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RT Recap - Week of June 8th (feat. Barbara's Playground!)

by Rooster Teeth • 391,357 views

Barbs does not have time for your silly adult problems, and neither do you. Re-live your childhood with her, and get some details on this week's happenings. This Week's Highlights: RvB S10 E2:...

There is also I playboy model called Barbra Evans who looks like her.
0:25 thats how she rides my small penis
Omg I work out on that jungle gym in the beginning they since painted it red
So you want Barb to peg you? I'm sure Donut would love to join in the fun.
shouldn't it be the other way around.
Oh.. well hellooooooooooooo there Barbssss
what did he do? nothing, you had to be mean to someone, wow
I think what Spartan112ify was talking about was the picture of Kara at 1:07. I'm pretty fucking sure he isn't dumb enough to believe that Barbara is Kara since she said she was Barbara at the start of the video.
Canadian girls, LOL nice observation, I agree. :P
Gentlemen read no further for here is tchapps's summation of every comment before this one: Barbara somf. That ladies and gentlemen is all you will find hereafter, in a nutshell.
ok so you must do thease steps in order step 1 go outside 2 meet a girl that isnt out of you leauge 3 wait till she dumps you 4 then you will learn to repect women and maybe insted of saying that sayidk barbra is pretty or barb is beutiful
Personally, I prefer Gavin and Michael over Barbara. Full homo.
"check out this piece of merchandise" Way ahead of you Barbara
I would respect Barbara, what, respect on the interwebs
Canada is a different planet now??
My god you're right... I'll be back in twenty minutes.
Thats no fun being a seesaw you cant move and random people sit on you all day..
wow.. lots of people fighting in these comments. yup just keepin what I think stored in my brain.
oh my god i wanna be inside of that beautiful looking....PLAYGROUND
@123pepijn123 your fucking weird shes never GOING TO FUCK YOU
she needs to slow down her talking speed
1:14 Barbara is a lovely piece of merchandise.... not really. She is lovely though.
Is the rooster teeth hq in the usa?
@StillChewy771 Yes they have, Canada has there own space program and there first astronaut launch was in 1983
Yes shes Good looking, dnt have to go all pervert about it! Again Fkn Perverts!
Barbara why are you with Michael?
It's in Texas Dallas or huston I'm not sure
I think shes hot, but not in a sexual way. I think shes cute. No, im not in love with her, only half love... No... shes evil! No... HELP!! And its not because the stocking or her big tits?! AH!!! I still like her though... but nothing can beat JACK and his BEARD!!
Yea, well the internet shouldnt be like that, so fuck the perverts in the comments
BARBARA IS CANADIAN!!!!!!! my whole life is a lie -_-
ahhh.... its great when pretty ladies do recaps, but I only catch half of what she says because I keep looking to the rest of her that isn't her face... pretty difficult
i would fuck barbra in a heartbeat
We're still here because Barbara is awesome! :O
Hey, I take offense to that! I'm 20, so I'm not a teenager.
Oh my gosh, that was six months ago. I was trying to make people mad.
I'm actually quite happy, and nothing to be pitied about.
no shit Einstein, I was saying he's weird because he quoted a love story to a random chick on the internet.
And Celine Dion, its our only flaws as a nation :( we produced terrible singers but awesome hockey players
love the new shirts hoping to buy them at fan expo !!
I am not going to look up that on Google. not something I never heard about of course it was probably going to lead me to a porn website.
I'm so late guys but whats RTX
I like her so much better than Kara even though Kara and I, unfortuantly, have the same name.
I think Ashley Jenkins is jus as hot as Barbara
@homelessjumper since when does barbra sound anything like lindsey dumbass
Can't tell the difference between Americans and Canadians
I swear everyone in the comments is either 12 years old or such complete losers that they can not even watch a girl in a video without getting so excited that they have to go jerk off. What a bunch of losers.
@Theavengersfan1 We Canadians say it the same Americans say it. At least most of us do
I loved the one with Ray and Michael. No hetero
Shes a hot chick who likes video games. Thats the dream for most of these guys
Has a Canadian ever been to space?
I have tits but r guy, do that count??????? darn.
barbara is aight but she is no lindsay.
0:20 That.. is a stupid question! you're awesome if you got the reference
Hey we have got some good Canadian bands... not a lot, but there's probably like a handful
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