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Steve Nash SHOWDOWN IN CHINATOWN 2012: Inside Access

by KICKTV • 46,372 views

Steve Nash talks about the Steve Nash Foundation's Showdown in Chinatown 2012. A charity soccer match that brings the world of professional soccer and professional basketball together. Subscribe to...

man, I actually like him a whole lot more now, free agent time.. imagine if if he joins the heat..
actually I gonna run lol no money look
sofia vergara snl hunger games
I wish so much he wouldve gotten just one ring with the suns
i saw in an interview he said that at the time soccer wasnt big in america and was nowhere near the way it is now. basketball was a huge sport and he would be a professional player
12 people are jealous of Steve Nash
In addition to everything else, he's got such hot fucking legs. Hate those long basketball shorts.
steves cool but really DF wit that nude shid
I want 100 subscribers,help me
I wonder why he chose basketball though
This is cool he is my new favorite NBA player
Everytime i hear Nash speak i feel like i have to clear my throat
Wow! Did anyone else find it really painful to watch Steve Nash running away from the cab in his ~cleats~ on ~concrete~!!!!!
@Afrogermanic stfu u dumb nazi. havent u german pussies learn to not fuck with americans after ww2??!! keep your comments about usa out and stfu u bitch ass jew killer.
your children will be Americans. Your daughter will marry an American, her children will be American. Get ready for a one world government. Rugby is football without pads. football is rugby with pads. soccer is kickball scoring in nets. soccer is it's own name due to the fact that we Americans have a sport called football already, learn you person wherever you're from. who's the arrogant? the arrogant or the arrogant who follows him?
legend has it, that if he didn't play basketball he was going to play soccer
Basketball, Soccer, Running naked through the there anything he cant do :P
the charity is real. Guessing they just wanted to make it a little funny
Well really the only reason we werent conquered by the japanese were because we had a nuke. A Nuke is the most cowardly way to win a war.
Nash going all BUTT ASS NAKED on the world.
@King Tone You have no friendš
i can't tell if this was serious with a funny ending or just a joke?
whatever you say young lady. i was only explaining names to afro boy in germany there. hope you're not the arrogant following his arrogance. get smart, it's the only way up.
dear god just give this man his ring, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
@Hamlet137475 Well he's not a bad soccer player though
Hehehe happy to see Nash talk about soccer and not bball!
People in different countries have different names for different things...because we are different. Deal with it.
yea i beat him in a juggling contest. As a reward, I got a coupon for 1 free sex session with steve nash.
He was the top rated soccer player in Canada. His brother plays soccer professionally.
His agent must get so nervous he doesnt get injured lol
steve nash secretly wishes he was a professional soccer player
1. he didn't pay for his cab 2. he's half naked O_o
@RazorLeafGaming you wouldnt be saying that if u had the nuke
steve nash will join the heat to help lebron get his 7 rings!!! go nash
hey checkout the EricDanYoSho peeps!
Soccer(football) is not just 'Kickball scoring game' as u said, this game changing and connecting the world more then any politic or any other sport. the greatest game ever played and you know that.
you ll post the whole 1 hour interview on youtube?
last 10 seconds got me so bad
I would give up sex just see Steve Nash win a NBA Championship ring. :(
Its fucking football , will u arrogant Americans will ever learn this?
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