guessed Eddie was your nickname and Edwin was your actual name.
Back then i thoughthe was gay butt hes not. :D
I wonder if the booby guy who sent you something was thae one you sung happy birthday to at minecon : D
is this still your address or did you move?
@Willyk10243 I have dreamed of this day my entire life HOMIES UNITE!!!
your mom has a awesome laugh im latino i laugh like you and my mom laughs like your mom haha what a couincidence
takes bite says he said tase like apple says he hate apple continues to eat it lol
lol tape is my enemy too! it killed my pokemon cards :(
amfg, your cousin sounds a bit like Rachel :D
What's the difference between a homie knight, a homienaut
Puppy nurse i agree. But puppy chef is an asshole =P He made sly stop recording treehouse by biting trough his wires.
pizza LOL!!!!! you are not a fat a*s lol
I say what the Brown ALL The Time, even before I started watching all the creatures and all they're Jazz. :)
sower seet gone kindof like sly but mostly sweet
what the brown came from when people said to sp00n u mad so then thay started saying random crap like u door u hat so sp00n said randomly u brown :)
Lol m in love with his laugh xDD Homies Unite! <33
i wish i can send a drwing... but i suck at drawing :/
I remember this! :3 i miss the old sly :3
Dat laugh 31:15 :D who was that? :o
WHAT?!?!? Y IT NO OVER 9000 LIKES?!?!?
you have druggie eyes, i like it :D
same with me O; i watched Minecraft Movie 1 with PBat, and on i think movie 4 or 5 Sly was in it, now im a homie ;D
Some people say that smexy is sexy and mexican. I guess Sly is spuexy.
Home Knight is Epic, Homie is Epic. Homienaut is... Stupid.
31:09 who the fuck let the parrot in the house
OMG i live soooo close to allentown AAAAAAAAAAAAAH
mam he looks like a kid in this video and now he looks like a grown man :)
at 31:09 your mom laughed like marge in simpsons
MOM MOOOM SLY Fox is on. ya he is doing fan mail. no u go cook
You make me laugh so hard keep making more homiecraft
She sound like Rachel from minecraft marriage
some people can be crazy and poison the food, always be careful sly <3
Tastes like apple i hate apple!!!!! Continues eating
@Sn0wBoardmasTer123 I know right! I've been starting to get a little sly into my laugh, dunno why.
i'd love a plushoe of my minecraft charecter and my wolfie (i never spawn near places with wolves i have a hard time finding them.......... :( ) lolz
Hey sly would u ever want to do a vidio with me?
@H3N23 hey me too !!!!!! So homie unite
omg when I saw the title I thought it was a homie spam...
i woched her make sly and hipo omg
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